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12 Years a Slave

I can definitely see why this movie won "Best Picture" in 2014 at the Oscars. It's a very powerful and emotional film with great cinematography and even better acting. The movie is a definite "must see" but be prepared to leave it very emotionally drained.

We're The Millers

Actually, the movie was pretty funny and an interesting twist on the "family vacation" movie. If you are just looking for a good laugh and to be entertained, it's definitely worth a view.


Admittedly, I'm not the greatest fan of Tom Cruise movies, but any wartime conspiracy film is a "must watch" for me. Plenty of good drama, intrigue, and on-the-edge-of-the-seat action (even though you know how it will turn out.) You don't need to be a WWII history buff to watch this one, so it comes with a good recommendation. In fact, it was good enough that I forgot Cruise was playing the main role. Check it out.

Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

This sequel is a back-to-the-basics Str Trek adventure reminiscent of the original series. Basically, the movie continues on after "The Wraith of Khan"; it ties up quite a few loose ends after that movie. It won't disappoint for the average Star Trek fan.

Fast & Furious 6

Actually, I have not seen any of the other "Fast & Furious" movies, but I thought I would give this one a view. Although the antics and interactions of the characters were difficult to follow and understand (probably because I have not seen the first five movies in the series), the big action and thrills more than made up for it. Fast cars, big explosions, large cargo planes, and a really rich and monsterously evil bad guy always make for a great action flick and this movie didn't disappoint I may go back and watch the first five after seeing this one. Great view for the entertainment value alone.


Admittedly, at this point in the Riddick series, you have to be a fan of the character to enjoy the movies. The first, "Pitch Black", was incredible and introduced you to this intelligent, resourceful, merciless, killer and hunted man. And, if you did enjoy the first movie, then, well, you have it again in "Riddick", just substitute darkness for rain. However, for me, the attraction is in the character himself. So, if you are a big fan of the series, then this movie won't disappoint. If not, then you'll just need to load some other sci-fi, action-packed, thriller into your DVD or Blu-ray player.

American Hustle

"American Hustle" is loosely based on the FBI's Abscam operation of the late 1970's to investigate possible illegal dealings of Congress members. So, you would expect the movie to be totally retro and it doesn't disappoint in that category. The characters in the movie are dynamic and real (and rather humorous at times). Both Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper play great roles and make their characters, who seem unbelievable, quite believable. Much the same goes for Jennifer Lawrence's and Amy Adams' roles. The plot is a little on the complex side (which makes it interesting), however, the ending is a little predictable. Generally, the store-line is a little dull, but the great characters and acting make up for that shortcoming. Definitely one worth a view.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

An excellent movie with a unique perspective on the Civil Rights movement in the US. The story traces that time in American history from the Eisenhower to the Obama administration and captures the impressions of a butler working at the White House. Some great acting in the movie both by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. A definite must see.

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(2012)

I was bored and looking for new movies on Netflix to watch. I decided to give this one a try. Big mistake. Honestly, I don't even remember much about it. Run (don't) walk to the original 1984 version.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

First of all, I'm not a fanboy of the Superman comics nor will I compare this reboot to the previous movies (or the TV shows and, yes, I can remember even the original.) I thought this movie had an interesting new twist on the Superman origin and, with the added special effects, did a nice job in the re-telling. The fight scenes are epic and really make the Man of Steel seem quite believable. This movie is a definite must see. I gave it 3 1/2 stars but would have given it 4 (or maybe 5), but ... really ... no Lex Luthor? Seriously? Unbelievable ...

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

An interesting movie of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots versus one Godzilla monster after another. I must admit that the fight scenes were pretty epic, but everything else in the middle (including the storyline) was pretty mundane. If you like to see huge metal robots and slimly monsters fight it out over Hong Kong and turn one building after another into a massive pile of rubble, then this movie is definitely the one for you, but expect to take an extended nap in between.


I had to re-watch this movie as it was disappearing off of Netflix in 2014. I absolutely love this movie because of its realism and frank look at the Vietnam war from the viewpoint of a naive infantryman. This movie has to be the best Oliver Stone has written and directed. The opposing Sgt Barnes (Tom Berenger) and Sgt. Elias Grodin (Willem Dafoe) are simply classic characters representing the way things are and the way they should be, respectively. Best line in the movie comes from Barnes: "I am reality. There's the way it ought to be. And there's the way it is." and pretty much sums up the entire underlying premise of the movie. A classic that everyone should see!

