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Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The soon the movie ended I was very happy with the thought that I made the best decision in my life not to watch it in theaters. The movie was plain boring and the worst hero ever since Pootie Tang. Ryan Reynolds was very annoying and so does its plot of intergalactic problem and evil force feeding on fear and wreaking havoc spreading yellow on to whatever other planetary existence they set it to. The idea of having a power to create something from your mind, out from the power of your will is somewhat grand, I would have like that. But what stops me from liking it too much that I would dream of having that awesome power to (in reference to Magneto) is its limitation with color. Yes. There I said it. I mean I like green but no too much. Everything was just green, the necklace, the guns, the walls, the swords it was so goofy and weird. I know I should'nt complain cause it explicitly says "Green" in the title. But come on, It's too weird. I believe that for a superhero movie to be succesful, audience must have a way of connecting with it and silently dream of being that same hero for themselves, but Green Lantern does not do it for me. Not in any way closer than me wanting to be Hulk for a period of time. I love eating mashed potatoes and If I was Green Lantern and thought that I wanna make one out from my mind, I would have puked and do "The exorcist" all the time. Not cool.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Monte Carlo is a great place no doubt. But this movie by far doesn't live up to the inspiration that they could have derived from the setting. It's blatantly acted and the script does not even pass as good for an ABC drama or a Disney mini movie. The actors do not get anything closer to getting a symphaty or atleast a relation to. The absurd mistaken-identity-and-why-not-play-along plot has been used many times, Maid In Manhattan, Rango, and oh, Lizzie McGuire? While some of it's predecessors succeed in pulling off that worn out theme, Monte Carlo fails to excite the viewers on what can they actually get with the pretentions other than trouble and for the story to move along? Monte Carlo has its wits and charm and Selena Gomez is very likeable playing the real Cordelia, in fact if she stayed that way in the remainder of the scene she could have passed for a young Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada but nope this movie wasn't all about girls with issues on boss impressions or fitting in, it's a drop on trying to be cute and charming movie with a little hints of awkward self-acceptance going on.

Horrible Bosses
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The idea of killing your bosses have been severely over-used (Atleast in our office) and while the movie delivers the most insane laughs and downright absurd plots it still finds way to your tickle bones that though you know that some jokes are ridiculous and implausible you still laugh about it. It's a redeemable silliness with no guilt of having fun over what you think was 'eh', I enjoyed the movie but not more than the joy of killing my boss for real. And one more thing, Jennifer Aniston is exceedingly hot on this one and that Charlie Day guy just annoy me so much.

Friends With Benefits
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've been in love with Mila Kunis since Forgetting Sarah Marshall and have been hating Justin Timberlake since Black Snake Moan so my hatred with Justin rooted way more years than I started loving Mila. So as a saving grace I watched Friends With Benefits with two purpose, one is Mila Kunis and the other one is seeing that much-celebrated-three-minute-appearance by Emma Stone. But to my surprise I ended up liking this movie with lots of surprises! Such a beautiful soundtrack and while Mila Kunis did not disappoint with her ever gracefulness and comic timing, Justin did impressively well with his acting and they do have a chemistry (which I hate)! This movie has its moments and though it doesnt have that much unique storyline,the fun dialogues and Will Gluck's take of tacky flicks, It'll all be worth it.

The Tree of Life
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've been forcing myself to be patient for the movie to reveal it's true purpose of existence. So I sat all through out the Discovery Channel sequence, may have opened some beer halfway through and was profoundly surprised to wake up in front of the my TV with a very bad neck pain. I slept! And I haven't done that since Napoleon Dynamite!