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Rainer's Review of Notorious

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Notorious somewhat caught me by surprise.
Not that Hitchcock once again proves why he's the master of suspense and one of the most skillful directors there ever was but Notorious shows a bit more range than his usual films.

It actually depends mostly on dialogue and sincere acting skills. Most Hitchcock films have great scripts, but I've never seen a more talkative one by him. It's not exactly an attribute you'd call Hitchcockian. Good acting and great dialogue doesn't hurt a film though, and it helps too, that Cary Grant slowly emerges as my favourite classic actor (depends on how you classify Brando). He's cool and tough, and who would want more from a Hollywood icon?

I only have to criticize the ending a bit. Although criticize may be the wrong word. It's quite smart, and pretty open (which I like) but I expected a pompous showdown, and feel a bit robbed by not getting one (I really looked forward to one - it's a Hitchcock at last).
Anyways, they just don't make him like this anymore, and Notorious is a really fine example of how good suspense films can be - without CGI, without bloated budgets, without fancy narratives. Just good old Hollywood style in perfection.