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Justin's Review of J. Edgar

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
J. Edgar

J. Edgar(2011)

J. Edgar is an biopic of the man who essentially built the FBI as we know it today, with DiCaprio staring and Eastwood Directing what could go wrong?

Before I start DiCaprio pulls out another great performance as Mr. Hover and the supporting cast is generally good as well. As i mentioned before J. Edgar is about J. Edgar Hovers life in which he builds the FBI from a small institution to the largest crime fighting organizations in the world today. J. Edgar is told in a series of flashbacks reverting form old to young. This particular formula reminded me of The Social Network, which in no way is a bad thing. I tend to like these kind of movies because it gives you a greater understanding of the character at hand. J. Edgar does a good job at telling its story but it is often hard to follow because of the lack of transition between flashbacks, at one moment he would be aged the next young again making the scene hard to follow. The movie is also dealt with some pacing problems. in the two hours and ten minutes it takes to complete the biopic, there is just to little audience engagement to compel you to be fully engaged.

I enjoyed J. Edgar, though a little long it kept me engaged and had me caring for Mr. Hover though his hardships and success in the fifty year time span it covers. I give J. Edgar a three and a half stars out of five.