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Sheldon's Review of The Invisible War

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The Invisible War

The Invisible War(2012)

Unlike "How to Survive a Plague," this documentary makes no illusions that rape in the military is an ongoing problem, which can make this movie difficult to watch. It details a series of victims and the struggles they've had with getting the military to even acknowledge their attacks, let alone punish their attackers or provide medical treatment, and the official policies that make it difficult to do so. The main problem I see with this movie is that the filmmakers practically admit that some of their statistics are speculative (i.e., pulled out of thin air) and it relies very heavily on anecdotes, which while great for dramatic effect, doesn't help their cause due to a lack of hard data. It's something that detractors could latch onto, which is a real shame. This documentary is current and relevant, but also fundamentally flawed.