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this movie is the quintessential one liner action movie. per usual Guy Pearce does not dissapoint with a better than most performance. I think i appreciated the fact that the movie was exactly what it advertaised it would be, nothing more, nothing less, just a fun rollercoaster ride in space.

The Five-Year Engagement

this was a good, standard judd aptow movie, i think i like jason segel's writing best out of this little company of actors making movies together. it was great to see all my favorite tv comody actors in a very funny movie. the story was nothing special, completely average, but the funny parts are very very funny

The Hunter
The Hunter(2012)

this was one of the best movies that i have seen in recent memory. its a bit long and slow at parts, but just an excellent original story with an epic performance by Willem Defoe. The scenery of Tasmania is breath taking and just blew my mind at the vastness of wilderness.


i totaly thought this would be just another generic Jason Stahem movie, but what a great story. not like its going to change the world or anything, but just a great gangster movie thats entertaining from begining to end and it kept me interested until the closing credits.

The Dark Knight Rises

what an epic ending to a fantasti vision from Christopher Nolan. I think my favority part of the whole trilagy is just the simple consistancy from beginigh to end. I love it that Nolan almost has a company of actors that he carries through his movies, he knows how to direct them and get the best. Tom Hardy did just a spectacular job being the anti-Batman, portraying a character just through his eyes.I cant wait to see it again!!!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Just an all around great movie. What has come to be expected from BBC films.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

what a great little film. it is a bit odd, but says so much to the complexity and importance of the relationships that we have in life, not only with our family but with those around us. it was a bit odd and i will be thinking about this movie for a few days yet to wrap my head around it, but for now i think i will go watch "Signs"

Seven Days In Utopia

all i can say about this one is it is surprisingly good, just simply surprisingly good.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

very similar to the first movie, not that this is a bad thing when the first movie is as good as this one was. While a bit flat, it is a simply fun entertaining movie. If your looking for a deep movie that will make you think, this is not your movie, but if you just want to check out and watch several good actors put on a quality show, pop this badboy in the dvd player, and enjoy.


what a fun move, it was "Rocky" meets "Happy Gilmore" meets "Animal House". While a bit crude at parts, just a great guy movie.


had i hard time following the dialog, but great acting by all members and a solid directorial debut for Mr Fiennes.

Marvel's The Avengers

what an awesome thrill ride, along with strong character development and an entertaining script, a cant miss movie

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

A good follow up to the first without feeling like I saw the same movie