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Pride and Prejudice

excellent movie, totally loved it

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

pretty good movie, different somehow from other movies, but very real life stuff, depressing a little bit though, recommend to see it

Shaun of the Dead

I really enjoyed the movie, it was different and very funny

Ju-on: The Curse (Curse Grudge)

I was quite scared honestly, even though the plot was very interesting, and didn't make much sense.


i totally loved a movie, the end was very good, it's rare to see a movie these days where you can't predict the ending. I can't believe this movie has got such a low rating, and then lame ass ones get high one. I stopped trusting critics' rating long time ago, i go with the audiences' one.


This's a classic horror movie which i found it to be very sick, but that's what horror i think should be, americans are not very good at this genre, but french has mastered it very well. This movie is not for everyone, u can't unseen it, so if you're not into sadistic staff, this film is not for you

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Totally loved a movie, it's very funny and not scary, just a little bit gross, but i had a great time watching it and recommend it to everyone.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

i enjoyed the movie, but i can't say it was anything special