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finaly got to check out this movie about a 8 year old boy john bennett who gets a toy teddy bear on chirstmas morning and then he makes a wish that the bear would come to life and be a friend of his the bear does come to life and starts getting a ton of fame over the years now an adult john played by MARK WAHLBERG is living in a place of his own with the bear ted voice family guy creator SETH MACFARLANE who also directed this movie and now things are getting in the way bewteen john ted and his girl friend lori played by MILA KUNIS and wants to have a life with john without ted this was a very funny movie it was almost watching a live episode of family guy but this one movie not for young kids because of a ton of bad language through out this movie but it is for people for the ages of 17 and up i can see why did movie did so well when it came out last summer and this was one of the funniest movies of 2012 it just came out on dvd and blu-ray so CHECK IT OUT for some fun and cool laughs