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Typhon's Review of Les MisÚrables

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Les MisÚrables

Les MisÚrables(2012)

A beautiful adaption of a timeless musical. This was the first time I experienced this musical and it quite an experience.
Highs: The scenery was quite beautiful, especially the opening sequence with the prisoners pulling in the boat. Later on, the camera is kept up close to the actors, which shows the audience the emotion that each of the actors channels through so very well. I enjoyed how each of the characters were so dynamically different and how they functioned with each other.
Lows: There were certain scenes where the singing seemed to drag on or rather unnecessary. Certain scenes felt rather rushed, with the songs piled atop each other. I don't think that it would have hurt to have some dialogue between some of the songs.

Best songs: I Dreamed a Dream, One Day More