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Rainer's Review of Vertigo

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


What a twist - what a second half - what an ending!

Vertigo is an awesome film. I could refer you to Sight & Sound's poll of 2012 and it'd be enough said but I think I'll write a little bit more anyways.

First of all, it doesn't happen too often, that I enjoy a film score from an old movie as much as I enjoyed Bernard Herrmann's ingenious work.
Beside the music, you also get typical Hitchcockian plot, characters and cinematography. This guy really knows what he's doing with the camera - he leads your eyes to all the funny places in the frame he set up so well. He's even a greater master of arrangements and settings than with the camera.

James Stewart and Kim Novak play pretty well - Novak mostly in the second half, Stewart plays his trademark average Joe with distinctive epicness.

All in all, I must say not only Novak gets better as the film goes on, but also the whole film experience. This is why Vertigo didn't get a perfect rating - the first half is a bit more "dull" (ok maybe dull is the wrong word but compared to the second half which blows you away, the first half drags along a bit).

Nevermind, although I can't say it's the best movie I've ever seen (not even Hitch's best film I've seen so far), it's worth watching and definitely deserves the universal acclaim.