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American Hustle

Intense, eccentric and somewhat entertaining. It's a little too all-over-the-place, and definitely puts logic aside for cinematic grandeur. Louis CK, at least, had me laughing uninterruptedly.
It's erratic, oft-directionless nonsense.


Didn't really do much to me.

Rosemary's Baby

Most contemporary horror films jade me with their jump scares and gore...but this actually messed with me, for it worked discreetly, insidiously, with a vicious elegance and the heavy power of doubt and confusion.

Love and Death

An infectiously literate homage to Russian culture, mixing some Tolstoy with Allen tomfoolery and high and low-end comedy. It might get a bit inconsistent/tiring near the end, but it's still overall a highly enjoyable comedy.


I liked it so much initially, but it hasn't held up. It just makes no fucking sense. Such forced allegory

They Came Together

The interplay between the leads and the sheer irreverent self-deprecatious and, most importantly, bitingly hilarious satire of the romantic comedy genre make this a laugh-fest that floored me. "Sit your ass down" and watch it, but only if you're into this shit, as I'll grant that this overly silly humor won't appeal to all.

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

A refreshingly cynical Western. That theme song is goddamn awful, though. Ugh.


Woody Allen's usual wit blooms in this wry and keen mockumentary

Night of the Living Dead

A groundbreaking, low-budget classic.

The Animatrix

A triumph of animation and creativity, and a must-see for Matrix fans.

The Look of Silence

I wish I'd never seen this film. Yes, it's that heavy, that powerful, that wrenching...that extraordinary.

Gone Baby Gone

A smart, layered film that asks the difficult questions. But I can only take so many plot-twists.


Darker than the Guard, but just as insightful and uproarious.

Guardians of the Galaxy

A sugar rush of a film. I became a kid again.


I didn't expect this film to be so damn hilarious and relevant. A well-writ trenchant statement on mass media

The Golden Age (L'Âge d'Or)

An irreverent and outrageous mockery of everything that reflects the subversive qualities of surrealism, and the mad creativity of early-career Buñuel. Its pacing will be difficult to withstand for many modern viewers though, as it shows its age; but viewed within its context it truly stands out as a brilliant satirical folly.

Leaving Las Vegas

A stylish and sensuous noir, the apex of Nicolas Cage's acting career, and perhaps the most honest and poignant on-screen depiction of alcoholism.

Some Like It Hot

One of the funniest films ever made...

Key Largo
Key Largo(1948)

Occasionally tedious/badly paced, but still consistently strong due to its original unfurling and schwabbin' performances.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

The closest thing to high school House of Cards? Hilarious, endearing and quotable, it's the good kind of teen comedy.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Beneath the hilarity and offensive jokes, this is a profoundly cynical movie about life, family and marriage. And that's why I loved it.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

A creative, atmospheric neo-noir. But damn it, David, cut the melodramatic crap! The love, the crying, ugh! I truly felt immersed in this film during those weird-ass scenes. More of that would have helped. I might be based because the first film of yours I saw (before this one) was Eraserhead...Still, this stands out in your repertoire.

Masculin Feminin

The Frenchest Frenchness ever Frenched? Amid the chain-smoking, the socialist rants, the gratuitous yet irresistible shots of 1965 Paris...
You know, I say this a lot, but this film really captures the zeitgeist. This is France in 1965, the youth, the feeling...the closest thing to being there.
And, of course, being Godard in his prime, it's wildly creative, topical, witty and whimsical. Un charme.

Under the Skin

It's about an alien that suddenly embarks on a humanizing journey...(favorite scene: CAKE). The cinematography creates an atmosphere that really puts us in her/its shoes/eyes/mind. It felt right. Sure, it gets slow, but it was a gamble and I think a good one. Beautiful visually, also. Dayum.

Back to the Future Part II

More less good than I, but still enjoyable.

Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin(2014)

I enthusiastically approve the existence of this film. It's sheer self-contained intensity will engage and thrill you, while still being somewhat serene, downbeat and minimalist.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Yep. Good stuff. Most will find it slow and odd -I sure did- but it's also a keen delving into certain, marital, sexual...and it doesn't disappoint intellectually. So if you have the patience, and are into indie, go for it.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

This turned out to be surprisingly good. The conclusive action sequence was usual Hollywood sterile miraculous bullshit, but the rest of the film was satisfyingly creative and fun.
And yes. Tom Cruise runs in this one. A lot.


Oh, Buñuel. You transcend plot and points, you just make the best, twisted weird shit out there that doesn't rely on surrealist imagery. Thanks. This was truly great.

A Hard Day's Night

Silly, witty, less outlandish than Help! (but a bit more redundant). It's a must-see for Beatles enthusiasts.

Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette)

Moving, biting, humanistic. Damn. Such a concise and flooring portrait of poverty, relying less on melodrama and more on sobering realism.


It's definitely a huge achievement in filmmaking, but the somewhat naive and religious aspect of the tale has not aged that well...but it's still astonishing, you'll gasp and wonder just how the hell they achieved such sets and cinematography.

Suddenly, Last Summer

It's rather silly, really, but the performances and the directing-style make it worthwhile. And Liz...(lewd guttural groans)

The Wind Rises

What Miyazaki does with animation...with such subtlety, attention to detail and sprawling, epic, dream-like atmospheric imagery is sheer, pure art. There is an artist's sensibility in the feel, the shots, and the tale itself. Never was he so heartfelt, so personal, and this really translates to the audience. I adored it, it is a grand film, grand but small, contained within the scope of this one meek modest and dedicated mind...I must contain myself now, as there is too much to be said. From Miyazaki's concise presentation of Japanese culture to his passion for aeronautics (which is truly fulfilled here, even more than in Porco Rosso) and his good old idiosyncrasies (the personified earthquake! The voices of the engines! Damn, that really got to me)....Myiazaki-san, I bow before thee.


It not only captures an era...but it's the mystery film I've always wanted to see. Ruled by uncertainty and simply overshadowed by other things, it becomes, after all, truly mysterious, showing the hard truth mystery films make no damn sense; our protagonist can't even begin to get into all this, as the universe around him (and us) feels vast and completely strange, isolating. The "swing" scene is as much a sub-plot device as the murder-mystery, a tool to expose the detachment of this guy and this whole atmosphere. Intriguing, enticing...creative and minimalist. Also, as usual, Michelangelo proves to have superb taste in the women he casts.

