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Vegas Vacation
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Vegas Vacation (1997) ?? 1/2 / ????
Such an obvious setup, even for a Vacation movie. Fourth Vacation wastes no time getting family to Vegas. Not really all that good--gags fall flat left and right--but surprisingly watchable; Randy Quaid gets most of the laughs. Actress Marisol Nichols was so extraordinarily good-looking I found her a distraction; scene where Chevy Chase (for no apparent reason) climbs a telephone tower on top of Hoover Dam also seems alarmingly out-of-character (and out of nowhere). If you cry foul for my generous 2 and a half star rating, at least grant me that it is much better than EUROPEAN VACATION.

The Accused
The Accused (1988)
23 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Accussed (1988) ??? / ????
Knockout drama about young woman who wants justice after being brutally raped one night at a bar. Powerful thoughtful film anchored by a brilliant performance by Jodi Foster. Very well worth seeing. Only complaint: is that reenactment scene near the end really necessary?

Almost Famous
Almost Famous (2000)
43 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Almost Famous (2000) ??? 1/2 / ????

Rolling Stone Magazine hires young music fan to write about up-and-coming rock band as he travels with them on their concert tour. His trip into their world is a revelation to him (and us): not scummy or unpleasant, instead a warm journey with a lot of dynamic humor. Writer-director Cameron Crowe drowns his creative story with colorful, three-dimensional characters (the same way he did JERRY MAGUIRE) and gives them plenty of space to develop. The entire movie is constantly original, surprisingly, and as pure moviemaking, it's superb; extremely entertaining. This irresistible film also made a super-star out of Kate Hudson. A must-watch.

Thief (1981)
59 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Thief (1981) ??? 1/2 / ????
Knockout thriller about professional safe-cracker, on the verge of living a normal life, agrees to one final job. Superlative, intelligent character study (masterfully acted by James Caan) and drama, leads to a spellbinding finale. Fascinating synthesizer score by Tangerine Dream.