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Project X
Project X(2012)

How could i give this movie a 9 out of 10? Well because it succeeds in exactly what it tries to do and creates a classic high school party movie. From the very first scene it starts out funny and keeps going. This is essentially a movie about a giant party. And the party itself is wild, with a great soundtrack. The movie just keeps escalating throughout getting crazier and crazier. While this may not be realistic, it does enough of a job to stay somewhat grounded while managing to escalate the antics of the teens to insane heights. The characters are hilarious and carry the movie. This is just pure entertainment, never slowing down for more then a minute or without throwing in a laugh. Again if the plot doesn't appeal to you then you wont like the movie, there's no way around it. that being said this will join the ranks of classic high school party movies. No this isnt a John Hughes movie, there's no lesson or even a real coming of age story, this is just a wild, funny party, and its entertaining for the full running time. For what it attempts to be Project X hits on every mark, and its hard not to remember this one.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

I walked out of this movie, entertained but not blown away. It wasn't until the next day I actually appreciated the achievement that john carter was. Spectacular set pieces as action sequences and a story that keeps you engaged and waiting to see the outcome. Its unfortunate that this movie isn't going to make its money back because the scale of this movie is obvious from the first scene in space till the very end. It is well acted and the action scenes are fun to watch but it just had an overall feel of well, "epicness". I hope they make a follow up because this could be a great sci-fi franchise. As it stands, while not my favorite movie of the year I keep thinking back to it. The setting may not appeal to everyone but the quality production value and quality Disney brings is evident, and it comes together in an epic science fiction story that's truly different then anything else to have come out recently.

The Hunger Games

Having read the books I was looking forward to this adaptation and I have to say it was extremely well done. This was one of the best book to screen translations I have ever seen, not only is almost all of the story accurately portrayed but all of the action follows just as the book did. There are some elements that are explained in the book and not in the movie (I had to explain one part to a friend) but it manages to tell the story with out over explaining for fans of the book. my main concern was the violence, which the book has a lot of and I expected was going to be toned down in the film. It was not however, there is blood and you see many of the characters die on screen. some scenes were actually a little disturbing seeing as the violence was against children. Jennifer Lawrence is great as Katnis and Josh Hutchenson who plays Peeta does a good job handling the vulnerable scenes as well. Overall it just felt like it lacked something. The actual "hunger games" in the film covered everything that they did in the books but they seemed short compared to the buildup. That being said its clear that they captured to tone of the books and created a great movie, just not an amazing one. i expect this series will continue to improve with the sequels and create a memorable trilogy.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

First off the 3d was mostly disappointing, it looked good at times, the pod race etc. but most of the movie it was barley noticeable. Seeing as this was the main reason for the re-release it seems odd. As for the movie everyone had already seen it. The pod race and lightsaber battles are great but not much else. The trade and diplomacy plot seems even more ridiculous and out of place as ever. Jar Jar Binks is ridiculous but seems to be on screen way more then he should. Sure there can be a goofy sidekick but they seem to stick him in scenes that don't need any comic relief and these ruin the flow and tone of the film.The film is still star wars, and enjoyable but the plot seems lazy and the Gungan aliens (Jar Jar's tribe) ruin the movie with terrible dialogue and accents and lame fighting. Probably best to pass on the first three films going to be released and wait until the original trilogy comes to theaters, if only to see how a 70's movie converts to 3d.

Underworld: Awakening

Underworld 3 is entertaining and any fans of the series will enjoy it. The problem is that if you are a fan of the series, you will notice it doesn't hold up to the first 2. The plot goes into the future with humans finding and exterminating the vampires and werewolves, which is pretty much the only logical way to follow underworld evolution which wrapped up nicely. Overall it just feels like they had less of a budget and it shows. It was nice to reference Micheal and include the character but they didn't bring back Scott Speedman which is disappointing. There are really only 3 main settings for the whole film so it just feels like an excuse for action. On the bright side the action is great, nice and bloody. It doesn't go for the pg-13 like a lot of studios. So long story short its way better then rise of the lycans, Underworld is about guns, and the action is great, the main flaws are that it feel cheap, had it had a bigger budget and time it would have much better.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

This is the worst movie I have seen in theaters in a long time. The heist itself is so dull and unimaginative, the plot was boring and predictable, the ending was just stupid and worst of all it wasn't funny. I feel bad for all the actors involved. Personally I love heist movies, anything with a heist ill watch, but this was terrible. The big plan to get into the tower was called "going in on snoopy" which amounted to waiting till the guards came outside to see the Snoopy float in a parade, then sneaking inside. That is possibly the laziest writing Ive ever seen. Heist movies are even pretty standard, you assemble a couple interesting or funny characters and then set up an interesting heist. In this movies however the characters are boring and have barley any jokes. Worst of all each time there is a joke or one liner its delivered so poorly its as if the actors are waiting for laughter afterwards, and in a theater where noone laughs the movie manages to be awkward. I dont understand how this has anywhere near a fresh rating, stay away.

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal 3 is a near perfect movie. It improves on the first two and delivers on exactly what is promised. This film is not trying to reinvent the genre or win an Oscar, it it trying to be a "paranormal activity movie". it is also commendable that they have managed to keep a constant storyline throughout. This has a tense conclusion, if not a rather sudden end. The movie makes you jump, while mixing in creepy moments. People giving negative reviews are simply ill informed, if you go in expecting any other type of movie you may walk away disappointed. Yes it may be "more of the same" but this type of movie is like an amusement park ride. Go during a busy time on opening weekend with a packed theater full of screamers and get the true paranormal experience. You will not be disappointed.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers has some great action scenes, nobody will question that. The problem is that there isn't enough driving or robot on robot action that made the first great. I like Shia Lebouf and he is good in this installment as well. The comedy works much better then Revenge of the Fallen as well, i could have done without the two small robots but the human characters were genuinely funny and had some scenes with Ken Jeong were better then many youll find in this years comedys. The final battle was what the whole movie was building up to, but there needed to be action partway to break it up and there wasnt. The Autobots and Decepticons are both great characters but the enemy in this one was more just grey ships. I wanted robot on robot not these flying ships that shoot lasers and dont transform. Regardless its a fitting end (possibly?) to the series. It had explosions but needed more of the fighting action that made the climax of the original so entertaining.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Bad Teacher is not funny, for the simple reason its not "Bad" enough. Simply throwing a few f-bombs and occasionally smoking weed do not constitute being offensive. Episodes of Family Guy rated TV-14 have more "offensive" content. This movie had potential to go into "Bad Santa" territory but it shys away from anything too, well, bad. Comedys don't need the hard R rating but when a film like this sells itself as "crossing the line" that is what a viewer wants to see. Regardless of what the film could have been, the jokes aren't funny. Diaz fails to really get in to character the way Jennifer Aniston drops the good girl image in Horrible Bosses. Jason Segal is wasted. Even the short amount of screen time he has, which are the highlights of the film, fail to bring any laugh out loud moments. Justin Timberlake who has proven himself an accomplished comedy actor cant save the film either. His character is dull and feels forced. Bad Teacher has potential but cant live up to any of it. Its one you should skip completely when much better R rated comedys have been released this year. Bad is bad but not in the way the film wants to be.