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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I don't get why everyone seems to be hating on this film, it was fantastic. The biggest complaint I see is that, "It's too long and there's too much filler." There's not, trust me. There may be scenes where it has no progression in the story, but they're developing the characters and their relationships. I think that's one of this films greatest aspects, it's characters, and I would only think that because we spent so much time with them throughout their journey thus far, and we really get to know them. Along with great characters is a compelling story, incredible acting and amazing visual effects. The only thing I could nitpick about this movie is one scene where it's almost slapstick humor, and although it is a humorous scene it felt a little bit out of place. I'm not the biggest Lord of the Rings fan but I loved this film so much I would've been able to sit through it a second time right after I finished watching. Also, a lot of people felt it wasn't as "majestic" as the LOTR films, but I thought it was, also just as adventurous. I did see the film in 48 fps and I thought it's look fit well for a fantasy epic, and the 3D wasn't amazing but still certainly watchable. The film really drew me in and kept me interested throughout the entire thing, so I highly recommend seeing it.