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Freedom Writers
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

freedom writers was recently introduced to me by my english teacher, who thought about making this as the basis of our quiz. at first, i thought that it was another movie that aimed to make a difference. but no. i can relate to eva, in a way. i feel like i've been doing hard to please everybody that sometimes i don't know what i truly want anymore. bottomline, amazing story, amazing cast, PERFECT.

The Last Airbender
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

okay, i have to say that i love the cartoon version of "the last airbender" and i have to say i love it! although, i can't say the same to its movie adaptation.

i mean, REALLY,
the special effects? PUKE-ish

i guess its one good thing that they used different races to portray the different nations. example is the fire nation. has anyone noticed that most of the actors belonging here are mostly of indian and russian heritage? i guess its the personality of the races. indians are feisty and what not (they also like curry, which is HOT)

i knew jackson rathbone played sokka!!!!!! his eyes and nose is a dead giveaway!

A Walk to Remember
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

i watched this movie on DVD with a couple friends and well honestly, i kind of like it. it tells all about teen love and what not. although i can't say that the actors gave their 100% in acting. Honestly, Kirsten Stewart can act a lot better than Mandy Moore - and everyone knows that Stewart isn't that good in facial expressions.

however, the story is great. they didn't follow the timeline as it says in the book (N. Spark's based the story in the 1950's). Not like in movies based from books, they tweaked the story a bit but still conveyed the same message the book wants to give to its readers.