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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Case 39

Case 39(2010)

Case 39 is one of those child from hell movies where the kids looks sweet but end up being murderous little buggers. While the movie isn't that bad it doesn't do much to the genre.

Renée Zellweger plays Emily a social worker who's motto is to protect kids from abusive parents at all costs. She has so many cases that she fits in the cliche of always busy all the time. She gets handed case 39. Ha!! I use the title. A little girl who parents expressed their love by trying to cook her in a oven. After rescuing her the little girl loves Emily wants to be with her. So Emily fights the system and is able to be her guardian. That's when very strange things starts to happen.

The movie is directed by Christian Alvart the same who gave us Pandorum which is a better film but it's not really saying much. The movie is very stylish and very well made and the little girl does a good job. There were times that I was creeped out and I jumped once. The problem with the film is that by watching it it feels like your eating a stale bagel. It has too many cliches from other previous better horror films.

The screenplay is at fault here by including every single horror cliche in the book. However Alvart should have made it better. He's talented, theres a scene in a bathroom that includes a man and a lot of hornets that actually gets in your skin.

In summary if you want to see a kid from hell movie go watch the original The Omen much better movie.