Top Gun
Top Gun(1986)

One of the more awesome '80s action movies. I absolutely love Kelly McGillis in this one. Tons of great one liners in this movie as well, but my favorite has to be "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash." Add in a really cool opening sequence with a Kenny Loggins' tune and you've got the makings of a great one. Recommended even if you aren't a big Tom Cruise fan.


The movie is quite good, but I wouldn't call it an "action-packed mystery thriller". It's only action-packed during the flight screens and there certainly isn't any mystery around the outcome. The movie is not about the heroic feats of a great pilot but the self-realization of a person addicted to ... well ... everything! The outcome is incredibly predictable, but that doesn't really spoil the movie; it's still quite powerful. With a few scenes with John Goodman breaking up the depressing undertones of this movie, it's highly recommended for viewing; however, I wouldn't advise watching this movie on a plane during flight ...

Seven Psychopaths

This movie came highly recommended and I would second that statement. The plot basically follows Marty (who is to represent Martin McDonagh) in the writing of this twisted (often confusing) tale. The progression of the story-line is original; I particularly like the very ending of the movie and tale told by Hans (Christopher Walken). If you're in the mood for a movie that's different from today's norm, then give this one a try. With an open mind of adventure, you'll greatly enjoy it.

The Great Gatsby

This review is probably not completely unbiased as I am a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann, particularly his work in both "Moulin Rouge!" and "Romeo + Juliet". The movie was a good rendition of the book and the first movie. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy; Luhrmann captures quite well the obsession that he has for Daisy and the reality of her love for him. Gatsby's one of the great tragic characters in American literature and I thought the movie captured that well. However, I'd really only recommend this movie if you appreciate Luhrmann's style of film-making, otherwise, you'll probably be disappointed.

This Is the End

This movie is hit or miss depending on: 1) your mood and 2) whether you can get the premise of it. It's strange in a way as the characters in the movie are the individual actors themselves, playing themselves. There were some entertaining and funny parts to the movie, but really wasn't worth working your way through the movie for those. I'll give it 3 stars for originality, but that's about it. It's worth renting on Redbox, but I wouldn't have paid full price to see it.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

I just saw this classic a few nights ago on Netflix. I had forgotten just how awesome the movie was; it's definitely one of the Arnie greats! The CGI was actually well ahead of it's time (and better than some modern day movies). If you haven't seen this movie, get out from under your rock and stream it!

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

This movie was actually much better than I thought it would be. I always have my doubts about zombie films as you never know the direction in which it will go; it could be either great or terrible. This one was actually in the "go see but don't pay full price" category. CGI was very good particularly for a fast-moving zombie flick. The twist for solving the zombie issue was unique but a little unbelievable. I recommend seeing this one, followed immediately by a viewing of "Night of the Living Dead."


An interesting little science fiction movie set in the future after Earth has (apparently) been destroyed by a war with invading aliens. The visuals in this movie are great and certainly worth watching even if you aren't necessarily interested in the movie. As you might expect, there is a plot twist, but it's fairly predictable if you pay attention to what's going on. Pretty good if you are in the mood for a good evening of scifi; however, I'm glad that I didn't see this one at the theatre because it's not really worth full price.

Shakespeare in Love

Well, the storyline is kind of corny, but the Elizabethan-style acting in the movie is actually not bad. I really liked Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth; and, of course, the free Ben Affleck acting could have been skipped. It wasn't really the storyline of the movie that's getting this one 3 stars; it's actually the rendition of "Romeo and Juliet" that's portrayed at the end of the movie that's best (otherwise, this movie would have gotten 1 star). The last 30 minutes are great; one could skip most of the remainder (well, except for the love scenes between Fiennes and Paltrow. Wow ... just ... wow!) It's definitely worth a view if you are in the mode for the Bard.

We Were Soldiers

Excellent movie capturing the beginnings of the Vietnam War and written and directed by Randall Wallace of "Braveheart" fame. It really captures the mood of the era both at home and on the front as well as portraying the battlefield action. I particularly liked how it illustrated the formation and training of the air cav as a mainline fighting strategy on the field. As for the movie, it's not quite of the same caliber of "Saving Private Ryan" in drama, but it is definitely worth the watch; highly recommended!