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

AW HELL YEA. This is what children should be watching. Unapologetic beautiful and terrifying poetic truth gracefully slathered on screen with brushstrokes of genius. This is Miyazaki's opus galacticum humanitas. I just made that up, but it's still true. He is to anime what Omeros was to the Hellenic ancient oral tradition...the apotheosis...the artistic fulfillment. I became a child again, I was absorbed and enthralled and I became. Became what? I just became, just felt like I had started being again.
True to its mythological-homage aspect and still thoroughly entertaining and captivating by modern standards, this is a triumph of storytelling and audiovisual representation. ARIGATO, MIYAZAKI-SAN

Napoleon Dynamite

The most idiotic film...the one that understand idiocy the most and makes the best of it. The ultimate indie film, alternative and against the current, smacking you with a beautiful portrayal of disgustingness, a minute and uproarious character study. Fuck, I enjoyed this way too much. It has the goofy stupidity of Wayne's World, but with a certain subtle dramatic sense that works very well in the end. Whatever, it's a subtle film that succeeds tremendously, GOSH!

North by Northwest

Enjoyable. A bit formulaic for Hitchcock, but still well-wrought and captivating.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

This shit was good. A dirty tale of half-redemption, brutally honest and well-wrought. It made me root for a corrupt junky cop played by Nicolas Cage! Now that's something. Herzog takes a trip to the police genre, and manages to get all the classic good shit right while evading the major topical plotpoints. Honest, unbiased character study; and just (SPOILER) when you thought he was clean and it was another one of those sappy happy endings, bam, he be snorting again. (SPOILER ENDS) Life is more complicated than that, and this film gets it.

Okay, I got a bit carried away. I fully understand the criticism this film got, but the most common complaints really didn't matter to me, such as implausible plot-points or Cage's performance (which I found awesome. I'm here to be entertained, and I was). It ain't for everybody, certainly. But I liked how in-your-face it was, letting the antihero get away with all his shenanigans. Hollywood does not do that, so I enjoyed this daring. He's not an asshole in the end, I mean, he can be a junky/crook and still be the good guy, and that's a daring move, and Werner/Cage convinced me that's possible, and I thank them for that.


Weird and the best possible way. Excellent surreal special effects as well.

Radio Free Albemuth

A film that does the best it could (and a little more) with such a meagre budget, and to its greatest credit, truly emulates the spirit of PKD's writing onto the big screen.

The Mark of Zorro

A good old-fashioned enjoyable film.

The Breakfast Club

A high school film that gets it right.

Phantom of the Paradise

Damn, that was more heart-wrenching than the material it spoofs...or riffs on. The grooviest revenge tale.


It's not for everyone, but it is for me. Tarkovsky is not afraid of taking his time, and this is the apotheosis of his style, as the introspection and philosophical musings fit this sci-fi theme superbly. It's alluring, and it works. What is real, and most importantly, what is human? Take a trip with Tarkovsky to Solaris to find out

American Psycho

Very energetic and gripping, anchored mostly in Bale's performance. The direction is sharp, though, and the outcome...through its utter frustration...and the erratic pace of the last fourth fo the plot...really brings us...yes...down to that...feeling....
...This review has meant nothing.

To Kill A Mockingbird

I....just...ugh...I can't. This is the wisest motion picture. It involved me completely, and did not sell out my feelings for cheap schmaltz. It was honest, yet endearing. Atticus Finch is right up there with Mr Rogers as the greatest fictional American of all time.

The King of Comedy

Wow, who knew De Niro could play such a convincing loser. A very funny and especially poignant film about fame and...sheer madness resulting from social alienation? A big statement about the entertainment industry, at least! (And still remarkably relevant today).
This is an unjustly disregarded entry in Scorsese's illustrious repertoire, and truly worthwhile watch.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Excellent documentary that really brings you back to an era...

Saturday Night Fever

Surprisingly dramatic and insightful. And good. But damn, dat groove. Travolta was the Übermensch of Disco

The Core
The Core(2003)

It's been too long since I've seen it...but I recall a delightfully (and entertainingly) stupid film. But I don't really remember that well.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

This movie tried to seduce me. And it succeeded.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Simply magnificent and enthralling. Whoever wrote this should be sanctified.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

The most fun, campy and sophisticated Tarantino film, methinks. Sheer ultra-violent poppy hilarity and homage all the way through. Blunt, stylistic, and exciting.


Alienation in plain utterly unsettling psychological thriller, marked by Deneuve's subtle and excellent performance and Polanski's clinical direction. It has the stylistic flair of Rosermary's Baby, but it also has the scares, which RB lacks. This film had me on the edge, and it achieved through a remarkable minimalist precision.

22 Jump Street

Mah face was cramped from so much laughing. A sheer festival of comedic delight, and delectably self-referential. I enjoyed as much as a movie can be.

The Truman Show

Easily one of the most intelligent mainstream Hollywood works I've ever's like Brave New World and a Clockwork Orange combined into one graceful, empathetic and still light-hearted thesis on free will. I might have wished for a little more, but it sure delivers a lot more than its 1998 counterpart Pleasantville, which has a similar premise; and while it is pleasant enough and entertaining, in The Truman Show the stakes truly felt high, mostly due to Jim Carrey and Ed Harris' excellent performances.

El Mariachi
El Mariachi(1993)

An exciting and enjoyable flick, which does surprisingly great things with its meagre budget.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

This is the greatest film of all time. And I know that because it is a film you cannot spoil. I knew how it ended, but this film revealed that sometimes, it doesn't matter what happens, but *how* it happens. SPOILER: How could these 11 men be convinced? And all those peculiar characters of such different intensities and backgrounds? HOW? That's what floored me, the sheer ambiguity and subtlety and POWER of the writing, and of the performances...I was as involved with the action as if I were in the room with them. SPOILER ENDS.
This is the supreme work of cinematic art. Life, there is nothing more you can offer me. It's been a great run, thanks a lot.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

I was in tears. This is too funny. ENOUGH!

Sid and Nancy

FUCK YEAH. Just that. Such a dynamic, brutal and fun film. Hard-hitting, and supremely acted.
Gary Oldman should have won a couple of Oscars throughout his career, and the first one should have been for this extraordinary performance. That guy doesn't act, HE IS.

The Killing
The Killing(1956)

Superb, kinetic, smart and exciting, up until the ending, the very ending, which is absolutely off-key. Felt like a scene from a Mel Brooks film. Just didn't belong. What the hell were the writers thinking? Absurd!

In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes(2014)

A fun but unnervingly cheesy and predictable film. Just disappointing for Joss Whedon.

We Are the Best!

So endearing, so fun, so true. I enjoyed every bit of that film, it made me happy, not by pampering, but by being sincere. It's energetic, rash and irresistibly fun; which, added to its unconventional aspect, makes it truly punk in spirit. Or progg, at least XD

The Dance of Reality

The closest a movie has come to poetry, to an actual dream, in my cinematic journey so far. Wildly imaginative and surprisingly engaging, this is one few movies that managed to make me burst with laughter, and be on the verge of tears. Also, be completely ENTRANCED by the sheer creative madness that permeates the plot and the imagery. It's worth watching, it's deeply entertaining, emotionally and intellectually enriching. Alejandro's still got it!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Very highly enjoyable, well-made and well-acted summer thriller.


