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Rainer's Review of The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best

The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best(2012)

Why all the bad reviews?

Admittedly, for a 90 minute film that actually got a release, this film is severely flawed. You could argue that Ryan O'Nan should remain musician instead of film director and the whole film is not really well acted either. Only Michael "Pvt. Dancer" Weston stands out as the more eccentric half of a duo of weirdos (the eponymous "Brooklyn Brothers") who tour the US with their unique sound (Weston's character Jim plays on toy instruments...).

What makes the film work is the undeniable impact these two weirdos have on the viewer. You just have to sympathize with them. Also, it has a funny, partly even hilarious, screenplay with some decent one-liners.

If you're up for a crazy roadtrip that'll remind you of such films as The Blues Brothers (without the style) or Once (with more driving and worse music) or any other film about struggling musicians and find the same strange likability in the face of Michael Weston as me - this film is definitely something for you.