This movie is one of the best James Bond's of all time. There are just tons of classic and memorable scenes and one-liners in this movie. Even in the first 10 minutes of the movie, we get that classic line "Shocking ..." and the opening theme song. Of course, the three memorable screens in this movie are Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) painted all-gold on the bed; Odd Job (Harold Sakata) chopping the head off the Venus statue with his hat; and, lastly, the "laser" scene in Goldfinger's "hideout" ("No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die!"). And Pussy Galore; come on, Pussy Galore! Just an awesome movie; if you haven't seen it, well, why are you reading this post? Get to watching!

Olympus Has Fallen

Good movie filled with action, but I have to agree with everyone else that has provided a review: it's just "Die Hard" in Washington, DC, instead of New York City and with Koreans instead of Germans. In fact, "Die Hard" is much better, so just watch that movie and skip this one (unless you can get the $0.50 off rental from Redbox which makes the movie cheaper than "Die Hard" on iTunes.)

American Wedding

This movie was much like watching the first "American Pie". Many of the same characters were present in the movie (with some of them being cameo appearance.) If you have seen the first movie and enjoyed it, then it's worth seeing this one because you'll just be watching the same sophomoric humor as you did before. If you didn't like "American Pie", you better off just avoiding this sequel.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The special effects in this movie were great as were many of the fight scenes. However, everything else (including the plot) was completely uninteresting. By the end of the movie, I was just hoping for more fight scenes and less plot; well, I wasn't disappointed. I must admit that this movie wasn't as corny as the first one, but that's not really an endorsement to watch it. Honestly, just avoid this one unless you have a $0.50 off coupon for Redbox rentals (which is what I had) and have the ability to fast-forward to the fight scenes.

Zero Dark Thirty

Actually, I was incredibly surprised how much I loved this movie. I was expecting it to be a movie full of extreme detail and very difficult to follow because of that. At the beginning of the movie that is very much the case: just too many names and aliases being thrown around and, without knowing the intelligene details, it gets tricky to follow. But, the last hour or so of the movie makes it all worth while. Even though you know exactly how it will end, the intensity at that point of the movie is incredible. I definitely recommend this movie; the Oscar committee probably had a tough time deciding between this movie and the winner of Best Picture.

A Good Day To Die Hard

Unfortunately, this wasn't even one of the better movies in the "Die Hard" series. I definitely believe that this brand is losing steam. There was some decent action in the movie and enough of a twist in the plot to at least keep your attention. But, frankly, they are just running out of situations were McClane can stumble into trouble unawares of the situation. I'd recommend it if you have seen the other movies, but just for closure. If you aren't familiar with the series, then you will be very disappointed.

Les MisÚrables

Admittedly, I wasn't a great fan of the Broadway musical, so I wasn't going into this movie with big expectations. The book is more than just the storyline, which makes it much more interesting. However, the scenery and the costumes were great, but ... seriously ... did this movie have to be that long? And, did they really have to sing everything? I'd recommend only seeing this one if you liked the musical.

Anna Karenina

An unusual version and interpretation of this classic story by Tolstoy. As with the book and other version's of this movie, the tragic relationship of Anna and Vronsky in contrast to that of Kitty and Levin makes this an incredible story and one of my favorites of all time. Unfortunately, the movie is so elaborate and fast paced, unless one is familiar with the story, it can be difficult to follow. Very beautiful film with great costumes, but I'd read the book if you are interested in the story itself before watching it.

The Last Stand

A pretty decent Arnie S. action flick. The movie reminded my of the shot 'em up, boss fight action films of the '80s. If you are a big fan of Arnold S., then this movie is a must see; he's older, but just as tough as ever. If you are not a fan, then I would still recommend it just so one can reminisce about those ultra-cool "super soldier" action films of the '80s.

No Strings Attached

A terrible cut and dry movie; so, just move along .. move along ...

Sling Blade
Sling Blade(1996)

Just an excellent film to watch. I particularly enjoy the interactions between Karl and the little boy. The classic scene is the interaction between John Ritter's character and Karl in the diner; I could watch that scene over and over again. Very telling story of human interaction and the simplicity of life. If you have never seen it, you really should.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Not the best of the other three Iron Man movies (and, yes, I'm counting The Avengers movie as well) but another good movie in the series. Tons of action and the CGI was terrific; the Mark suits were stunning and very creative. Definitely worth seeing for the action and the Tony Stark character (as Downey does a great job once again.)


