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it was 50 years ago when we first heard these famious words THE NAME'S BOND JAMES BOND and now he is back in the 23rd james bond movie this time around james bond 007 once again played by DANIEL CRAIG is on a mission that goes very wrong and M once again played by JUDI DENCH thinks that he is dead then a attack over at mi6 that has many of it's agents dead and bond finds out about the attack and finds out that it was someone that is close to M silva played by oscar winner JAVIER BARDEN now bond must track down silva any way and stop him any way that he can no matter how personal the cost is i loved this movie it was more heart pounting and a lot more action we have seen in a james bond movie i became a bond fan since goldeneye came out back in 1995 and skyfall will be on my list of favorite james bond movies along with the world is not enough die another day and casino royale and skyfall will be on my list of favorite movies of 2012 along with the hunger games the amazing spider-man the avengers and the dark knight rises also in this movie is NAOMIE HARRIS as eve BEN WHISHAW as Q the guy with the gagets and RALPH FIENNES as gareth mallory and this is the first bond movie to go on imax screens and it will also work well on other movie screens if you have been a bond fan since the begining or came in later on in the series like i did or if you are a fan of big action movies then this one is for you A MUST SEE and the other james bond movies are all out now on dvd and blu-ray check those out to as well