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StreetDance 3D

Have you critics been paid to lie no surprize there because this movie is undeniably one of the worst dance films to touch a screen, honestly? this movie shows no signs of passion and represents a poor plot for which is acceptable in a reject pile. 
Its not even relivant to britain it has american inspired elements, crews, street dance championships i live in britain and know of 0 dance "crews" near me who actually does anyway? 
The acting is unacceptable not even to mention the script which is worth less than the hat worn by the lead character, I could'nt bring myself to loot the DVD for God sake.
The best dance move was the match stick being put out, that's it, and I don't know how people think this can compare to step up 2 but hay! Thats the kind of society we live in today its full naive wombats.
This is cheap and cheesy more like a mouldy peach oozing crap than a rotten tomato...