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The Hunger Games
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Finally got around to watching this. and my first thought was for a film called The Hunger Games everyone looked remarkably well fed.

It started off decent enough with an interesting opening that seemed to evoke depression era America and the initial introduction of the more affluent citizens could have been interesting but sadly it was all so dull and uninteresting to look at that it felt like an early 90s direct to VHS quickie. Much could have been made of a world where the rich force the poor to fight for their entertainment but Ross seemed more concerned with showing just how white everyone's teeth were than anything else.That the most interesting visual in the film is Wes Bently's rather snazzy beard says it all.

Lawrence was fantastic and its nice to see a string female at the centre of a film but she had little to to. The moral quandary of killing to survive went unexplored as the film makers found handy ways to have her not directly kill and the love story was trite and boring.

Visually the film was a mess. It was dull, uninteresting and boring with all the wit of one of those terrible looking Sensodyne adverts. The decision to shot in close up was selected I'm sure to show the urgency of the action but it just didn't work. Throw in the dreadful CGI and bargain basement green screen work and you have one of the last years most visually flat film. I've seen SyFy original films about mutated snakes that looked better.

The script felt like something dreamt up over a beer. The whole manipulation of the game world was ridiculous and made little sense. I initially assumed that it occurred in some remote wilderness but throughout the film it seemed to be taking place on the Enterprise's holo deck. The scene with the dogs ranks as one of the most ludicrous and out of place moments in recent memory. I'm expecting the final film to end with a twist along the lines that it was all a dream or some elaborate virtual reality game.

The least interesting aspect of the film are the games themselves with them offering some truly mind bogglingly stupid moments. Teaming up with combatants from other districts because they saw "her go this way" was just retarded and an example of truly lazy writing. Much like the manner in which characters can spend days roaming the woods and not meet another soul till the day they conveniently die so as to give our hero an excuse to show her humanity.

It's not a terrible film just a rather bland one that wastes a gifted cast. Toby Jobes, Harrelson, Tucci and Sutherland impress but are given little to do and after 2 hours and 20 minutes, of which at least 60 could be lost and the film no worse for it one just feels like we've sent it done better a dozen times before.