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Killer's Kiss

Killer's Kiss(1955)

This is Kubrick's 2nd full length movie (67 minutes). This is a movie that Kubrick's fans can appreciate. As Kubrick's other movies, it is all about the mood. He spends a lot of time simply showing the actions the actors go through within a larger context. It could be described as slow by some, but there is definitely a mood that the viewer is called to engage. This belongs to the Film Noir genre and includes the classic use of narration and flashbacks. Fans recognize Kubrick's creativity with camera angles and shots that are explored here. The story is straightforward about a boxer whose boxing days are over who meets a neighbor that leads to love. They decide to move to the west coast and start a new life together. But it is not as easy as it seems. There are great scenes like the boxing sequence, the mannequin warehouse confrontation. A nice film to watch when you are willing to overlook plot for the mood Kubrick creates through camera angle, shots and sound choices (music, or natural sounds). It is definitely a low budget film, so there are flaws that the viewer needs to take into account. It is a great exercise in film making: making the most with the little available means.