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Rainer's Review of Flight

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Robert Zemeckis is still The Man.

Three major points in favour of Flight:
1) Boobs within the first minute
2) The most awesome plane scenes ever
3) Denzel Washington

As we all know, Denzel Washington had his fair amount of duds over his illustrous career. Here he's on top of his game though. Not only plays he some of the best drunk scenes in recent memory but also shows a wide range of emotions.
It didn't help me to forget about the annoying number of backfalls into alcoholism throughout the movie - I know, that's kinda the point, but it's gets quite frustrating after one and a half hour if he still doesn't realize he has a teeny tiny problem with the booze...

I disgress though, the script is not exactly the problem of Flight - there is actually no big problem I have with Flight, except maybe, that Kelly Reilly looks way to hot for a heroin addict. But realism isn't the main motif of Zemeckis anyways (the key scene of the whole movie features an inverted plane...). I think he wants to do sophisticated popcorn entertainment movies and that's what Flight is.
Heartfelt, thrilling and morally exemplary (that's how a Hollywood movie has to end - alcohol - bad, redemption - good). Heck, he even gets the girl.

The last scenes hurt the film a bit though. I would have faded into black and end it after the court room scene but don't need to make money with this flick...

PS: Now, that I'm thinking about it - how did he film these flight scenes?!?