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La La Land
La La Land (2016)
46 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is definitely not a movie that I would have chosen to watch all by myself which perhaps explain why I thought it was just surprisingly okay to watch. However my girlfriend absolutely wanted to watch it so I got it. As it turned out my girlfriend had only gone by the number of Oscars and not really looked up what kind of movie it actually was so in the end I was enjoying the movie a lot more than she did.

This movie is pretty much a quite classical Hollywood musical with a non too original story, nice music and dancing. In addition the cinematography is simply excellent. This is the strong point of this movie. The rest of the movie is of lesser interest to me but the cinematography is really, really good. The scene, pictured on the movie poster, were Mia and Sebastian dances and everything in the scene are dark blue tones except Mia's bright yellow dress is so simple and yet so beautiful.

Everything else about this movie is...okay. Okay acting, okay story etc. As I wrote before this is really not my kind of movie so forgive me for not being overly enthusiastic. I am sure those into these kind of movies cannot understand how anyone can give it less than a full set of stars but hey, different tastes and all that.

I cannot make up my mind about ending. On one hand I am a sucker for happy endings which this one falls a wee bit short on. On the other hand I have to commend the writer/director for not taking the path of least resistance and instead putting together something a wee bit different.

I did feel that a part of the movie was missing though. I would have liked to see the parts where Mia and Sebastian actually fulfilled their respective dreams. Jumping fast forward to the ending like the movie did felt a bit like they either ran out of money or they manage to misplace half the story!

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would.

Underworld: Blood Wars
52 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I think it is fairly safe to say that if you did not like any of the other installments in the Underworld movie series then you will not like this one.

As usual with these kind of movies it is one where you preferably switch of most higher brain functions before watching and just sit down and enjoy the show. The movie is certainly not a masterpiece when it comes to story and script. Actually the script is, at times, fairly crappy. There are for example a sequence were the Lycans are attacking the stronghold castle of the Vampires and the script writer taught it was a good idea to just let them drive straight into the center of the castle and breach the door before they got challenged. What the f...?

On the whole the script is a typical Hollywood B-movie concoction that holds little merit. If this would have been the first movie in the series I think there would never had been a series made at all.

So why did I like it then? Well, even if the script is nothing to write home about it is not a total disaster and it serves as an excuse to provide 90 minutes of good entertaining Vampire vs Lycan action. Plain and simple.

Of course Kate Beckinsale is a good reason for liking the movie as well. Her moving around in her intimidating (and good looking) skintight clothes slashing up Lycans in various creative ways makes up for some of the not so stellar script. I probably pissed of a bunch of feminists there but it is not really like a care about that.

The action and the CGI is reasonably well done and another reason to like the movie. Actually, come to think about it, Kate Beckinsale, the action and the CGI is pretty much the reasons I liked this movie.

They could have selected a more charismatic bad guy though. For most of the movie I felt Marcus was bland and even a bit dull.

It is not the best movie in the series but it does not exactly shame the series either. For me, I have to rate my enjoyment of it as above average compared to movies in general.

John Wick: Chapter 2
58 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was really hoping I would like this movie. I so enjoyed the first one. However, when the credits started to roll at the end I found myself wondering "What the fuck happened?".

Be warned that the rest of this review might contain a spoiler or two.

One thing I really liked about the first movie was, as you can read in my review about that one, that it was a no bullshit, kill the bad guys and no emotional regrets, kind of movie. John Wick went all out for revenge and at the same time we got introduced into this cool world of assassins, safe havens, hidden "shops" for guns, classy tailors providing bullet proof costumes etc. etc.

In this movie he is forced onto a job by a real asshole. He is constantly reluctant and walks around with a sad puppy face all the time. Of course said asshole screws him halfway through the movie and that would have been a good time to start get back on track with some decent payback story but unfortunately the script writers thought otherwise. After some more of the same shit no one really wins in the end (although one of the two adversaries suffer a more "permanent" setback than the other).

Worse is that, in my opinion, in their eager to put together some crap drama this movie essentially screwed up the possibilities for a John Wick 3 unless they pull some rather big surprise rabbit out of the hat for that one.

There are plenty of action in the movie of course but also her I feel that it was a bit too over the top. No one, absolutely no one, seems to be able to shoot straight except for John Wick. This makes the action feel more like a parody a'la Kill Bill than a more serious action, revenge movie. Yes it is cool to watch but only up to a point. Heck, if this would have been a Star Trek (TOS) episode Hollywood's entire supply of red shirts would have been used up on a single movie. While I am bitching I should perhaps also mention that the amount of beating that John Wick seems to be able to absorb is ... unbelievable.

I did enjoy the movie but not at all as much as I hoped I would. To me it has a completely different spirit than what I remember from the first one and the ending is, again to me at least, not a happy one.

Having said that the action sequences are as cool, crazy but cool, and violent as they are unbelievable. I found it a bit sad that they wrecked his nice car though.

Overall a enjoyable movie but no match for the first chapter and I cannot bring myself to give it more than 3 out of 5 stars.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I would say that my expectations for this movie was pretty much spot on. I expected a visual action feast with a fair amount of gore in it and that is pretty much what I got. Things like a well developed script and stuff like that, well obviously the producer thought asking for such things would be nitpicking.

It currently holds a 5.6 rating at IMDb and 60% user score on TMDb which is fairly well deserved. Of course there are always reviewers giving it single star ratings and saying it is the worst film ever. That is just bullshit. These people have obviously never seen a really bad movie.

Milla Jovovich is again playing the hot zombie killing chick from the previous movies and although she tragically lost her superior T-virus strength in one of the previous installments her capacity for dealing death and mayhem as well as absorbing hits still borders on being super hero stuff. Unrealistic but fun to watch.

Despite my comments on the script earlier there is actually one with a paper thin thread intended just to bring the story from point A to B with a maximum of violence and special effects in between. I do think the tanks that they had cooked up looked cool although they were just visual candy a'la Mad Max. I mean come one, a tank with ventilation shafts all over the place so all you had to do was pour some gazoline over it and light a match? Stupid to say the least.

There were a few other things was more designed for looks than realism. For instance a certain ventilation fan that were used to drag out some of the events. Who the f... designs a ventilation fan with a dozen or so rings of blades? It is a ventilation fan for Christ sake, not a jet engine turbine. Oh, yes of course, stupid me, otherwise they would not have to spend so much time crawling through it.

I did like the various mutated zombies as well by the way. The flying thing at the beginning and the end was quite cool. Some people seems to have had an issue with the fast, sometimes very fast, clipping of scenes. I have to say that it did not disturb me that much. Not that it added much either though.

Speaking of the end. Well, I guess it was okay. The end itself was not too surprising. It was dragged down by the stupid nonsense with Dr. Isaacs though. The only time an exploding grenade resulted in anything less than a semi-atomic eruption of flames was of course when the director had decided that he needed the bad guy for a few more scenes. Lazy and stupid script writing.

On the whole I enjoyed the movie as much as I expected to. It was an okay movie. Good for a evening fix of zombie splattering and Milla Jovovich (okay so what, I am a male of traditional sexual orientation you know). It could have been a lot better but it was not really horrendously bad either.