The acting by Day-Lewis was fabulous in this movie; hands down, the best acting of the year. However, the story-line was long, difficult to follow (unless you know the history in great detail), and too political. The movie would have been better served with more acting from Day-Lewis than plot. It's worth seeing the movie, but I'd suggest taking a break in the middle.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Just a great outlaw cowboy buddy movie! Great acting from both Redford and Newman in this one. I really enjoy how Hill weaves in the silent movie at the beginning and the old still photos near the middle. A must-see movie, particularly for the ending. The only annoying thing about this movie is there's tons of horseback riding through the desert ... and it gets old.

Django Unchained

Another great movie form Tarantino; all the strangeness that one expects! The story-line was good and the acting was fabulous! Foxx did a great job as the lead, but, by far, the best performance was by Christoph Waltz; his characters are always so interesting and bring an extra dimension to his movies. I highly recommend this movie (unless you have a severe aversion to the "N" word ...)

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown(1974)

Great movie and I love Pam Grier! She's awesome and sexy as always. Definitely worth a view. Favorite line in the movie: "Death is too easy for you, bitch. I want you to suffer!"


Basically, it's "Jurassic Park" but with one big monster and set in NYC. So, just go see that movie and you will have seen this one. CGI on Godzilla is pretty decent, so that's why I'm even giving one star (other half is for the remainder of the movie.)


I've watched this movie about 3 or 4 times and it just gets crazier ever time. Oliver Reed as Sarm is just classic B-movie acting: completely over the top! Only strange part is that I could never figure out why Jack Palance is even it and at the very end; however, I've never seen the sequel (and, yes, there is one ...)


A much better rendition of Dredd that the original Stallone movie. Tons of action and a great shooter film. Definitely a movie that was made for 3D; some of the drug-induced screens are fantastic and visually impressive. If you're not much into violent gore, I'd probably avoid this movie. Otherwise, a very entertaining view!


Wow ... I can't believe that I actually made it through that entire movie. Best line was from Marlo Thomas: "They're not weird; they're French." Other than Demi Moore still being hot, I got nothing else.


I went into this movie not having great expectations about it. However, I was really impressed and enjoyed it immensely. I particularly enjoyed the beginning of the movie (a review of the history) and the mixing of old footage from the hostage take over and the re-enactment in the film. Affleck did a great job in this role and really got one involve in the telling of the tale. Some intense scenes at the end of the movie really added to the finish. Even the soundtrack was great and well mixed in! I highly recommend this one!

The Mask of Zorro

A good rendition of the Zorro tale with plenty of non-stop action and pretty well choreographed sword-fighting screens. Worth a watch for just that ... and the bonus of seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones.


An action-packed movie from start to finish with Statham playing a tough, bad-boy street cop in Britian after a cop-killer. Some decent fighting scenes in the movie, but not really that much of a thriller. Also, the movie could have cut out the subplot. Good movie and would recommend watching it; however, if you haven't been to the UK much, I would recommend watching it with subtitles.

Death Race 2000

Absolutely love this cult-classic, B-movie! Tons of really dark and off-the-wall comedy in this movie. Both Carradine (as the classic Frankenstein) and Stallone are awesome. If you like 1970's over -the-top crazy violence (really cheesy fake blood and all) and occasional gratuitous nudity, then you shouldn't miss out on seeing this one!


Good and original combination of time travel, the mob, action, and mystery. There are two pretty good story lines going on in this thriller, so it always keeps one interested and paying attention. Right up there with "Inception" in originality and twists. Greatly enjoyed this movie and definitely worth a watch.

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

I first saw this movie in 1997 and was really impressed with the message, plot, and acting in this film. But, I just re-watched this film (being much older and, hopefully, wiser) and, now, I really don't get it at all. I suppose it's the result of that inverse relationship between age/experience and romantic love: I don't really identify with any of the issues they struggle with in that movie. Good movie and worth watching, but maybe not past the age of 35 ...

The King's Speech

Actually, I really didn't expect to like this movie as I'm more into action/adventure. However, I found myself really getting into this one. Colin Firth does an excellent job in his role. In fact, at the last of the movie when he has to give his inspiring speech, one could actually feel the tension and his nervousness. Definitely worth a watch!