A supreme, epic masterpiece. Probably the mightiest biopic ever crafted.


Surprisingly refreshing and uplifting film, Favreau really gave his heart to it and we end up enjoying it as much as the protagonists. A simple, old message, repackaged smartly


Highly enjoyable, great campy fun.

A Streetcar Named Desire

An amalgamated success; a character study only Williams could pen, and that Kazan's dark and sharp direction coupled with the cast's potent and highly tense renderings of these characters, makes into a truly masterful adaptation.

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups)

A masterpiece on childhood, on life, on the power of filmmaking.


Damn it. I can't help but love. It's just a dream.

OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus (Lost in Rio)

Its visuals are masterful, and its writing is a fault.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Maybe the Wes Anderson apotheosis. Definitely one of the most enjoyable, witty, thrilling and visually colorful films I've seen. Another triumph.

A LEGO Brickumentary

As creatively crafted and multi-layered and vast as the universe it portrays, this is a documentary that was tasked with a huge and complicated endeavor, and delivered a slick, fun and well-crafted product.


A surprisingly profound, haunting and wildly engaging feature, whose special effects are as mind-blowing today as they were groundbreaking at the time.

Super Duper Alice Cooper

Being simultaneously entertaining, concisely instructive and smartly innovative of the documentary form, it succeeds in not only telling us Alice's wild History, but also conveying it to us.


One of those few adapted-from-theater films that actually benefitted from the transposition. Blood-chillingly intense and emotionally charged performances, and superb, shrewd direction. Bravo.


This is easily one of the most terrifying movies I've ever seen. It chills my blood just to think of the ending...


This film blew me away. So damn beautiful, in its design, that is. Seriously, every shot is spectacular, the set pieces are pitch-perfect. The performances are thick and sincere, and the classic Spike Jonze absurdism and humor top this all off. Bravo.


Most perfect casting in the history of cinema. It does have its shortcomings, though, straying away from many of the memorable elements of the book, but visually it gets it tremendously right and even transcends the source material.

Frances Ha
Frances Ha(2013)

Very enjoyable and...sincere! (Get it?). A good film.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Entertaining, but overblown, too exaggerated, I was numb by the end (and what a disappointing ending). I feel Tolkien would have despised this. Verdict: Meh. Some points for effort.

Thank You for Smoking

Raunchy, hilarious, not preachy

Wayne's World

Cleverly irreverent and lovable filmmaking with so many memorable moments...Excellent! Party on!


If the opening sequence doesn't writhe you in sheer cinematic bliss, and make you its bitch, you have no soul, and I do not acknowledge your relevance to film discussion.
The rest of the film is also great; Woody Allen at his comic and artistic peak.

The World's End

Funniest movie o' th' year. I'll drink to that!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I haven't laughed this much in a very long time. It's irreverent, and a very worthy sequel. It deserves more praise than it got! And those cameos! Oh dear, I'm laughing maniacally all over again. I need to go...

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

Not as acid and pungent as I expected from Woody Allen (I thought it'd be another Midnight in Paris), but still a very well-acted film with an interesting story that departs from you've learned to await in a movie. This became a rather unpredictable tale that left it to us to interpret, as in "real life." It didn't feel preachy, that is, didn't show us a great self-rediscovery or redemption, it actually even kind of goes full-circle in the end. I don't know, you have to watch it to understand.

Captain Phillips

As historically inaccurate as it might be in its overly sympathetic portrayal of Phillips, it's still a well-acted and tautly directed thrill ride.


Kurosawa with his godly cinematography and writing (as usual), but also being concise (what a pleasant surprise!)!

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari)

I think the term 'avant-garde' might have been exclusively created for this film. A twisted, highly creative and memorable Expressionistic opus.

Touch of Evil

Damn, this movie is hard to watch. And for the best reasons.

Dallas Buyers Club

Give an Oscar to Leto, give an Oscar to McConaughey. Just shower praise onto this masterwork!

There Will Be Blood

This film is confounding and simply fantastic. A haunting tale on the nature of power and its ramifications, it plunges into the life of a man, the growth of an ardent empire, and a descent into sheer, pure insanity. And who else than Day-Lewis to portray this terrifyingly eccentric antihero?


A simply exhilarating film, with a kinetic energy exacerbated by fluid and skillful cinematography. One of those films that are wildly entertaining, all the way through. A thrill ride.

The White Ribbon (Das weisse Band)

This is easily the most utterly terrifying, chilling film I've seen in a very long time. When you can get this horrified with nothing revealed to's that this society which is depicted is truly wicked, in an implicit way, that might not come across to many viewers, for being so unconventional.
I won't fellate this film however, for all its worth it's painfully slow and indulges in dreary digressions, and its conclusion is very frustratingly inconclusive.
Wir nichts wissen.
Come on! It's just Caché (2006) all over again! Mike! Gimme some answers! WHY THE FUCK DID THEY DO THAT? And Ja, it matters. It's getting old, leaving us in the blank like that.
It's the sheer unexplainable wickedness of Funny Games with the sheer unexplainable origins of Caché. You just leave us hanging...too much.
BUT, the movie isn't just that. The cinematography, the acting, and even the goddamned digressions are all masterfully executed. Like those poor kids...muahahahahahah.


No question it's horrifying, but sorry Mike, I NEEDS SOME ANSWERS. This is simply too damn enigmatic, and it surpasses the stylistic need to insinuate. You can't insinuate everything.

Alice in den Städten (Alice in the Cities)

An absolutely delightful movie. Heartwarming yet poignant, witty.


It's odd, all-over-the-place and even sometimes quite self-absorbing, but as Wes Anderson flicks tend to be, it's extremely creative and irresistibly endearing.

Repo Man
Repo Man(1984)

This is one of the few films I've ever seen that seems to have been as fun to create than to experience. Real cool, trippy shit.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The funniest, the silliest, the wittiest...did I say funniest? Yes, sincerely, the funniest.

Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon(1975)

A lesson in storytelling, a lesson in filmmaking (each shot almost is a painting! The acting and emotions are unbelievably credible and touching! Gorgeous! Epic! ARE THOSE TEARS IN MY EYES?). Kubrick at his most engaging, and to me, most fulfilled. Splendid.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The acting, the writing, the OHMAHGAWD did I mention the acting? This is unreal, impossibly good. A trip into film magic, a descent into utter madness. A breakthrough, game-changing, essential film.

The Other Guys

It wal alright. Oddball, silly, stale at times, but overall decent.

Team America: World Police

Satire through exaggeration -it don't get better than this.

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

Great fun. Now that I've seen this I've completed my transformation; I'm a true New Yorker.

Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta)

Simply beautiful. Miyazaki is a visual poet.

