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Sully (2016)
17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

First of all , I salute Captain Sully. It was a miracle indeed.
There are two things I loved about the movie : Tom Hanks and the visuals

Tom Hanks is back to his best. He perfectly portrayed the calm during the crash, the self doubt after the first inquiry and the confidence during the final inquiry.
The visuals were top notch. As there are lot of flashbacks of crash landing, great visuals were required to taut the tension on screen. I could feel the horror as a bystander supposedly near the Hudson river.
Great movie

Indignation (2016)
17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Indignation is a beautiful period drama. Beautiful characters , beautiful dialogues and beautiful cinematography. Script is great. The film focuses on less characters but they have great depth.
Spoiler alert
James Meisner (Logan Lerman) is a straight A student. He is a logical thinker. He is not in tune with his emotions and cant understands others emotion. Olivia has qualities opposite to him. She can read Messner well. She knows exactly what he is thinking. She has troubles with herself.
///// Rewatch and write again

Don't Think Twice
17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Spoiler alert
It is about a group (Communes) falling apart after one of them (Jack) gets the dream job. Jack starts treating the group differently and so does the communes to Jack. Some are envious of his success and start to think for themselves. They try to get a gig and finally have an individual identity like Jack have. Communes becomes like an inevitable sinking ship and everyone wants out now.
Samantha , other major character . She was Jack's girlfriend. She is the one who doesn't want out. She wants to hold on to the communes. Jack and Samantha's relationship was based on communes. Now that she wants to stay in communes and Jack is already out , means the base is eroding. Jack wants to hold on to this relationship but Samantha knows its over. May be Jack also realises this but holds on to it. This relationship is for Jack, what communes is for Samantha.
I liked these two themes. Communes and the relationship . both are great. But are the supposed to last or can they last forever. Bitter sweet . It makes you feel nostalgic about the perfect or happy thing you had in life . At the same time it makes you think why it was good to move on . Then you justify why you are right when you really want to be in that thing .

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne (2016)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Did I see Jack Reacher ?
It was good to see Matt back as Bourne. Regardless of how damp it felt. But it is one of the few positives of the movie. He was back with his signature moves. Single handledly taking down a CIA team is not new. But brought back some memories.
Other saving grace of this movie was Timothy Lee Jones. He didnt quite play it out like David Strathairn version. But still his straight demeanor was good enough.
Bourne movies are not supposed to be generic. It was way too generic. First the script tries to hard to make us care about the patriotism angle . Bourne movies are subtle , but this one tries to hard. Other was the Alicia Vikander. She was watered down version of Pamela Landy. Script made no sense many times. Unnecessary car chases. I really didnt care about them because script failed me to care for the characters,
Jesus Christ . That's Jason Bourne . Does not give me goosebumps anymore

Batman: The Killing Joke
22 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A great R-rated script with very poor execution.