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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Step Up

Step Up(2006)

I was planning on seeing this for a long long time now and well, it was time...

Although I for myself am not a very skilled dancer I like watching it (mostly street dance or some crazy choreographed hip hop stuff) and so naturally I thought Step Up could be a worthy watch. And, indeed, the dance sequences are quite good - there are just not enough of them.
Most of the film is just a formulaic romance of a poor boy (who is for some reason - probably marketability - white) who meets a privileged girl and they are completely different and fall in love anyways blablabla.

The two leads, Channing Tatum (no, this little flick doesn't make me join the Tatum fan club either) and Jenna Dewan have undeniable chemistry though (they're married in real life after all - after they me while filming this) and it's not that hard to understand why Step Up made shitloads of money and evolved into a franchise because they're all very good looking, the soundtrack is decent and the romance is mindless enough for the stupid masses.

I was a bit underwhelmed because I thought the amount of dance scenes would be higher but it wasn't bad enough to keep me from giving at least the first sequel a chance (which has - what I've read - more dancing).