Paths of Glory

Brutally honest and deeply engaging, this concise film is a bleak portrait of armed and moral conflict, a tale of struggle for justice, of the meaning of bravery and knavery. An early Kubrick masterpiece, with another strong performance from Kirk Douglas, this is arguably the quintessential statement about war. It will give you chills and, by the end, I swear, leave you misty-eyed, on the verge of (manly) tears.


AMAZING. Creative, profound, well-acted, absorbing...
it understands what a movie is really for...the how, not the what.
But as to the what...greatest plot-twists ever. Simply.


Without a shred of sultry salient lustrous sky scintillating with the over-indulged and understated flint of doubt, uncertainty or undecided dubiousness, this is one of the greats.
A mind-blowing work, it pushes the medium to its limits, in every direction.
The result is an impressively creative film with notoriously dazzling and bizarre visuals, but it also succeeds as a raunchy social satire, ranging between humor and utter fright, exhilaration and anxiety (the image of the destroyed landscape hidden by advertisements keeps returning).
It is also a bumpy ride for the viewer due to its completely unpredictable plot which might tire some. Also tiresome is the difficult character that the protagonist is; it's hard to sympathize with that useless slob. But I'd argue that despite its hindrances to traditional movie-enjoyment, that's where this movie succeeds, again, as we see this delusional, incapable and utterly frustrating man, offspring of this preposterous world, who finds comfort, in the end, by embracing its insanity, at the end of this truly troubling, dark, cynical but ultimately thoroughly enjoyable experience.
By the way, best dream sequences ever. Seriously. Add Time Bandits (1981) and all of Monty Python's brilliant animation pieces to your viewing repertoire and you'll change your religion to Gilliam-ism.
Oh, and brilliant reference to Eisenstein! My movie-sense was titillated. Ooh.

Promised Land

It's alright at best. Ending disappoints, the rest holds up, with the believable conflict within Matt Damon's character. But for a director like Gus Van Sant this is a weak, meek film.


It's so promising at first...and then it all spills into an irrelevant and half-assed mess.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Funny stuff. And well-done, I mean, look at them crashes, man

All the President's Men

True, intense, dedicated filmmaking right there.

Mars Attacks!

I saw this film years ago...and loved it. Yet, the consensus seems to tend towards the inverse view...I guess I should watch again. But my memory tells me it's four-star material, and I trust it, until further notice.

Forbidden Planet

The ultimate sci-fi flick. Dark, aesthetic and philosophical, this is probably one of the very few 50s futuristic films that has truly passed the test of time.


Yes, I know this film completely disregards its source material, often in ridiculously comical ways. But still, I enjoyed the very well selected cast, the involving action, and the kickass score.
But still, don't watch this instead of reading the Iliad for class, you'll be hopelessly lost. I mean, seriously, how on Earth does Paris not know his own cousin, Aeneas? Are you shitting me?

United 93
United 93(2006)

'Twas better to die saving the potential victims of this fourth plane's destination. The truly heroic tale of the mostly completely disregarded and forgotten passengers of United 93. But it's really hard to watch, a very potent film.

Bloody Sunday

It's great, it feels like a document, but that DAMN CAMERA IS SO NAUSEATINGLY SHAKY. If shaky cameras drive you insane like me, avoid this, seriously

Raising Arizona

This might just be the best film ever made. And I'm not sure why. Just sayin'

THX 1138
THX 1138(1971)

This movie is AWESOME (in both the original and common meaning, that it inspires awe and is cool). One of the most sophisticated and creative sci-fi films I have ever seen, with its terrifyingly ominous and damp visuals and stark cold performances, painting a dismal picture of an impersonal and oppressive dystopia...that feels particularly close to home. Profoundly mind-boggling and thought-provoking, this is more than entertainment, it's art, and it's a reflection on humanity, on its unique dehumanizing power.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Visually dazzling and a fault.

American Graffiti

Probably the most complete teen film I've ever seen. It's got everything, and a little bit more, as we say in Brazil. A bitchin' ride. Still waiting for the Special Edition with new scenes and effects, George Lucas!

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes)

It manages to be simultaneously ominous, beautiful and acidly funny. This epic odyssey of a descent into the Amazonian basin and lunacy is an amazing cinematographic feat. On so many occasions I was genuinely wondering how on Earth was this or that scene shot, and that is a sign of great production. Herzog's eerie plot and aesthetic choices, along with the cast's frightfully (and perhaps logically) convincing performances (as it was shot on location) create this haunting, gritty and awe-inspiring piece of art.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

It plays around with the noir genre, and the movie platform, making a hilarious, thrilling, witty and very fulfilling film. Seriously, this shit is amazing.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

The first one was shy, it was like "hey...uhm...I'm Kick-Ass...yeah..." and we really liked that one for being so outrageous and not taking itself too seriously.
This one is like "HEY, bitchez, Imma Kick-Ass, yeaaaaaaaaah, kiss my ass". Too confident, too loaded with shit, too long, too many dull high school scenes, and Jesus Christ did it take itself too seriously.
But is it as impossibly catastrophically mediocre as the critics generally seem to think? I genuinely don't think so. It seriously has many laughs, and the action, even though it's exaggerated to the point of being bloated, is tolerable, but there's just too much gore (the first one only was that ridiculously over-the-top for laughs, this one is fuckin' batshit crazy), but it's still entertaining. I somewhat enjoyed watching it, and even though I could predict every plot point a mile ahead (sometimes even completing their lines with my friends), it was a moderately fun film, and nothing more.


Unabashedly unapologetic, it's the B-Movie we deserve. And Trey Parker's voice is always maddeningly hilarious.

Escape from New York

It promises a lot, but ultimately, to me, didn't deliver that much. Carpenter did better, both visually and story-wise. But it still is coherent with itself, an honest and consistent attempt at creating a grim, dystopian world, and for the budget it apparently had, it did a very decent job.


Another Scorsese sublime far s filmmaking goes, it's got it all. And Joe Pesci is even more intimidating than in GoodFellas!!


Thrilling and visually stunning. You'll be on the edge of your seat.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The most bedazzling and transcendent movie experience. An out-of-body experience.


It has magnificent potential, and has aesthetics aspiring to 2001...but its last Act absolutely broke the mystic magic that this sort of film should have, by turning it into a dumbed-down, fast-paced and ridiculous thriller. At some point, though, it feels like one of those deep, introspective sci-fi novels that'll blow your mind. This might actually be more enjoyable if you walk out of the theater once they board the first Icarus spaceship.

Planet of the Apes

Awesome; this is one of the greatest, most thought-provoking and intelligent sci-fi films ever made, and if we all cared to watch it, hell, we'd be better off, more conscious of our folly. Who knew that apes could so aptly serve as a metaphor for mankind's wretchedness? The wildly original premise and the profoundly significant message should be credited to Pierre Boulle's original novel, though this screen adaptation undeniably does a fine job at condensing it without limiting it, and even adding to it, not only through its splendidly creative visuals, I also felt like the film's plot was more poignant, to-the-point, character-driven and enthralling than the book's, making it more than a good adaptation, but a great reinterpretation.

