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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies(2013)

a cool twist of a classis love story a poignant tale about the power of human connection after a zombie epidemic a unsual zombie R played by NICHOLAS HOULT encounters a girl jule played by TERESA PALMER and saves her from a zombie attack then jule sees that R is somehow different from the other zombies and the 2 of them form a special relationship in their struggle for survival as R tries to become more human setting off an chain of events then jule must some how tell her dad general grigio played by the great JOHN MALKOVICH that the these kind of zombies are not a threat to the humans and to mankand this was a very cool movie i throught this movie was a cross between the resnident evil movies i am legend and the twilight movies if you are a fan of zombie movies like i am then this movie is for you the first really cool movie of 2013 SEE IT