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Texas Chainsaw

Texas Chainsaw(2013)

it's another chapter in the texas chainsaw masscre series but this one is a sequel to the old one from 1974 not the 2003 remake in this new one here a girl gets a house from her garndmas will so she along with her friends go check the house out while they are there the get terrorized by mad man with a chainsaw out to kill them one by one this was a good movie but it was very very violent i did not like the old texas chain saw masscre from 1974 but i did like the 2003 remake and it's prequel that one had this new one is in 3-D but that's where most of the theaters are showing this movie but at least i had better start with movies this year than i did last year with the devil inside but because this movie is very very volient do not i repeat do not take any young kids to see this movie this one is not for them and because this movie was very volient SEE IT IF YOU WANT the texas chain saw masscre from 2003 is out on dvd and blu-ray but the texas chainsaw masscre the begining is only out on dvd so check out those versons of the texas chainsaw masscre not the old one from 1974