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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks(2012)

Hard to believe, but this Paul Dano's third really solid film this year - all of which I gave the same rating as this one (the others being Looper and Being Flynn).

Dano plays a writer, as usual - not very creative casting, but it fits the bill because his real-life girlfriend Zoe Kazan wrote the part with him in mind.
She also stars opposite him as the eponymous character.

The story is a bit weird, but eventually I fell in love with it and just abandoned the rational part of my brain that told me that this story is impossible - fuck it, I also love Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, so why not this one.
I watch everything with Zoe Kazan anyways, she's one of the prettiest and sweetest faces in whole Hollywood and her quirky characters are always delightful to watch. Isn't she gorgeous?

Ruby Sparks (I mean the film not the character) is part fantastical drama and part silly comedy. The chemistry between Kazan and Dano is special and the essential message - that men can't even understand the women they invented themselves - is a worthy one.

Doesn't hurt either, that I love films about writers (I guess that's why I stumble upon so many Dano-films), especially writers like Calvin, who are struggling and need a little push (as much as I'd need a little push with my own writing). I also love good acting and sincere Indie emotion (not this "I said cry!"-mentality that Hollywood tries to copy from Spielberg) and this are all assets Ruby Sparks accounts for.

You won't get many more movies of this year that are both cooler or sweeter than Ruby Sparks (although there probably many which are better), and if they're told like that, I can even live with such a kinda-cheesy ending.

So, no time left to write more, I have to recommend this to my mum and sister ;)