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The Hateful Eight
18 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs, in that a group of violent people have to share the same space. Once hostilities inevitably break out the blood starts to fly. Typical Tarantino fare with a terrific cast. Murder most foul is never better rendered then by the master of amoral maestro of gore himself, Quentin Tarantino.

Spectre (2015)
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I have finally gotten around to watching the latest Bond instalment and the
first thing to note is the hugely impressive opening scene. Certainly the
Mexicans think so as they have since held a parade as depicted in the movie in a case of life imitating art. As the plot proceeds to undercover the dastardly
Ernst Blofeld, there is touch of jadedness about it all despite the terrific
acting and production. Still epic Bond though.

Terminator Genisys
5 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Successful remakes, reboots, rehashes - whatever you want to call them - are an elusive beast. This Frankenstein creation, stitched together from the body parts of four separate Terminator movies (one excellent, one good-ish and two mediocre-to-poor), was never going to hack it. The plot, if you wish to call it that, is so convoluted the Byzantines would have quailed. The movie seems to operate on the presumption that most viewers will find time-travel too arduous to fathom and just watch the constant references to previous installments of the franchise and the special effects. But I found these so poorly effected that I gave up after about an hour. It's saying something when a Dyson cordless is scarier than a T-800, this effort is best avoided.

The Last Witch Hunter
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Mercifully the movie's name obviates any requirement for a reprise of this
woeful pot boiler. It's true that there can't be much more mileage in the "Fast
& Furious" franchise but surely Vin Deisel can do better than this? Anyway,
some plague obsessed witch from the Middle Ages is thwarted by Mr. Diesel who then becomes immortal (yes that old chestnut) and continues on through the centuries bumping off sundry cauldron stirrers aided by a Vatican approved
cleric who's always called Dolan (for whatever reason). That is, of course)
until an eminently predictable denouement with said wicked witch (of the
North/South - please choose one). Michael Caine is obviously going for
Christopher Lee's Longevity in Motion Pictures record and will shamelessly star in any old tosh. And as for Vin, well one too many more of these and he'll end up more unleaded than diesel.

The Martian
The Martian (2015)
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

As with Interstellar, Matt Damon once more finds himself stranded on a distant world (anywhere that doesn't show repeats of "Team America" will do). Unlike Interstellar, where his character was essentially in hibernation, this movie focuses on the wherewithal of staying alive on the planet Mars. The realism is suspect in places but overall it's hugely enjoyable despite being a bit nerdy in places. Damon's delivery of a very crisp script is witty and full of pathos. Top marks to all involved.