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Twilight (2008)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Twilight, people. In my opinion, this is one of the most overrated franchises ever. If not the most overrated.
The acting is awful. I've seen better acting in a middle school play. The script is just stupid and awkward.
Edward isn't even attractive and he's just plain creepy.
"I love to watch you sleep."
Good god, who the hell wrote that line? That was awful!
This whole franchise is really just popular because really, anyone who has an attraction towards creepy vampires can replace Bella with his/herself. Bella is so bland and so forgettable, it's really easy to do.
My prediction, and hope, for the Twilight saga is that it has the fate of a teen star. It's wildly popular, but then something new and shiny comes out and gets all of these girls' attention, leaving this franchise for the new, shinier one. Next time, it'll just have zombies instead of vampires and robots instead of werewolves.
Hopefully, the robots will keep their shirts on.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I critically love this movie.
Not only does it have incredible animation, a great cast and great songs, but I give this film credit for being a really dark film.
I heavily admire Frollo and the 'Hellfire' scene. It's amazing they somehow made it so that scene could be so dark, so sexual and so damning and yet still have the movie rated G. I love Frollo in this version because, well, for one thing, he's voiced by Tony Jay. Second, he's one of those villains who says that what they do is right, and use religion to back it up, but deep down, he knows he's doing something wrong. He's also a man who is in love but truly believes that love is actually lust, and therefore, a sin unless said person is yours, forever. God, this character is one of my all-time favorites, and for Disney to accomplish that, when most of their villains are one-dimensional and kind of without a real motivation, that's incredible.

However, I really do think that this movie would be a much better film without those freaking gargoyles.
God, they're annoying. They're not funny, they're not interesting, they don't even fit well with the plot. I think they belong more in Hercules than Hunchback. I wouldn't really mind them if they were only part of Quasimodo's imagination and they were more like guides than comic relief, but no, they're not. They're real because they fought off the guards in the third act, and they don't really provide much help to Quasimodo in a serious manner. Laverne, I don't mind so much, but the other two, Victor and Hugo, (Ha ha, get it? Oh, you're not laughing? Me neither.) are just obnoxious, they're boring, I hate them both.

Annoying gargoyles aside, I really like this movie, and I would recommend it to those who like dark stories with religious battles and sexual frustration.

Snow Cake
Snow Cake (2006)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I really love this movie.
I love the cast (especially Alan Rickman), I love the story, I love the editing, I love the directing, I love it, I love it, I love it.

I think that the characters are likable, the acting is great, and I just love the fact that the movie isn't just 'Oh, autistic people are people too! We were WRONG to make fun of them!' like many of movies involving autistics are. One of the main characters happens to be autistic and it causes a few problems. And maybe a few solutions.

Also, I love seeing Alan Rickman in a role that I've never seen him do. I never thought in a million years I'd see him as a ex-convict befriended an autistic woman. And he does it really well, even when he has to wear a woman's sweater. (When you see the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

Plus, I think that Sigourney Weaver does a pretty good job at being an autistic woman. I like how she never broke character, she's just so absorbed.

This was my first movie with Carrie-Ann Moss, because I'm lame and I have yet to see The Matrix, but I thought that she played the part of Maggie pretty well. However, I do dislike that she's very sexual. I mean, she calls her ex-boyfriends her 'callers' and she offers to sleep with Alex after knowing him for like, a day.
(In fact, Linda and Alex thought she was professionally a prostitute!)

Other than that, I thought this was an awesome movie.
Simply dazlious!