Burn After Reading

As absurd, acid and hilarious as you'd expect from those talented siblings.

No Country for Old Men

One of the best films of our generation. Another win in the Cohen brothers' catalogue.

Blood Simple
Blood Simple(1984)

Stylish and thrilling, the Coen Bros started their cinematic careers on the right foot.

The Way Way Back

Its enjoyable, heartfelt, honest, and consistently funny character compensate for its occasional tediousness and general predictability. Sam Rockwell is, as usual, mythical.


A gorgeous and stunning feature, with talent slathered all over, from the director to the cast and the crew. A film not about thieves and cops and their kin, but about human beings, and with two fascinating protagonists that are, after all, just two sides of the same coin. A cinematic and generally artistic masterpiece from Michael Mann, with almost every scene being styling -but not too stylish, never indulging in an exaggerated reliance on style over substance. No, this film is as much style as it is substance. It's one of the best you'll ever see.


An absolutely thrilling feature. Though it starts out in the most archetypal/predictable of ways, it soon becomes the psychological mess and truly chilling tale that cuts deep, all the way to the essence of things. I'll have to remain vague, supporting my claims with evidence would spoil the whole, but still, its smart direction, minimalistic dialogue and maddening suspense make this hunter-hunted parable become surprisingly sophisticated. GET TO THE CHOPPA...AND WATCH THIS.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's simply excellent, as much as a tribute to classic B-Movies than as a midnight-screening legend made all the more ecstatically funny by the audience participation. Seriously, you'll understand the hype only if you get the real, full deal. Otherwise, you're still a virgin.

Midnight Cowboy

Somewhere, somehow, I know something like this must have's one fucked-up film, but one that's as honest, profound and compelling as films can get. And with some of the best performances you'll ever see on screen.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Very entertaining, great chemistry between the actors, great pacing, but it's a little too much and it stumbles on plotholes that are getting annoying (considering those of the 2009 film). Still solid, above-average summer blockbuster, though

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

A gorgeous, beautiful picture that takes children seriously, and makes the ultimate statement about friendship, childhood and innocence.

The Searchers

Absolutely beautiful and enthralling; a cinematic triumph. Even if you don't agree with all that you see, you cannot deny that this is a well-acted, well-directed masterpiece of a film. Everything a great film should strive to be.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

Absolutely excellent. Funny and smart, a parody and an homage to Star Trek, while still insanely creative on it own grounds.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Quite possibly the best drama I have ever witnessed. Or should I say 'experienced'? Because I felt it! I was irate, I was ecstatic, dismayed and hopeful...this film made me its bitch. And that's what an excellent drama is, engaging, involving. The acting is simply out of this world, Bale proving to be one of the best actors of our generation (once more. Dat versatility!), and Melissa Leo with another fantastic performance, and every one else in here, including Wahlberg that really becomes that troubled, conflicted and fascinating athlete. Oh, and Amy Adams is sincerely hot. Yep. Just had to put that out there.



It's simply unsettling. If you're one of those cynics who think movies suck these days, try this one out, seriously. Also, for fuck's sake, McConaughey, you had all of Magic Mike to be shirtless, why d'you need to do it here for no reason? I will create the Association Against Shirtless McConaughey if this keeps happening, I swear.

An Inconvenient Truth

Say what you will about Gore or Global Warming, this is a damn good film -even though I could have done without all the Gore personal snippets.

Norma Rae
Norma Rae(1979)

Emocionante e envolvente. Um belo comentário social com excelentes atuações e uma direção direta, sem compromissos e breguice barata.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Even more critical than its prececessor, in the way that it pokes fun at the franchise itself by exploring the role of the media; and also exploring its characters, giving them more depth and intrigue, this is a worthy successor that knows the rules of a good sequel, even though it indulges in a a little too many references to the previous installment, making the movie itself feel like a copy-cat sometimes.


Very original in the way it makes fun of itself and the horror genre, while still making a homage that's as thrilling and exciting as the movies it honors.


A marvellous and beautiful film about youth, adventure and love, with a debutant Terrence Malick already displaying his talent for visually staggering and emotionally profound films. It drifts away from clichés, and doesn't try to impress a morale upon us, it's an honest tale about sad, tragic and most of all endearing protagonists, both expertly interpreted by the then up and coming Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen.
Def'ntly mah fav'rit Terrence Malick m'vie yett.


Brilliant, nothing short of its reputation...but I disliked the ending, so that costs it half a star (not that I think the tag-ending was any better).

The International

Stupid, but decent, entertaining.

Le match de leur vie

It's okay but the real question is...why the fuck did they make a movie about this one game? Why didn't they even hint at the US's 3-1 defeat against Spain a few days before, and why is their mediocre performance in 1950 such a big deal, when the US squad got to the SEMI-FINALS in 1930!! Now that's a story!

A Foreign Affair

Uncompromising in its cynical humor, this is one of Billy Wilder's forgotten gems!


Exhilarating! Some of the finest acting I've ever seen.


Very enjoyable. Does a surprising lot with an unoriginal premise, building upon involving characters in intriguing situations.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Decent, campy, exciting fun.

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

It's very difficult in the beginning, because for one hour, nothing happens, and the birds are the subplot. I expected something else, I guess, and I am to blame. But as soon as the eponymous and mysterious villains reach the foreground, they do their prominence justice, by being utterly terrifying and engendering a string of well-directed and executed kinetic and relentless action. Basically, it's rather tedious for a half, and suddenly it's turned to 11. Very well-done for the time, and surprisingly sophisticated for what is advertised as a mere cheap thrill, this is worth its acclaim, though seriously, you can skip some chapters in the first half.

An Education
An Education(2009)

Meh. The ending is ridiculous, the rest is decent.


Very odd, very confusing, very unpredictable...but ultimately, very interesting. This is a mysterious movie, and it doesn't give many answers to its viewers; but beyond that frustration lies a beautifully acted and directed tale of addiction, of loss, of shame.

The Dead Zone

Cronenberg's Stephen King adaptation is thrilling, suspenseful and entertaining, thanks to, among other things, excellent performances from Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, and a haunting score.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

As electrifyingly thrilling as it is outrageously funny. And it has so many references...I keep uncovering new things as I rewatch this gem ("Forget it, Nicholas, it's Sandford!"). A masterpiece, and to my eyes, the best Frost-Pegg team-up to date.


An enjoyable B-movie.


Simultaneously funny, charming, and tragically saddening and thought-provoking. It seems Linklater can always bring out Jack Black's best performances (seriously, he's fantastic in this role).

