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Meaghamann (Meagamann)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Meagamann's 1st Half is Too Good, My Favourite Handsome Rockstar Sudhanshu Pandey Did Fabulous Act..Especially I Loved The Way Sudhanshu Spins The Knife, But The 2nd Half of The Movie is Bad & Heartbreaking Cuz of The Cheap Brutal Behavior of Ashutosh Rana, As for The Lead Hero Arya is Ok & Hansika is Just Like an Added Vegetable in this Action Crime Thriller

Yakeen (2005)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yakeen is About a Handsome Charming Funloving Hotel Club Singer Kabir Malhotra (Sudhanshu Pandey) Who Looses His Own Face, Memory & Identity in a Fatal Car Accident & Now is Forced To Live The Life Of An Other Man Nikhil Oberoi (Arjun Rampal), As Kabir Has Memory Loss Too So Now Kabir's Face & His Identity Is Forcibly Turned Into Nikhil By The Evil Simar (Priyanka Chopra) Who Destroyed Kabir's Identity For Her Own Financial & Obsessional Benifits, So Now Nikhil (Originally Kabir) Will Be Able To Find Out His Original Identity After Getting Shattered By The Dirty Minded Simar?.. Yakeen is a Very Good Suspense Crime Thriller With Beautiful Songs (Especially Chehra Tera Is The Best Mindblowing Number Of The Film), As Of The Performances..Priyanka Chopra is Nice as The Menacing Vampish Culprit, Arjun Rampal is Good & Gives a Sincere Performance, But The Real Soul Of The Movie Is The Handsome Charming Ravishing Gorgeous Sudhanshu Pandey Who Delivers The Superb First-Rate Best Performance Than Them All Handling His Part With Efficacy.. At The End Of The Note..I Wanna Give My Important Verdict To Yakeen..Is That Why The Hell They Put Arjun Rampal's Voice On Sudhanshu Pandey, Sudhanshu's Real Own Voice Is Thousand Times Better Than Arjun's Voice, Sudhanshu's Own Voice Is Very Awesome Enchanting Honey Sweet Sharp High Clear Open & Velvety Baritone (Sudhanshu Is a Singer Also Of A Band Of Boys) & As About Arjun.. Arjun's Voice Is Yet Husky But Very Low Pitched & Unclear, One Should Never Replace A Superior Voice With An Inferior Voice & I Must Say That Sudhanshu's Own Voice Is Much Superior Than Arjun's Voice & i Was Missing Sudhanshu's Voice Throughout The Film :( :'( , My Final Verdict: Yakeen Would be A Much More Enjoyble Treat If It Would Have Sudhanshu Pandey's Own Superb Enchanting Crystal Clear Baritone Honey Golden Velvet Voice Instead Of Using That Arjun Rampal's Unclear Husky Boring Voice On Him

Three: Love, Lies, Betrayal
5 years ago via Flixster

Wow Its Mindblowing

Three love lies betrayal is an extremely well written thriller movie with lots of Entertaining Marvellous Dialogues & Fabulous Songs,as for the performances both Akshay Kapoor & Nausheen Ali Sardar are OK like Thik thaak types but The Real Entertaining Soul of The Movie is The One & Only Superb Talented Extremely Goodlooking Regal Handsome Hunk The Ultimate Enchanting Velvet Voiced Dialogue King Ashish Chowdhry,His Performance as The Thrilling Tenant is Incredible & All Above The Most Entertaining Mindblowing Taalimaar Dialogues & Thrilling Shayeris Recited by The Uber Gorgeous Ashish has made Me to Clap Dance Jump Excite & Rock Throughout The Film, Ashish Chowdhry's 'Gorgeous Appearance' 'Mindblowing Magnetic Charm Glam Appeal' 'Rocking Body Language' 'Excellent Acting' & 'The Larger Than Life Marvellous Dialogue Delivery' are Incredibly Awesome. overall this film is a very good crime thriller But The True Life of The movie is The Dazzling Handsome Style Icon Symphonic Voice Supremeo Ashish Chowdhry who did a Powerhouse Performance in his Villainous Role & a Huge round of applause to Vikram Bhatt also who written the excellent entertaining thrilling unforgettable taalimaar dialogues for Ashish in this movie,finally a big thanks to Vikram Bhatt & director Vishal Pandya for giving us a wonderful power packed well written thrillingly picuturised & brilliantly sculpted wonder venture like this.

Speed (2007)
5 years ago via Flixster

Wow !! Speed Is The Superb Fast Spaced Action Thriller About Positive v/s Negative War Between Mi5 Agent Siddhart Verma (Sanjay Suri) & Super Cop Major Rohan Nath (Ashish Chowdhry) 2 Kill The Lady PM (Suhasini Mulay) & its a Cellphone Conversation between 2 strangers Richa (Urmila Matondkar) & Sandy (Zayed Khan) who Sort Out The Problems Of That PM Killing Mission,Siddhart's Wife Richa & Their Son Boby Were Kiddnapped By 2 Baddies Kabir (Aftab Shivdasani) & Monica (Sophie Chaudhary) Who R Working Under The PM Killing Mission Of The Handsome Super Stunning Major Rohan Nath (Ashish Chowdhry) Who Is n charge of security of the visiting Prime Minister. But as his girlfriend Sameera (Amrita Arora) has her birthday the very same day, Rohan is caught between his personal life and duty. He obviously chooses the later.On other hand the kiddnapped Richa dials a strange number on her mobie & its get connected to Sandy [who is here to make it back with his gf Sanjana (Tanushree Dutta) ] & there Richa Shares her Problems With Stranger Sandy On a Cellphone Conversation & Sandy Is Ready To Save Her & Her Son Boby But Sandy Is Still Anaware About Major Rohan Nath's Plan That Rohan & Kabir Had Hired Richa's Husband Siddharth To Kill The Lady Pm , Will Sandy Be Able To Save Boby Richa & The Lady PM Or Rohan Nath Will Succeed By Making Siddharth a Killer Of The Lady PM ?

Of The Cast : Zayed Khan's Action is Good but His Acting is Unrealistic in Some places,Urmila,Sanjay Suri,Tanushree Dutta,Aftab,Sophie & Amrita Arora R All Ok (Theek Thaak Types), But The Real Charm Soul Speed & The Hottness Of The Movie Is The One & Only Ashish Chowdhry, The Regal Handsome Hunk Aashish Springs The Most Elegant Lavished Fruit Flowery Surprise In His Each & Every Momment,Gorgeous Ashish's Most Enchanting Exotic Golden Honey Velvet Voice Can Make Even a Dead Dialogue Alive & His Dashing Royal Personality In The Super Cop Uniform As The Ravishing Action Packed Major Rohan Nath Is Beyond Compare,In Short Ashish Chowdhry Is The Extremely Best Looking Marvellous Dialogue King Parexcellency The Mindblowing Handsome Personality With Tons Of Talents & Glam Appeal, Finally My Verdict For This Movie~ East Or West Ashish Chowdhry Is The Best

Director Vikram Bhatt is in form this time. Thrillers have always been his forte and his handling of the subject material is commendable this time. It's stylish and most importantly, it succeeds in keeping your interest alive. Pritam's music is Fabulous,The Songs 'Loving You' 'Tikhi Tikhi' & 'Hello' R Marvellous, Pravin Bhatt's cinematography is topnotch. The locales of London are eye-filling and give the film the required sheen. Action sequences [Abbas Ali Moghul] are well executed.

On the whole, SPEED is an interesting thriller To Sit Back Relax & Watch With Full Interest