MitchellRobles' Rating of X-Men: First Class

Mitchell's Review of X-Men: First Class

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class(2011)

Fantastic movie. Very well done, I'm sure most marvel fans will enjoy watching this movie. The way they play out the events that tell why certain characters end up the way they are and the way the develop the characters really impressed me. What brought this movie down to an 80% for me were the visuals, and the (in my opinion) ant climactic fight scene. First off, the Beast's make up was atrocious, I can not believe the make up artists were able to get away with that horrific job that was supposed to be the Beast. A real let down for me, especially because I really loved the Beast in Marvel's version. Also his character really got on my nerves, couldn't stand the guy. I also did not like the way the handled the flight sequences with Banshee. Lastly, they killed the black dude who was my personal favorite. But over all a very enjoyable movie indeed.