K-19: The Widowmaker

A rendering of a real-life account of an incident aboard a Russian nuclear submarine during the Cold War. Not much action, but one wouldn't expect it. High in drama, but never really had me on the edge of my seat. Probably worth a watch just to get a sense of what they when through.

The Sum of All Fears

Not as good as "The Hunt for Red October" or any of the Jack Ryan movies with Harrison Ford, but worth a watch none the less. Parts of the movie are interesting, but there really isn't much excitement. Still worth seeing to complete the Tom Clancy series.

Lethal Weapon

One of the best buddy cop movies that's ever been made. Probably the one that really perfected these types of movies. I've seen this one may times and continue to enjoy it; worth seeing over and over!

Guns, Girls and Gambling

This movie was just as advertised: guns, girls, and gambling. If you only expect those things, then you won't be disappointed. Actually, the movie was quite funny and the twist at the end was ... well ... predictable. Some great comedy actors in this movie so well worth the watch (if your bored).

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

Whether you are a Tom Cruise fan or not, you should really see this movie. Packed with twists and turns throughout, this movie is a very good mystery, action thriller. Highly recommended for both action and intrigue.

The Bourne Legacy

This movie was no where near the others in term of action or even quality. The premise of the movie is difficult to follow at first (even if you have seen the other Bourne movies.) The action was dull (and the opening was horrible). Lots of talking ... with more talking ... and more talking that went no where. Yeah, I wouldn't bother with this one.


An awesome Hitchcock film! The usual twists in this movie that you expect from his films. In particular, the dream sequence based on consultant with Salvador Dali was great. A must-see if you love Hitchcock trillers and mysteries.


Run away (or, better yet, have some one take you away) from this movie. I realize that Neeson is supposed to be some cold-hearted ex-military guy in this movie, but it would be nice if he had some personally so that the audience could identify with him. His character should have been played by a fish; the portrayal would have been more inviting.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Just as good and the first one and can be seen without viewing the first one (although, I'm not sure why one would do that.) Jack Black really makes this series, particularly, when played against Dustin Hoffman's character, Master Shifu. The animations is great and the comedy keep you coming back for more.


This movie has some very funny moments, but the plot, generally, is a little predictable. However, if you are a big fan of MacFarlane's work ("Family Guy", "American Dad", etc.), you'll love this movie (as I did). Some great one-liners in this flick with "cameos" by many of the actors who do voice overs for his shows. Recommend the movie, but bring a tough skin and make sure the kids have gone to bed. (BTW, love the Flash Gordon references ...)

The Dark Knight Rises

The final movie in the Dark Knight trilogy is just as awesome as expected! Great action with twists and turns throughout. I actually watched this movie twice in one sitting just to absorb every bit of action and dialog. Great ending; can't believe that I waited for the DVD before watching it. I recommend watching the first two before seeing this one just to be on track. Definitely a must see!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Actually, this rewind (of what seems to be a rewind that's nearly as long as "The Hulk") is a pretty good one. A little more modernized and sticks slightly closer to the original comic series. Best CGI of all the Spiderman series no doubt. Probably could have done without the connection with Peter Parker's parents, but let's see how that goes in the next installment of this version of the series; the Green Goblin is always the deal maker/breaker.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Didn't wait for it on streaming Netflix and that was a big mistake. Forget this version of the movie; much better CGI than in the original, but at least the original movie has Arnold in it. Just see the original movie and forget this one.


Definitely one of the better Bond movies in recent history. I think that I still prefer "Casino Royale" in the Craig series of bond's, but this film will not be a disappointment to any Bond fan. As one would expect, there was non-stop action throughout the entire movie. Scenic and exotic locations as one would always expect from a Bond movie (include some nice scenes from Glencoe in the Highlands). Very much worth seeing on the big-screen.

The Producers

I've seen both the broadway musical (in NYC) and the original movie (which, by the way is awesome) and this movie falls short of both. The theme of the original is still there, but some of the scenes have been changed probably to add in the musical numbers. I recommend that you see the live musical for this version and/or watch the original Mel Brook's movie if you want to watch it on "film"; I'd avoid this version.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Not quite as horrible as the critics said, but still not that great. The screens can be long and irrelevant to the overall story; some moments are interesting, but most are just long and drawn-out. There are a few good battle scenes in the movie, so I would suggest just fast forward to those scenes and avoid the rest

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The first "The Hobbit" movie is an instant classic with a great storyline and stunning visuals, both accurately indescribable in a short review. If you are a J.R.R. Tolkien purist, then this movie may be slightly disappointing to you as Jackson has made a number of inclusion/deletions from the original storyline (mostly inclusions). However, those do not detract from the fullness of the story. Whether you are a big fan of Tolkien or not, this is a must-see movie for the visuals and epic storyline alone.

