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Logan (2017)
55 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Let's get one thing straight, this is the best x men or x men related film that has been made to date; the film however suffers from the same problem most of the other x men or marvel for that matter films suffer from- lame lame lame villains- The X Men universe has literally buckets of great villains ready for the picking- many of whom have the ability to challenge Logan in a fight- but nope- not this film- Still, the film is really good, brilliantly shot and with tons of great moments.

The Ninth Gate
56 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I love this movie, though it does require attention and patience. Depp gets to act like a normal person in this film, which is a good thing, my favorite character by far though is Frank Langella's, Balkan The noire style , the mystery, the strangeness of the puzzle - a great film - definitely one of my favorites.

Get Out
Get Out (2017)
56 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Good but forgettable. The TSA agent steals the show.

Ghost in the Shell
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I really wanted to watch this before the new movie comes out- I really wanted to like it but I don't know, the animation and setting is fantastic yet the story falls very very short for me- left me wanting so much more. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Sausage Party
Sausage Party (2016)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The oddness and profanities wear off really fast- it's like toy story but not as funny or well written and with an even heavier handed preachy message.