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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Trouble with the Curve

Trouble with the Curve(2012)

This is the cinematic antithesis to last year's Moneyball's sabermetrics.

Clint Eastwood stars (for most people that's just enough to watch this whole thing anyways) as an aging baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves who is very old-school and believes in actually scouting players instead of just reading their stat sheets. Oh, and he's going to be blind soon, which is a little handicap for a scout.

Eastwood is as grumbly and grim as he gets and his raspy voice is just perfect for his character. He's easily outplayed though by his in-film daughter Amy Adams who's a genius in everything she's in. I can't praise her enough, and I can't wait to see her in The Master (I smell some interesting material for my year-end list - which, by the way, will have to wait till February, so I can catch up due to the later European release dates).

Anyhow, the two are a screwed-up family of few words who don't share much of their emotional life (they are both into baseball though) and when Gus' (Eastwood) old friend Pete (John Goodman) asks her to take a good look on him and his medical condition she accompanies him on a trip to scout the star-in-the-making Bo Gentry.

On their way, they meet a former protege of Gus, Johnny (Justin Timberlake), who is now a scout for the Red Sox. Because this is a cheesy melodrama (especially the end is as Hollywood as it gets) Mickey (Adams) is the ideal love interest for him (she's an ideal love interest for any man indeed - as she's a super hot and super smart lawyer and sports lover).

Trouble with the Curve is a film you watch on TV on some random Saturday afternoon or something like that, but nothing too memorable (it may be Eastwood's last performance on screen but otherwise forgettable), although it could cement Adams' status as frontrunner for the Supporting Actress awards in this ongoing award season.