The Expendables

If you were a big fan of the '80s/early '90s action flicks, then you will love this movie. Plenty of non-stop shooting (which, by the way, these guys never miss), explosions (blowing up plenty of lackeys), and military vehicle chases (with a sea-plane in the middle). And it's good to see all the old favorites in one film. A must-see movie if you remember these guys; if you don't, then you're probably better off seeing another

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Quite an excellent movie that's worth a watch both for the CGI and the story-line. The special effects are so good it's sometimes difficult to realize that Caesar is not real; his interactions with the other characters and display of emotions is unbelievable! Great job by the animators! The story is very compelling and keeps one interested throughout. A must see (and forget about the first movie in this "series")!!

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

I will admit, up-front, that I have not read the book. However, the visuals in this movie are quite stunning and, frankly, inspiring. I just wish the "lesson" were a little more like the visual effects. The story-line is interesting, but, seriously, I was expecting some deep meaning and enlightenment from it. However, all I got was a parable. Seriously? A parable? Come on! I think I'll just re-read "Interpreter of Maladies" ...


Great animation (and "scenery") in this movie makes it worth viewing. The plot however ... well ... a little dry, predictable, and uninspiring. Watch this movie for the animation, but watch "Ice Age" if you want to be entertained.

The Expendables 2

This movie was actually pretty good. Tons and tons of action from beginning to end, so one won't be disappointed (if that's the reason you are viewing this movie. I can't believe it's for any other reason.) Best part of the movie (as I expected): Chuck Norris. He even told the cobra joke: awesome! You must see this movie if you enjoyed the first and a big action fan!

Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino does it again! Great movie with the type of plot and dialog that you expect from him (with tons of mindless violence.) Some classic scenes in this movie as with most of Tarantino's movie. A much see if you are a fan of his

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

A movie that is, at times, both hilarious and scary. A movie that spoofs our US political system, but with enough truths throughout it about how that system operates can make this movie difficult to watch at times. Highly recommended

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

A crazy B-movie that twists the history of the time quite interestingly, but brings it all together at the end. The movie had about every historical character of the time (including a very young Teddy Roosevelt) killing zombies. Not great but worth the 1.5hrs if you're bored.


This movie is your stereotypical, '60s, science fiction, B-movie which basically means it's pretty awesome. It wasn't so much the plot but Jane Fonda's acting that was great (among all the bad acting ...) And, besides, I forgot how hot Fonda could be ...

Mission: Impossible

Definitely the best of all the MI movies (which the original usually is). The twists are good enough to keep one interested but not so much that your thinking, "what the hell?" A must-see if you haven't already.

God Bless America

A dark comedy about the modern media and it's affects on society. Goldthwait really brings this home through exaggeration and circumstance, but he forces one to think about media's impact on our everyday lives. A great movie and very highly recommended (but bring an open mind ...)

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

A very interesting and captivating movie; it certainly keep my attention throughout. Multiple story lines within the movie keep the viewer entangled in the plot. As for the action part of the movie: it was kinda like ET gone bad. Definitely worth catching on NetFlix streaming.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The movie was kinda like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" (and, yes, there were actually seven dwarves in the movie) meets LOTR. The visuals were pretty good, so it's definitely worth watching for that alone. Overall, not a half bad movie (thus, the rating.)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Seriously, the best '80s movie ... ever!

The Hunger Games

Good movie ... if you are a sixteen year old. Otherwise, I'd advise you to skip it. There just wasn't a "practical" plot: if one of the game's contestants was over thirty, she/he would have ninjaed half the participants before the games begun. By the way, if you are prone to motion sickness, I'd avoid most of the first half of the movie.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Any movie with Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach starring in it has to be awesome, particularly if it's directed by the great Sergio Leone!

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Watching this movie for like the 1000th time. There are parts of this movie that are hilarious and portions that are painful ...