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

It differs from the rest of Tarantino's work, being an adaptation and not an original of his. But it still has his signature dialogues, taut direction and that sweet, sweet 1970s groovy sound and look. Less gore, more plot. And fine performances from everyone involved.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

It's arguably the biggest and grandest festival of randomness ever caught on tape, and Terry Gilliam does a great job with the ever-so-masterful visuals; however the film as a whole is not worthy of such praise. With clearly too much budget, this overproduced work has some very funny and insightful ideas, but wastes them in exhaustingly tedious bits. They did a much better job with a fraction of the funds in The Holy Grail, I suppose by 1983 they were running out of steam? Well, the movie is still a must-see for Python enthusiasts, but for the rest of us, it's a tiring film, yes, but the creativity and general shameless and (mostly) unprejudiced mocking of everything with that delightful British nonchalant humor that we love about this troupe, outweighs ever so slightly the aforementioned dullness.


Bolstered by convincing performances and a committed direction, this is a very exciting and visually appealing thriller, but with odd plot-holes and unrealistic inconsistencies that keep it from being truly excellent.


SO sublime, in the end. No matter how bizarr, it remains somehow relatable, and engaged me in unexpected ways. Nicolas Cage gives a simply fantastic performance, in this tautly directed and brilliantly penned masterwork.

High Plains Drifter

Somber, mysterious, supernatural...possibly the most sinister and fascinating Western, and definitely one very visually crafty, taking the genre to surprising creative heights. Clint Eastwood in his prime, a masterful work.

Death Race 2000

Ridiculous, over-the-top violence with a stupidly absurd plot. In other words, a raunchy satire of American pop culture, and one of the best B-movies of all time; highly enjoyable!


A majestic modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare...that is pretty darn boring at times and overlong, but still classy as hell, and it has electrifying battle scenes, magnificent performances and taut direction by Fiennes.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

Starts out with some promise, then flushes it all down the toilet.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

It's a painfully slow film, but its historical accuracy and the fine acting job from its leads make it a worthy watch.

Space Cowboys

It's predictable as hell, but it's still very entertaining and intense. The big names in this one do not disappoint.

The Evil Dead

You see the Tomatometer consensus? That's my review.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

So funny, so thrilling, so entertaining, so good.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

So heartwarming, so beautiful, so damn good. Reeking of British humor and an overwhelming performance by Gene Wilder, this is the best adaptation. Sorry, Dahl.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I liked it as a kid, but frankly, it's too much. Charlie is uninteresting, Wonka is exaggeratedly goofy and thus unsympathetic, and the whole universe is too damn dark and bombastic. Remember those singing doll-robots that sing that unbearable 'Willy Wonka' song in the beginning? The image of them melting was imprinted in my impressionable mind, and still haunts me. But, it's still very funny, and visually excellent (it's Tim Burton, duhr herp-derp), and so I consider it an okay, above-average children's movie, very creative...but a little too creative.

The Border
The Border(1982)

An underrated flick with a great cast (Nicholson! Keitel!) and decent direction, which more or less compensate for a predictable plot.


Did you enjoy Casino Royale? But did you think it lacked the occasional British humor, among other classic Bond elements? Well, rest assured, my fellow cinephiles, for this film reconciles the powerful rejuvenation of the series that CR gave us, and mixes it with the best of the old Bond that we all love (except "stirred not shaken." That was in Casino Royale), making a deliciously succulent and punchy cocktail that'll shake your foundations.
By the way, it's also visually fantastic. I guess we can only thank Sam Mendes for that.

...what? You're still not watching this film? Well move your ass! You know you want it!


The real Frank Serpico said it all when he claimed that Al Pacino played Serpico better than he did himself. This is one of the ultimate Pacino movies, one of the ultimate police/crime of the ultimate movie movies!

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Tedious at first, but ultimately thrilling, thought-provoking...and very unpredictable.

Star Trek: First Contact

Definitely the best Trek film...with the Next Gen cast. Funny, sharp, exciting; the best of Star Trek merged into one motion picture .


As thrilling as it gets.

The Big Lebowski

Despite a mind-bogglingly fucked up plot (that never ceases to impress, though), this film still rocks because of some absolutely memorable characters, brilliant dialogue and KICK-ASS dream sequences; making it yet another triumph in the Coen brothers' career.


So much potential, so little in the end...

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)


What can I honestly say? What can I add to the Pantheon of praise this masterpiece has already received? I can tell the truth...that this film scared me, haunted me and enthralled me, and I don't know who to thank the most, the screenwriters, Scorsese, De Niro with that purely spellbinding performance...

...I truly must thank them and everyone else, for this film gets it all right. In fact, to me, it even sets the standard, not as to what a movie should be, but to what it *can* be; to what heights a motion picture could possibly hope to aspire. That's just me, though, don't take me wrong, I might be overreacting a bit right now (I also think my use of semicolons might be slightly off); but believe me, this is undeniably top-notch moviemaking, and Scorsese and De Niro in their prime.

P.S. I think I now understand why De Niro made so many terrible movies later in his career: after doing something as fantastic as this (among some other great ulterior performances), there is simply nothing he can do to compensate, to completely stain his reputation! He doesn't have to worry about that anymore (just a thought).
Mmmh, I have a feeling these reviews -or rather, reactions-, are getting increasingly over-the-top... maybe I should quit XD

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Sure, it fucks the book, and had moments that are, after due reflection, dull and illogical, but it's still quite entertaining and fun.

Day of the Dead

In my opinion, the best of George Romero's Trilogy of the Dead...set in an underground base, displaying the tension between scientists and military personnel, the growing madness, claustrophobia, and proof that the first thing to fear in the day of the dead, is the living. Romero's original zombie movies are especially smart and make stark and often funny criticism of contemporary society, with American consumerism being the target of Dawn of the Dead (1978). But here, it's our very core that comes under fire, our selfishness, our greed, and our reason and compassion, thrown against each other in the ultimate arena, when the chips are down, when there are no more rules. This is the truly terrifying zombie flick, the one that makes you feel the most concerned, because it talks right back at you. From great writing to the best special effects of the series (I don't recognize the reboots from the 2000s, except Land of the Dead, perhaps), this is, to me, the ultimate Romero flick, the ultimate zombie flick, chilling, absorbing and thought-provoking.

28 Weeks Later...

Scarier than the first, chilling atmosphere. I likes.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

A very satisfying sci-fi flick, with all the cleverness and wonder that make Star Trek so epic

Good Will Hunting

Simply beautiful and uplifting. It involves youâ¦immerses you, and is one of those few works that seems to grasp the very essence of everything. Hats off to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for penning one of the best scripts ever written, in addition to their great individual performances.

To Live and Die in L.A.

A top-tier cop film, floating in movie-heaven alongside other divinities such as the French Connection and the Departed. And it just keeps getting better as the plot unravels...Friedkin delivers, again.


