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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey(2012)

another big movie series gets a back story first it was star wars now it's the lord of the rings with the first of 3 hobbit movies based on a novel by the late J.R.R TOLKEN set 60 years before the events of the 3 lord of the rings movies tells the story of a hobbit billbo bagins played by MATRTIN FREEMAN who one day gets a vist by gandalf the grey once again played by the great IAN McKELLEN who wants billbo along with some dwarfs to reclaim the lost dwarf kingdom of erebor he does not want join them at first but then he changes him and goes off with them where they run into all kind of problems like orcs goblins and big trols along the way bilbo gains possession a gold ring and for us lord of the rings fans we all know what that ring is the one ring that rule them all and i'm sure that you that you know the rest of that saying from lord of the rings this was a realy cool movie there is a ton of funny scenes in this movie and lots of cool action to it was good seeing some of these characters again and we got to see some of the characters from lord the rings again besides gandalf like HUGO WEAVING as elrond the master of rivendell CATE BLANCHETT as galadriel the great CHISOPHER LEE as saruman ANDY SERKIS as the precious gollum we also see the old bilbo played once again by IAN HOLM and even the ring -bearer frodo baggins once again played by ELIJAH WOOD i loved the 3 lord of the rings movies the return of the kind was all time favorite in that series and when i came out from seeing that one back in 2003 i said '' i don't care how this one does this one is my favorite of the 3 lord of the rings movies and this is my number one movie of 2003'' and that one went to win 11 oscars inculding best picture back then i did not think this was as good as return of the king but i loved it this movie was shot in a new way that's bothing some people but i had no problems with it it is also in 3-D and imax 3-D but if you are one of those people out there that havie trouble watching movies like this then see it normal first then see it that new way anyway A MUST SEE and the 3 lord of the rings movies are all out now on dvd and blu-ray check those out to as well and one more thing here to add this will be my final movie for 2012 i may have had a bad start with movies this year with the devil inside witch is my worst movie of 2012 but 2012 movies got bigger and much better thanks to big movies like the hunger games men in black 3 snow white and the huntsman prometheus ted the amazing spider-man taken 2 sky fall twilight breaking dawn part 2 the hobbit an unexpected journey but my favorite movies for 2012 are marvels the avengers and the dark knight rises now to get ready for movies for 2013