Once Upon a Time in the West

Arguably, one of the best west ever made and definitely the penultimate western by Leone. Much better than "The Good ...". Ever scene is a masterpiece and, even after these years, you keep coming back to it. Whether or not you are a fan of westerns, you need to see this one.

Wrath of the Titans

Not quite as good as the first one, but pretty decent. The CGI was great, though, and much better than the first one. Definitely worth renting for the animations alone.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Much the same as the previous movies: tons of action that is non-stop and big robots smashing each other. Generally, not bad, but the plot was quick so don't blink too often or you'll miss something important. Certainly isn't a slowly developing movie.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

Re-watched this movie after seeing the 2011 prequel. Remembered just how awesome and suspenseful this movie was for it's time. Truly a classic and one of Carpenter's best movies ever. Highly recommended (particularly, for those considering arctic research ...)

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

A very good, suspenseful movie in the same vein as the John Carpenter classic of the '80s. If you have never seen the Carpenter film, you'll be on your toes at every moment. The CGI of the "Thing" is very good and makes the suspense even more intense. I would highly recommend it (and a re-watch of the Carpenter original.)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

A movie in much the same style as the first one and just as good. Very entertaining, keeps you guessing, and on your toes at all times. If you are expecting something different from the first movie, then don't see it, but, if you are looking to solve the puzzle of the movie as in the first, then it's for you. Also, I would recommend getting the Blu-ray and the associated Android/iPhone app to follow along with the movie; it adds to the experience greatly.

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

The critics missed this one, big time! I'm not much for these types of movies, but I always give Tyler Perry a shot as he's generally trying to make some (good) point about family and relationships. This movie doesn't miss that mark at all. Definitely worth watching on video.


Visually, this movie was great and I would recommend it for that alone. However, the plot was a little slow and, at parts, uninteresting. It generally kept my interesting, but I did seem to take awhile just to move the story forward. Still worth seeing.

Smokin' Aces 2: Assassin's Ball

Decent enough mindless violence, but the plot was too complicated for this movie. They should have just kept it simple and added more explosions; basically, they would have been better off spending more money on explosions and gunfights than writers. Don't go into this movie expecting much and you'll probably be good with it.

Zombies Zombies Zombies: Strippers vs. Zombies

Wow ... that was pretty bad. I don't remember much of the movie as I spent more time multi-tasking than actually watching it. I did catch the screen where the guy weed-whacks a zombie's face off. (Oops! Hope I didn't spoil it for everyone.) If you are going to watch this one, make sure you're drunk ...


The movie was enjoyable and interesting, but I would only recommend it for folks who enjoy this genre of movie; otherwise, you are going to be disappointed. Hackin' 'n' slashin' abound (as one might expect) and the settings and costumes were very well done. The plot was interesting enough to keep the movie going. I'd watch it again ...

Conan the Barbarian

Not as bad as the critics and others had said. The plot was a little weak, but the hack 'n' slash more than made up for it. I think everyone was comparing this to the original movie, but, actually, this Conan is probably much closer to the book. As for acting quality: I don't think any barbarian can really act ...

Clash of the Titans

Meh, still like the original better, but the CGI added quite a bit to the experience.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Not a half bad Tarantino film. Loved the character development, dialog, and plot. The best part of the movie is the van scene, near the end, with De Niro and Jackson; too great actors that I could really believe in that scene!


Wasn't a half bad movie. The scenery was great (basically because it was the Scottish highlands, particularly around Glencoe). The story was decent, but fading after awhile; I found myself siding more with the Pics than the Romans through most of the movie, though. Lots of blood and hacking off of various body parts, so beware.


Kinda like the Bourne series but with a butt-kicking, femme fatale instead. Loved the action and the fight scenes, but there wasn't much dialog to guide the story line. The plot was interesting but just a little too broken, so one had better pay attention to catch everything.

In Like Flint

Awesome, super spy and Man of Mystery joins forces with an army of super-hot, '60s, bikini-clad women (who plan to take over the world with a brain-washing hairdrier) to foil a diabolical plot to take over/destroy the world. Yeah ... who wouldn't like this movie? The movie was almost as good as the Austin Powers spoofs of the Super Spy.

The Omega Man

One of Moses' better sci-fi flicks. It's kinda like "Easy Rider" during a zombie apocalype which is pretty awesome for 1971. Much better than the "I Am Legend" movie, but probably not better than the book.

