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The Tree of Life
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Tree of Life is not a movie going experience, it's a revelation. A film that touched me in a spiritual way. There has been many movies out this year and none of them has made me say best picture nominee. I can guarantee that The Tree of Life is a guaranteed choice in the Academy Awards.

The film is written by Terrence Malick, the director who brought us Badlands, The Thin Red Line and many other films. I've only seen The Thin Red Line and it was a excellent war film the correctly portrays the hardships of soldiers in combat. I need to brush up more on his films. However by just watching this film I can tell this is his personnel project yet.

The film follows a fragmented narrative switching back and forth between time periods. Two pasts and the present. A family in the 1950's is rocked when they found out about a death in the family. We see their trails and tribulations as they try to cope with it. Then we see this family member growing up and we experience his life before the inevitable. Brad Pitt plays the father Mr. O'Brien a strict father, the kind who wants his kids to say sir to him at all times. Then theirs Jessica Chastain as Mrs. O'Brien as the mother who has to succumb to the 1950's role of the woman. Stand back and let daddy do the discipline. Sean Penn plays an older character who reflects in the past and doesn't seem to fit in the world that he is living now. At the same time these characters grow we get Malick's view of how the world started and intersecting scenes of the growth of the world and the growth of the family.

The film is a more of movie you take in not as much as in the performances. We all now how Malick likes to do monologues. He films his characters doing everyday things and we listen to their thoughts. Thoughts that people wouldn't want to be bottled inside. The performances are great but it doesn't matter. Malick wants you to see his canvas. As in my personnel opinion of the film I felt it was like a flower slowly opening. We have to pay attention to not miss any detail. It's a very spiritual movie connecting me in a ways of nature and unconditional love. He wants us to see a family in turmoil while the world around them is changing. He showed me life in a realm of turmoil and despair.

The human drama shows the hardships of growing up in 50's society and how it has effected some people now. That is the role of the Sean Penn character in the film.

The film is breathtaking in it's visuals and effects and it showed me the world bare as it's suppose to be. The film is not for everybody and needs a very open minded person to be able to take in. Watching this movie people will have different opinions about it. It won't touch others as it touched other people. That's the beauty of it, that even if we don't understand it we can still see the art and the dedication the film has.

Oddly enough the film showed me hope even though some people might not be able to find it. Who knows what message Malick was trying to say but damn it reader he got me thinking. One of the best films of the year.

Case 39
Case 39 (2010)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Case 39 is one of those child from hell movies where the kids looks sweet but end up being murderous little buggers. While the movie isn't that bad it doesn't do much to the genre.

Renée Zellweger plays Emily a social worker who's motto is to protect kids from abusive parents at all costs. She has so many cases that she fits in the cliche of always busy all the time. She gets handed case 39. Ha!! I use the title. A little girl who parents expressed their love by trying to cook her in a oven. After rescuing her the little girl loves Emily wants to be with her. So Emily fights the system and is able to be her guardian. That's when very strange things starts to happen.

The movie is directed by Christian Alvart the same who gave us Pandorum which is a better film but it's not really saying much. The movie is very stylish and very well made and the little girl does a good job. There were times that I was creeped out and I jumped once. The problem with the film is that by watching it it feels like your eating a stale bagel. It has too many cliches from other previous better horror films.

The screenplay is at fault here by including every single horror cliche in the book. However Alvart should have made it better. He's talented, theres a scene in a bathroom that includes a man and a lot of hornets that actually gets in your skin.

In summary if you want to see a kid from hell movie go watch the original The Omen much better movie.

Captain America: The First Avenger
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Marvel's comic book adaptations gets better and better. Captain America might not reach the height of other better comic book films but it's up there.

As you all know Captain America was big in the 1940's. It was use more of a patriotic symbol considering they made comics of the hero battling Hitler and the Axis power. The film uses that concept up to a point. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a sickly young man who just wants to serve his country. All his life he was deemed as weak, so you understand why he's crushed when he gets rejected from the Army. A German doctor Dr.Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) notices him and recruits him to a special division in the Army. After proving himself he gets accepted into the super solider testing, and gets the serum. Now he heads off to Europe to battle a evil scientist played by Hugo Weaving who of course wants world domination. He has to fight and at the same time remember where he comes from.

What I love about the movie was its throwback feel. These days in the movies we are losing that feeling. The feeling of going to the movies and having fun. Now a days it's mostly cash cows and a excuse for graphic violence. Captain America is like a tribute to the Indiana Jones movies. Nazis, ancient artifacts, and lots of adventure. Chis Evans in the role is actually the right choice. I couldn't see anybody else really pull it off. The love interest is sweet and chemistry between the actors are great. Tommy Lee Jones as a strict hard commander was great to watch.

