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Shrek Forever After

While Shrek is a good movie, the last Shrek makes no sense and has nothing to do with Shrek the Third at all which ruins the Shrek collection. Along with unwell written plots in it, this being the end of the story doesn't make any sense. Instead of a real movie, it feels more like an episode of a Shrek tv show.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

this movie is really gross and i dont like it! this crap needs to explode and go away forever cause its so bad. i hate this dumb version. stupid tim burton and johnny depp killed a perfectly fine classic movie!

Eat Pray Love

This is the most boring movie I've ever seen in my whole life! It's SO bad, I only saw half of it cause I was getting bored with it. Most boring movie of all times and just as bland as Children's Hospital! Useless tv show with no humor.


This movie is a truly good funny and entertaing video for people. its one of the few pg movies i find amazing and it feels like a classic because if its poise which is a good thing. so the movie has many sparks to it which makes it a freshing eating tomato in my book.


Didn't like it. A bad, sad, over dramatic, manipulative movie that was ok in the beginning, twisted in the middle, and boring in the end. Who the hell wants to ruin someones life if theirs is shit? Even if it's someone they love. Screw you! And Raphiel is an annoying bastard who has nothing better to do than to get in Natalie's grill always trying to see what's up with her. Lay off asshole or we are done is what I would said to that mother******. Also bad acting, bad lines, bad plot, and total shit. DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!! Whoever is giving this movie a good rating is either rating it good cause Jesse McCartney is in it, or are ppl who have bad taste in movies. Or didn't really watch it and just thought it sounded like a good movie. I don't hate the movie, I just dislike it is all.

Bruce Almighty

this movie is so funny and enjoyable! i always loved this movie and never get sick of it! its so awesome!