The acting, the script, the photography, the...beards! It scores high on every cinematic category, with Daniel Day-Lewis quite frighteningly almost becoming Honest Abe. I still felt like the film missed a few historical elements, though...such as Lincoln's dream of his death 3 days before his assassination, and (yes...I know) maybe some more battle scenes. And, let's face it, it gets tediously amazing at times. You can't have every single scene attempting to be a monologue or soliloquy of epic proportions...


Don't go looking for Kubrick here, for you'll find a Kirk Douglas production, where Stan was merely called upon at the last minute. But, despite Kubrick's open claims that this is no film of his, the latent style of the great director is still discernible; and mostly so, methinks, at the final battle scene. And in all its Kubrick-less-ness, it had indeed some clichéd, rather tiring moments, but overall it is a huge and very impressive production, with excellent performances -most notably Charles Laughton as Gracchus- and a very well-written and witty script. It is an epic, and one of the best of its kind.


As good as historical films can'll be on the verge of shedding tears in the end, unless you're a robot, a Pinochet supporter, or both.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Easily one of the best Westerns ever made. Gritty, funny and believable, what more can you ask?

Terminator Salvation

An exciting action flick with great special effects, a decent storyline, (wow, we hadn't heard of that in this franchise since 1991) and an actual END TO THIS STORY. Oh no, I heard they're making a T5. You know what, I give up. Do whatever you want. Make Alien 5 and 6, Jurassic Park vs Predator, Alien vs Terminator, RoboCop vs Beverly Hills Cop, have fun, and make sure to kill me first.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

This one is ranked rather high in the list of "most useless sequels ever." Still, it's quite entertaining. Just don't try to rationalize it, it's a futile enterprise. It's like trying to talk sense into Hollywood producers to convince them not to finance pointless sequels just for cash (Alien 3 and (oh my god...) 4, anyone!?). And the acting is crap, that killer blonde robot manages to out-ridicule Arnold. But Arnold's goofiness works, because he's a freaking big guy with mechanic, funny, robotic manners; her, she's supposed to be a superior fucking model. I mean, can't they make a terminator that has facial expressions, and speaks normally? Also the action sequences bored the hell out of me, and Matrix sequels came out the same year, so don't go all paradigmatic on me. But it still entertains, so fuck it. Three stars, and the following sequel was better.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

In the Kevin James and Adam Sandler film shittiness scale, this one doesn't actually rank that high to me. It's bad's so bad it gets good sometimes...? Don't get me right, I have no illusions as to the utter technical mediocrity of this film, but it still entertained call this a very, very guilty and cheap pleasure of mine. Also I saw it long ago, so maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

The Usual Suspects

WOW. That is all you can say in the end. Up until then, you'll be like "Yeah, it's a cool mix of Ocean's Eleven-ish con men with a film noir vibe, with a great ensemble cast." But in the end, you'll most likely drool. The film manipulates you and twists your mind, and it's super effective. Keyser Söze will get you.

The Debt
The Debt(2011)

Okay, I guess. Nice story and acting; just too...unending! We all like plot twists in the end, but we can only take so many.


What else can I say? It's hilarious all the way through. Basic, entertaining gags that'll lighten up your day. Shirley, you should watch it!

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Somber, and how we put it in Brazil, "heavy", this tale of crime is atypical in its unfolding, with interesting character and plot developments. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins distinguish themselves with excellent performances. A good film, another gem in Clint Eastwood's directorial curriculum.

God Bless America

The thing about this film is its message. It doesn't claim that going around shooting people is right, it has a much deeper claim that calls for the respect and kindness we should have for each other, a lack of which engenders the film's slaying plot. It's quite fun at times, and I thought the screenplay was very good, with some very heartfelt, eloquent monologues from Frank; however, its exaggerated portrayal of contemporary America and often unnecessarily unrealistic plot points (such as killing a guy in Central Park...taking their time while doing it, and being totally fine) are turn-offs.


I've watched this film while having lunch. I'm officially TOUGH! XD
Well, despite its cheap, senseless, gory appearance, it's actually a funny film that only seems to take itself half-seriously. It blends extreme grossness with humour quite well, and is overall pretty damn entertaining. It's just not for the sensible spirits! Viewer discretion is advised.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This is one of the shittiest animated films of all time and an insult to the already seriously injured Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

The most hated of the series...and though I must agree with most of the criticism, I still think it's an entertaining film that, though obviously not comparable to the original series, is somewhat decent, and definitely, to me, better than its sluggish successor.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

More childish and predictable than the two previous perfect episodes...but they are tough acts to follow, and this one still does a great job at concluding this historical saga.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is an absolutely overwhelmingly dazzlingly sensational film, with awesomeness and holy light beaming out of it. Tarantino has scored again.


That ending was profoundly a way that only an extremely well laid-out, riveting plot could build into, superb actors could impersonate, and a dedicated director could give life to. A hommage to the noir genre, this tale of crime, family, injustice and water is all the more intriguing for it dodges the stereotypes, and twists them to our sustained awe. We yearn for justice because of its absence, we hate characters because they go unpunished; this is cinema being exciting because it's frustrating, beautiful because it's ugly, satisfying because it leaves us in a place we all know too well, though we wish we didn't, making us understand the film all the more. Polanski, Towne and Evans conspired to make one of the greatest films of all time, and they might not even have known it.


Cold, calculated and German (triple-pleonasm?), it still manages to be attaching due to empathizing well-acted characters and a setting which is progressively unveiled to us.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

I don't give a flying FUCK if it strays from the source material. I read Stephen King's "The Shining", and I can tell I was disappointed as fuck. A boring, slow and unsurprising book, with an shockingly corny ending. It has great moments, sure, such as the character development of Jack Torrance and the incursions into his past, which the movie lacks, but the thing is it doesn't matter. This is Kurbrick's film, and his take on that tale is, seriously, better than the tale itself.
And where do I begin? Honestly, I don't quite know. Let's start with visually? Okay, so, you guys know Kubrick, and if you don't, lock yourself in a room with TV for three days and KNOW HIM. He isn't considered one of the greatest cinematic deities of all eternity for nothing. His visuals are off the charts, with the profoundest attention given to the most intricate details, such as the disposition of furniture, and his use of music (the opening shot, OH MY GOD) is as effective as it's ever been (Barry Lyndon, Clockwork Orange, Space Odyssey, anyone?). This is, as Rotten Tomatoes' consensus puts it best, "a chilling, often baroque journey into madness". I've never been more convinced of some character's insanity than here, thanks to Kubrick's creepy and dreamy, blurry, hypnotizing ambient; but primarily because of Jack Nicholson's toppest-of-the-top-notch acting. His most memorable role, no doubt, with certain scenes simply immortalized in cinema History. And let's not forget the other actors who also did an absolutely splendid job too, Shelley Duvall coming out as arguably the smartest female in any horror movie ever, and Danny Lloyd being chillingly accurately displaying utter, convincing fright.
What more can I add? Dazzling aesthetics and Bedazzling acting add up to a simply spectacular all, one of the greatest films of all time, yet another in Stanley Kubrick's already rich repertoire.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

One of the most visually stunning films ever made, it's profound, mysterious and exciting, elevating the science fiction genre to rarely seen sophisticated heights. The dark yet bright depiction of 2019 Los Angeles drenched in a seemingly perpetual night â"loyal to Philip K. Dick's wild imaginationâ", the evocative symbolism, the vulnerable yet intrepid characters and the enigmatic ending are just some of the things that make this film a memorable, atypical and atemporal opus. Ridley Scott was never this good again.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

A cinematic masterpiece. The rawest, darkest and somehow beautifulest New York I've ever seen on screen, with a sublimely acted ambiguous character and a script that defies clichés and never ceases to surprise us. Aesthetically and culturally relevant, this is Scorsese at his best.

