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My Scientology Movie
25 days ago via Movies on iPhone

It's pretty much Louie dicking about with information that's not much more interesting than his first foray into Scientology. I think this documentary cemented how insidious Scientology appears to be for me personally but nothing that couldn't have been done in a 40 minute episode rather than this padded out feature length effort that frankly disappointed me. I think the subject of Scientology has been drained now, and I can only fear for the sanity of the lost people that find there way into its grips. I understand the need to belong and to be of use, Scientology gets into the core of this certain type of pain many people keep inside and that freaks me out.

Pride (2014)
25 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Crying continuously through this because of the sheer amount of FEELS! Gah!