Hugo Weaving as the villain was a little bit disappointing considering that other comic book film villains are explored much better. The writers and Weaving went for mad scientist role and really didn't explore why he wanted to take over.

My only problem with the film is that it doesn't go as deep as other Marvel films. Don't get me wrong there is actually dialogue and character development, but it doesn't really go deeper. In Spiderman 2 we saw Parker's fears and wants and the difficulties of being a hero. The First Avenger explores it so little. It has such a great ending where it really explores the pathos if only the entire film was that way.

The film was directed by Joe Johnston who has experience in these kind films. The Rocketeer and October Sky. After making the disappointing remake of The Wolfman it's good to get back on track with The First Avenger.

It doesn't explore the pathos fully but it's a fun ride and one of the better mainstream films of the past summer.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie proves that love could really be crazy and stupid all at the same time.

Now a days romantic comedies come and go, there is so much formulaic and predictable movies of this genre coming out you can recite the whole thing with a blindfold. It's so sad that the best romantic comedy I have seen that got full marks from me was 500 Days of Summer. That was a long time ago but now comes a comedy that transcends the genre, nothing really ground breaking but enough to kick other movies of the genre to the curb.

Crazy, Stupid, Love starts with Cal (Steve Carell) a man who goes out to dinner with his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) and ends up getting the bad news that she wants a divorce because she's cheating on him. He quietly goes and bottles up his emotions and tries to start over. He goes frequently goes to a bar and spills his troubles to unknown people and to the bottle. He gets heard from Jacob (Ryan Gosling) a professional playboy who spends his nights picking up random women from the bar. He decides to help him out and teach him the ways to be able to have one night stands with different women. At the same time Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone) a lawyer who doesn't really fall for his tricks. Which of course makes him go after her more, you know the drill.

The movie's biggest flaw is that its predictable, but the movie transcends the genre by making it work with fresh dialogue and actors that make their characters more then one dimensional. It's good to see Carell back as the leading man, he's incredibly funny at the most awkward moments. While most actors these days are f@#k you or f@#k that. He's comedy style is simple and mostly about everyday things. Ryan Gosling is having a great year with three films under his belt including this one, he's on role. He did good as the sexist douchbag to the "oh crap I think I might like this girl" role. Emma Stone is simply beautiful and she's on the right road to stardom.

Yes the movie is formulaic and predictable but what makes this different then other rom coms that it's well made and well acted, and it's a perfect example of making something that's similar the right way. Something to be able to enjoy. Good actors and a well written script. As well as good exploration on love, by the way Marisa Tomie has a cameo which is really funny!! The movie was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa their previous credits were screenwriting, and their directorial debut was the sweet comedy drama I Love You Phillip Morris. If they keep going like this they have a bright future.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is what rom coms need a breath of fresh air even if it's a small one.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Warner Brothers has struck gold with DC comics, the Batman franchise, upcoming Superman reboot and Watchmen. Sadly the Green Lantern is not going to be in the hall of fame any time soon.

The film is based on the comic book character the Green Lantern you know the one that wears all green and has the ring. He can make objects with it. It's a pretty cool concept and story and it's one of the oldest DC comics. Sadly all that mythology didn't transfer well on the screen.

The movie begins with a evil creature killing things, damn evil creatures!!! Then we get Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) a cocky test pilot who is in the habit of messing everything up. Even almost causing a company to go bankrupt. Damn young potential superheroes!!! Then at the same time we get a purple alien who's a green lantern as well gets attack by that same evil creature and crashes to earth. Guess what Hal Jordan is picked to become the next and first human green lantern . At the same time the alien body is recovered and lonely Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) is called to experiment on it, gets infected with a strange form of herpes and becomes a baddie. After some nifty special effects and self denial from Hal Jordan's part, he sums up the courage and has to save the world, from a huge yellow fart cloud/evil creature.

The best thing here is honestly Peter Sarsgaard as the villain even though with his abnormal herpes, he was very creepy and had more depth then most of the other characters. One of the main problems is Ryan Reynolds, he can't take the subject matter serious enough wrong choice for the main character. Every time he tries to be serious I feel like he's going to crack a joke.

However the biggest flaw the excessive use of special effects in the film. It is ridiculous how much CGI is used here. Every thing feels like it was made in a assembly line like a machine made it. There's no love in it or appreciation for the character that is pretty awesome.

If you want to see excessive CGI, or Ryan Reynolds try, or maybe see how mutated herpes can affect Peter Sarsgaard go watch it, other then that go watch The Dark Knight.