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I Will Follow You Into The Dark
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Want a thriller? Check.
Want some scares? Check.
Want some romance? Check.

Want a GREAT story-line? CHECK!

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark" breaks down the barriers of psychological thrillers, horror, mystery and romance genres of this day. Nothing is set in stone, yet all are executed seamlessly. If you're looking for a jump'n'scare rip-off, don't look here. This is an adventure.

V/H/S (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This rating is the average of the elements that make up "V/H/S" in this review.

"Tape 56": (The Wraparound) 1/5
This is the ongoing plot throughout the different segments. You could call it the glue between each one, but it really doesn't stick. There are too many questions left unanswered, and it doesn't end as a bookend to clarify the synopsis.

"Amateur Night": 4/5
A twist on the whole "woman scorned" story, where she actually shows compassion at the end. These shots are portrayed as being recorded through spycam glasses. Remember, it's a very unexpected twist, which makes it one of the better ones.

"Second Honeymoon": 3/5
It's a bit disturbing to have somebody film you on your own video camera while you're sleeping. Once again, this one has a twist. This twist has a starring time of ~10 seconds, so pay attention to the very end, since it follows a line graph of 1%-100%. This one is portrayed as being shot through a digital camera.

"Tuesday The 17th": 2.5/5
A teenage slasher short that utilizes the abandoned backwoods, a slight back-story about its history, and an ulterior motive. This is also portrayed as being shot through a digital camera.

"The Sick Thing That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger": 4/5
It's heart-wrenching to see how somebody can completely ruin people's lives through the obsession of science. Science is a fantastic gift, but not when people are scarred in the process. Heavily weighing in on the drama aspect, this short is portrayed as being shot through Skype. (Nice touch on showing the Desktop.) SPOILER ALERT: MAD SCIENTIST.

"10/31/98": 4/5
A classic haunted house story about 4 friends who are making their way to a Halloween party. Even though it's nothing new, it's condensed to the point of pure action. This is portrayed as being shot though a spycam, hidden in the costume of our NannyCam cameraman.

In all, the movie adds a very nice element when it comes to the "Found Footage" genre, by utilizing various different scenarios. However, "Tape 56" is the weakest, which is also the wraparound for the shorts. This brings down the entire film. It's unfortunate that it ended with so many questions, let alone it not being a bookend to answer said questions.

Prometheus (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Any self respecting fan of the Alien series or another Dark Horse series (a'hem, a'hem, you know which one) needs to see this. Even if you aren't one of the two aforementioned fans, it still gives the twist of lime in your Vodka Tonic for your sci-fi refreshment this Summer. Yes, it's a bit slow moving, but it adds to the mystique. No, you won't be happy if you simply want to see a bunch of aliens killing U.S. Marines. Yes, you will see an explanation of why the aliens came to be. No, you won't see humanity as the reason why. Yes, you will see how a certain other life form came into play in the aliens' creation. Yes, you will see humanity searching for it's maker. Yes, you will see why humanity shouldn't have done it. Yes, you will see why aliens vs another life form vs the U.S. Marines could ever come into play. Read between the lines. Prometheus could easily be the kickoff for a multi-part prequel, which spans more than the Alien franchise.