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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
La Jetée (The Pier)

La Jetée (The Pier)(1962)

La Jetée is the first film I've seen by the late self-named film essayist Chris Marker (what a strange name for a Frenchman).

Film-ssay is a nice way to call his film style, although, in the case of La Jetée I would cut the "film".
Not to discredit the effort but a slide show of black and white stills with voice over narration is merely what I would call a film. Of course we need avantgardists and experimental filmers to test the boundaries of the medium but I can't say I thoroughly understand why Marker's film is so acclaimed.

Personally, I think, the best thing about La Jetée is that it inspired Terry Gilliam to make 12 Monkeys (his best film to date imo) and admittedly, the plot and main theme which Marker provided is ingenious.
I would have loved to see a moving version of this film, Marker's version of 12 Monkeys so to say, in bleak black and white and with these same whispering voices.