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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
John Carter

John Carter(2012)

I walked out of this movie, entertained but not blown away. It wasn't until the next day I actually appreciated the achievement that john carter was. Spectacular set pieces as action sequences and a story that keeps you engaged and waiting to see the outcome. Its unfortunate that this movie isn't going to make its money back because the scale of this movie is obvious from the first scene in space till the very end. It is well acted and the action scenes are fun to watch but it just had an overall feel of well, "epicness". I hope they make a follow up because this could be a great sci-fi franchise. As it stands, while not my favorite movie of the year I keep thinking back to it. The setting may not appeal to everyone but the quality production value and quality Disney brings is evident, and it comes together in an epic science fiction story that's truly different then anything else to have come out recently.