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Dumb and Dumber
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There are very few movies that I can watch enough times to feel that I have memorized every second of every scene in the movie. I bought this movie over 15 years ago on VHS, and, to this day, have still not accomplished the feat of getting bored and tired of it. To me, this was the peak of Jim Carrey's comedic genius. Jeff Daniels, generally a very serious actor, turns in a surprisingly-hilarious performance, as well. Their stupidly-simple, happy-go-lucky way of life gets them into, and out of, hilarious situations and conversations throughout the movie. To this day, I still find myself unknowingly using fragments of the dialogue in everyday life; lines like, "I don't know Lloyd, the French are assholes," "That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?" and "Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. Mary and I went skiing, we made a snowman, she touched my leg..." I could list quotes for hours on end, but the text does not nearly do justice. This is my favorite comedy of all time, and possibly my overall favorite movie, as well.

Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 2 (2001)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Scary Movie 2 is a hilarious spoof that is on par with the 1st of the series. As usual, many people on here are too "high class" for some good ol' fashioned lowbrow humor. Yes, there are some corny moments in this movie; but even the best spoofs of all time have moments like these. The Airplane and Naked Gun movies, to which many (including myself) hold as the standard of spoof movies, definitely had their fair share of predictable and less-funny moments, but we still remember them as classics. The Wayans bros. are extremely funny, as always. Most of the bit parts are great, especially Chris Elliott as the mangy, 1-and-1/2-armed caretaker of the estate and the wheelchair-bound role of David Cross. Tori Spelling could have been left out of the movie, but her role was small enough that it didn't take too much away from the overall picture. In conclusion, if you enjoy spoofs and other Wayans bros. movies, such as "Don't be a Menace..." and "White Chicks," you should definitely find most of this movie to be laugh-out-loud funny.

Out for Justice
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you're looking for "Gone with the Wind," "A Streetcar named Desire," "Citizen Kane," etc., then you've come to the wrong place. This movie is the epitome of everything that is Steven Seagal. No "Best Actor" awards here; Seagal's acting is as cheesy as ever, but to each his own. His fake Brooklyn accent, alone, makes this movie enjoyable. Now, throw in vulgar one-liners, brutal hand-to-hand, bone-cracking fight scenes, and bad guys who smoke crack and date hookers and you have yourself an instant classic. This movie is a must-own for any Seagal aficionado, as it is the highlight of every that was great about him in his early career. Don't get me wrong, I like the old Arnold, Stallone, Norris, and even Van Damme movies as well, but there is something about the first several Seagal movies that makes them extra special to me. Maybe, it's the way that he only knows how to make one facial expression. Maybe, it's his charisma, or lack there of. Maybe, it's his way of breaking arms first and asking questions later. Maybe, it's his way of being hilarious, without trying to be. Who knows?! Who cares?!? Watch this movie, and stop taking every movie (and life) SO SERIOUSLY!!