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The Grey

The Grey(2012)

In this film a group of Alaskan oil rig workers crash on a plane in the middle of nowhere as they were headed home. It is a nature survival film. After the plane crash, the survivors have to deal with the brutal cold and vicious wolf pack near the crash site. Liam Neeson plays the company's hired wolf shooter to protect the site but his weapon is useless after the crash. Neeson leads the survivors as they try to figure out how to stay alive. It portrays the wolf attacks in violent and gory fashion. It tries to present well rounded characters; in some aspects it works and in others it appears contrived. It also tried to deal with the struggle with faith, but it was not fully natural. It still raised good questions and scenes throughout the film. Overall, it is effective in most cases than not in presenting its harsh and daunting vision of humans fighting for their survival in the Alaskan wilderness.