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a very creepy horror movie about 2 little girls victoria and lilly played by MEGAN CHARPENITER and ISABELLE NELLSSE who disappeared into the woods the day their mother was murdered by their father then a few years later the 2 girls are rescued by some searchers and begin a new life in a suburban neighborhood with their uncle lucas played by NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU and his girl friend annabel played by one of this years best actress nominees JESSSICA CHASTAIN things start out good for them but then some strange events start going on with them and one of the girls sees that it's a ghost force called mama now annabel must piece together on what is going with the 2 girls and the ghost force that's threating them this was a very creep and scary movie some jump out of your seats moments and would make a good scary movie to watch if any of you like these kind of scary movies then this one is for you SEE IT