Mean Streets
Mean Streets(1973)

I don't get what all the hype's about it's no Taxi Driver! A rather slow film, though it's still very nice due to the fine acting and screenplay that amount to a gritty, realistic portrayal of street-level gang-life in New York circa 1973. Still, that ending was very anticlimactic and ultimately unsatisfying.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

This is no piece of art, but attaching characters and a well laid-out plot make it a worthy piece of entertainment.

Inglourious Basterds

Despite being a kick in History's ballsack, it's still typical Tarantino style, wit and humour, with some of his finest dialogue and characters to date.

The Amazing Spider-Man

A great entertaining experience that, I feel, is much more compelling and enthralling than the Raimi original. It has its flaws, with a rather predictable and often flat-out ridiculous villain, but its slow-paced story gives us something believable and well set to hold on to, which makes this a worthy superhero film. I expect more from the sequel(s), though.

American Beauty

I genuinely believe that if we all watched and understood this film, the world would overall be a better place. This is social critique in its finest, most intricate, most beautiful form.

Once Upon a Time in America

A perfect movie that just excels in every category. Simply beautiful. Sublime. Not much to say besides that. It's simply four and a half hours of cinematic bliss. Really just another argument for why Sergio Leone should be sanctified.


Original and thought provoking, this sci-fi flick manages to be very innovative with a commonly used subject matter, and it raises very interesting questions about science and society with its gripping plot and intriguing characters. It does suffer from inconsistencies, though, and its ending is rather unsatisfying, leaving us on a cliffhanger that is never relieved by a sequel.


Magnificent. One of the prime mob films of the known Universe. Gritty, realistic and consistently surprising, with magistral performances from its three leads, an ingenious narrative structure and an overall top-notch direction from film demi-god Martin Scorsese...honestly, you can't ask for much more than that, movie-wise.


Wow. I sincerely did not expect this film to be this good. This exciting tale of ethics and technology, with its reckless kinetic action and poignant social commentary, is as relevant today as it was in 1987 (if not more).


Flawed, but still stunning

The Expendables

Disappointingly underwhelming and overly clichà (C)d

Seven Psychopaths

It makes no fucking sense. But it's still great.

500 Days of Summer

The...only "love" movie I can bear watching. Because it's not a love movie. It's original and pretty darn funny too.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

Truly, this is as huge, stunning and influential a film as the hype would claim...if not more. With compelling characters, a smart overlaying of stories and a simply fantastic photography, it can only prompt one to pursue the franchise with the also much acclaimed sequels.
I must say, however, that I did feel some reservations towards this soundtrack that, at times, truly sounded quite unfit, to put it mildly.

The Social Network

Even though one might be turned off by the fact that it's a truly dramatized version of the truth, with several elements that rte completely made up, it's still a fine piece of filmmaking with some fine acting, a solid script and a fitting soundtrack.

The Wicker Man

It's so insanely bad it gets hilarious

Easy Rider
Easy Rider(1969)

A psychedelic masterpiece and a timeless classic!

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Absolutely mind-boggling. Fantastic.


A fantastic Clint Eastwood film that truly succeeds at demystifying Westerns, by destroying stereotypes and giving us a grittily realistic story with believable characters.

Born on the Fourth of July

An excellent, legendary film, that is as emotionally deep as it is socially relevant. With brilliant acting from Tom Cruise, a smart direction from Oliver Stones, this thought-inducing war critique is given life by this riveting story.

Beverly Hills Cop

A really funny and witty cop film, one of the best of its kind

Batman Begins

An bold and original take on the Batman mythology, this Nolan blockbuster succeeds at building an extremely entertaining and coherent story, with memorable acting and dazzling visuals.

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Più)

Not as good as its prequel or its sequel, bit still trademark Sergio Leone quality.


POCAHONTAS with blue aliens instead of Native Americans (or even Dances with Wolves!). Everything about this plot is completely predictable. I find its lack of originality disturbing.

We Were Soldiers

Despite its over-the-top moments and quite boring out-of-war scenes, it's still a very realistic and gripping tale.


Even though one cannot not love the Scottish accents and some genuinely humorous moments...the plot, I believe, is rather weak.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Absolutely divine, with a truly epic conclusion.
I still slightly prefer A Fistful of Dollars (1964) though...very slightly.

The Battle of Algiers (La Battaglia di Algeri)

Perfect...a sublimely crafted masterpiece that is both entertaining and educative...a historical cinema landmark. You won't ever look at a French person the same, though!

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods....possibly the most original, intelligent and genuinely scary horror movie I have ever seen. In one word: EPIC!

The Onion Movie

Fucking hysterical. A hilarious critique of the news world. And so fucking wonderfully random

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

A fucking flawless cop movie...brilliant acting, great characters and plot...and of course the patron Saint of Bad-assery: Eastwood

Marvel's The Avengers

An amazing experience overall, visually stunning (but hardly innovative) and the script...simply sensational. A true proof of a movie whose brilliant dialogue saves an otherwise predictable plot.

The Trip
The Trip(2011)

Simply over-perfect. She was only fifteen years-old!


Amazing. Just funny all the time. Drove me sick due to its excessive funniness hahah

5 Days Of War

A great critic to war and indifference, and an amazing piece of work overall


whoever wrote this needs to be fired. Most inconsistent, incoherent plot ever made


Rather slow...but still very realistic and with believable acting.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

A great comeback (compared to the previous movie...) that revives the prequel saga and that exquisitely sets the tone for the original movies. May I also note the special effects and general cinematographic skills, which supplant those of all the other prequel movies and that are truly amazing.
However...the sometimes shitty dialog and some plot-holes take one star away.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

In my opinion the worst Star Wars movie...but since it is still a Star Wars movie it still has a fair amount of entertainment, well made battle scenes and stunning special effects.


A visually amazing film...brilliantly crafted, a cinematographical masterpiece.
Takes a rather conventional plot and brings it to stunning levels of creativity.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Awesome. An awesome prologue to an already awesome series. Pretty scary too. Like Marvel (but in a more serious tone) it tells us "don't fuck with science!"