Men in Black III

A much better movie than than MiB II and very competitive with the first one. Very interesting plot with a number of twists, peppered with the usual MiB comedic bits. Definitely worth the money to see in the theater (which for me was free... ). Very recommended as a summer flick.

The Last Airbender

A very disappointing M Night Shyamalan movie and typical not what one would expect from. A decent adolescent movie, but not much there for adults. You're better off watching " Unbreakable."

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Hopefully, the book and the original film are much better than this movie. The plot development is slow and the movie so long that, by the time I reached the interesting part, well ... I had already lost interest. Also, the "R" rating is definitely appropriate; wouldn't watch this one with the kiddies anywhere near the house ...

Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle

Pretty much automatically gets three stars for awesome music and hot chicks fighting each other. Apparently, there is a plot ...


I'm a Scot, so I loved this movie. In fact, I think that I have to. The action and battle scenes were fantastic. The costumes were well done and believable. The scenery throughout the movie was breath-taking; I've spend many a day in Scotland finding the location of some of these scenes. Very highly recommended for the story and the setting!


Excellent movie from Ridley Scott and probably my favorite Russel Crowe movie. The battle scenes early on in the movie are well established. One could pretty much see those scenes over and over again. Plot was good and the costumes were great. Highly recommend this move!

I Spy
I Spy(2002)

Another in the endless line of "buddy movies". Owen Wilson was fair in this movie, but certain not one of his best. Too much Eddie Murphy in this movie and his constant ramblings weren't very entertaining or funny. You're better off watching "Beverly Hills Cop" or "Wedding Crashers" than wasting time on this movie.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Probably the best in the series. Generally, the plot twists in the the previous movies make them more difficult to follow. However, the twists were fewer in the movie and was more focused on the action. Also, Simon Pegg was a great addition as he provides some occasional comic relief that added to the film.

Marvel's The Avengers

Great movie and extremely action-packed. Absolutely no low spots in this film. If you are a Marvel Avenger's fan, then you'll really enjoy this movie. I particularly liked Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk; much better portrayal of the Bruce Banner in the comics.

Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap(2010)

If you go into this movie knowing exactly what to expect, then you will not be disappointed. After all, any movie that quotes Sun Tzu and Joesph Conrad and makes fun of Libertarians can't be that bad. It's got all the classic characteristics of a sex-bomb B-movie: sexily-clad women fighting each other, lesbian scenes, guns, explosions, and mass violence. Who could ask for more? Watch this movie with the right attitude and you'll enjoy it immensely; if you want something to stimulate your intellect, then read a book!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Best of the three in this series; the final battle could be watched over and over again. However, the story-line was broken, too fast, and still lacked sufficient character development. Lucas tried to tie-up too many lose ends which greatly affected the plot. It's fine to leave some "t"'s uncrossed, George; we do have SOME imagination ...

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Eh ... Just not sure I ever believed that little kid could be Darth Vader. Oh ... and now I remember why: it's called "character development", Mr. Lucas. Stop playing with your cool computer graphics and write a good story; that's what makes a great movie.

Monty Python's Life of Brian

A must-see for any Python fan!


If it weren't for Jack Nicholson, this movie would have been awful. Best move Tim Burton ever made when casting (or directing) this movie was to pick Jack for the Joker.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

If it weren't for the terribly interwoven plot, this movie would have been much better. Just leave out the romance story-line and get on with it!

There's Something About Mary

Crude humor is always the best!!


Absolutely. Loved. This. Movie! Acting was brilliant and the story-line makes it a classic mobster movie. Watching "The Godfather" and this movie in one night would make for a great movie-night!

Kingdom of Heaven

Apparently, I shouldn't have seen the theatrical version of this movie and waited for the Director's Cut. Putting that one on my Netflix list ....

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Classic Tarantino. Great conclusion to this series!

Hot Tub Time Machine

I had my doubts, but this movie was a fairly entertaining one (particularly if you like Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" and other great '80s hits!)

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

The absolute best of the episodes in the entire Star Wars saga. Great combination of action, character development, and special effects. If you haven't seen this movie, crawl out from under your rock and watch it.

Barb Wire
Barb Wire(1996)

Walk away; just walk away very slowly ...

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

One of Clint Eastwood's best actor/director combo film. Absolutely loved it and a much-see for anyone who is a fan of him.