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The Rover
The Rover(2014)

(Australia)In the near future, a grim humanity under martial law...Peace is true to himself; unflinching, taciturn and solemn.

The Equalizer

Lots of great non-spoken scenes...

Night Moves
Night Moves(2014)

A bit of an abrupt ending, but otherwise Eisenberg carried it

Up the Yangtze

In the back drop of the world's largest dam construction, the daughter of a poor farmer comes to terms with her job aboard a Western Cruise Ship.

Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin(2014)

On the edge of my seat. A compelling, dark story a both a a "man with nothing to lose"

Blood Ties
Blood Ties(2014)

a steady building plot with a powerful ending

Rich Hill
Rich Hill(2014)

Well filmed story, but not sure whether I was vested in their struggles.

Pandora's Promise

Shifting the nuclear energy conversation for a high energy consuming and soon-to-double world population.


If you enjoyed 28 Days later, you'll not by disappointed by this creepy STD virus pre zombie plague horror flick!

12 Years a Slave

Intense and real. Lots of still moments that will stop you in your tracks

Something Ventured

little dry, but overall well done

The Returned
The Returned(2014)

Suspenceful and unpredictable, this apocalyptic flick wasn't your normal zombie flick...Worth a watch

The Punk Singer

An eye opening documentary outlining Turner's epic run through fame, sickness and not only fighting for feminist rights, but equality across all oppressed groups

Queen Of The Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?

My favorite doc of all time. Siegel knocks this out of the park.

It's success is a result of the subtle style of this film's seemingly nature-esque assuming typical documentary...when really, this is a story about the ticking time clock we've created as our planet dies.

Olympus Has Fallen

Saw this action thriller on the plane....While not the most original story, it served a role


Though artificial intelligence wiping out human race themes aren't anything new, this film definitely made me think. In spite of my pre-conceived notions- the talent pulled off their perspective roles effectively enough....
However, the film was trying to accomplish too much. Ie: why Morgan Freeman' rebellion group chains up Cruise's character only to casually trust him enough to go explore the "real truth?"
Overall, worth the streaming download, but a bit confusing.


Refreshing to see Washington play a different role; about 10 minutes too long with an ending that felt a bit forced.


An epic classic, and a nod to our future

Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story

Where rehab meets imprisonment for one girl faces life in prison

The House of Suh

Perspective on the myriad of outside elements that contribute to the horrors of murder, and the otherwise normal people entangled within..

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Eye opening look at activism in the digital world

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

Overall a good pace, but the re-enactments were lacking

American Teen

A revealing #documentary looking into the pivotal world of 5 midwestern high school seniors trying to find their way

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

A decent love story about the things that matter most to us
A bit too many shots, however, of Steve Carrol actively listening.

The Central Park Five

Overall a balanced and powerful doc, but 35 minutes too long

Sexy Baby
Sexy Baby(2012)

Enjoyed the story as an on-demand cable episode approach, if you will. At the end of the day, however, too many stories happening simultaneously.

The Queen of Versailles

Humbling documentary about an over leveraged time share mogul crushed by the sub-prime crisis...


Nice concept but painfully weak script and actors, which-for a Oliver Stone film- surprised me

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

How this guy gets into a 2nd mess with terrorists kidnapping his family is beyond me...2 stars for action

The Other F Word

"Maybe the way change the world is by raising better kids"

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

As epics go Tom, keep to crying at volleyballs...This $100 million novel-turned- #film makeover reminds us that your trailer's byline "everything is connected," may be true; just not packed into a 3 hour film...ONE STAR to Warner Bros. for taking the risk on a non-cookie cutter film

Emergo (Apartment 143)

The dizzying camera work likened something of a Blair Witch Project approach. Been there done that.
However, I enjoyed Lennox's performance as a nervous, rattled mess of a x-husband widowed dude, hauted by his ex wife.
The Scientist film crew was pretty well pulled off.
Michael O'Keefe, who played the intellectual Meth cook Aaron Paul kills in Breaking Bad, did a very strong job as the lead scientist doctor dude. ..Mostly from what he didn't say, I found the strengths in his performance.

The House I Live In

Finally a doc addressing our biggest policy blunder yet

Tears of Gaza

Funny...Everybody keeps saying this film is biased....Whether or not Hamas launched a missile into Israel doesn't make Israel's typical war aggression-style techniques any less damaging..

Margin Call
Margin Call(2011)

On the eve of sub-prime mortgage crisis that nearly crippled the US economy; Inside Wall Street...Margin Call


Are we all supposed to be scared into Hell?

The Master
The Master(2012)

The subtle beginnings of scientology unravel in this powerful film

Friends With Kids

Telling story about that next phase

The Pruitt-igoe Myth: An Urban History

Eye opening doc on iconic failed 1950s St. Louis housing projects "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth"

All Good Things

Certainly one of Goesling's more subtle roles, I liked the film's pace and gradual revealings.

Your Sister's Sister

Somewhere between the comfort zone of close friendships and loaded relationships lie the backdrop of this subtle dramedy.

Theere's an element of failure and hope in this love triangle tale; a sense to which we can each relate to some extent.

Unlike most weekend getaway dramas, however, the tension and frabric linking these 3characters together is believable.

The sound, cinematography, character development were all seamless.

Punching the Clown

One of the most refreshing takes on LA culture

Ordinary People

All time favorite film...

A sobering look at one wasp family's grappling- or lack thereof -of a family tragedy that ultimately brings truth to light.

Filmed in suburban Chicago during the 1980s, Redford brings us into these peoples' lives without cliches.

Farmer's Wife: A David Sutherland Film

This flick got me hitched of the story telling style and format of real life documentary


Where to even begin..

My second most fave doc in the last couple years.

A haunting look at the realities of mat gas drilling and it's disastrous effects on our ground water and local communities.

Told through the perspective of filmmaker josh fox, the doc offers a personal undertone.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

In one of Siegel's earlier docs, an eye opening look at organ farming.

Cocaine Angel

Not sure why I liked such a dark story about a man's wrecked life.

Perhaps we each see a part of ourselves in this guy's unstoppable last spin.

Winnebago Man

There's a piece of Jack in each of us.

This story takes us behind a public character's public image to uncover the human element.

A powerful doc, and indicative of the new types of non fictional portrait pieces replacing the longstanding talking head docs.

God Bless America

Overall, I appreciate the message behind the film's dark undertone.

What kills me were the overstated over explained segments where the main character uses a soap box approach to drill home the writer/director's lamenting issues of Hollywood's commercialism consumer obsessed culture...


Pretty much nothing more classic than a bunch of overweight, unhealthy, exhausted drunken salesmen selling expensive, over graphiced bibles to poor lower middle class housewives who can barely afford to feed their family.

A real gem, and measure that documentary genre is wide open for eclectic characters and human stories like this; regular people trying to make a living doing what they do best.


Top 2nd best movie of all time