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Courageous (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Michael Eisner, past CEO of Disney answered my question years ago about what makes a hit movie with, "I don't care who the star is or what the SFX are, it all comes down to how good the story is." With Courageous,the Box Office (aka Scoreboard) is showing Hollywood the kind of stories that a lot of people want to see. I am amazed at the effort the detractors of the movie Courageous have gone to bash a story about how men can become better fathers. In a country where abandoning the mother and child is the norm to making for sadder families. I have not heard anything from these critics (all men as far as I have seen) about them getting the message from the film. They give me the impression, that taking resposibility as a man, husband, father in today's world is not PC and is to be ignored. I saw the movie and was impressed with their effective storytelling work. As a long time comedy writer myself, this film moved me emotionally, probably because several of the lead actors in the film are actual pastors. All men need to see this film and then review themselves as what kid of man they are today and ask themselves the question. Do I want to be a better man, husband, father? Being a better human can be a good thing in this world, don't ya think?