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It's better than I would have expected due of the bad trailer. Don't judge this movie by it's trailer.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that is stupidly long and boring. At the end of everything this film gave me a huge headache.

August: Osage County

August: Osage County is very emotional and hilarious also giving some powerful performance by Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Abigail Brestlin all Academy Awards Nominee. They all play characters that in this one family they are very dysfunctional, with a death of their family members that gets them close we see shocking plot discoveries of incest, cheating, divorce, angry teenagers and more. It's a hell of a roller coaster.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

It's better than the first part. But come one is three movies really necessary what Peter Jackson was visualizing during the shooting is getting more money. That is why he made up the 48 fps and the Imax and Imax 3D and normal 3D it's only to get more money.

The Hunger Games

"The Hunger Games" is a rare book-turned-movie that's able to live up to the gigantic hype of the book series it's based upon, while also standing out as a superbly crafted action blockbuster all its own. It's a marvelously entertaining thrill ride from start to finish that never forgoes its characters' humanity, nor does it ever abandon the strong political and social undertones of its source material. In the end, not only did this film exceed all my expectations of what a cinematic adaptation could accomplish, but it truly encapsulated everything I felt while reading the novel for the first time.
The story basically follows 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the nation of Panem where the countries of North America once existed. Every year, the Capitol forces each of its twelve districts to select a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games, a televised event in which contestants must battle each other to the death until only one person is left. Katniss of District 12 volunteers in her younger sister's place and is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts and make impossible choices in the arena if she's ever to return home.
Director Gary Ross truly encompasses all the high-stakes intensity and brutally complex emotions of the book right down to a tee. Not once does a scene go by where the tension isn't palpable and the atmosphere isn't chilling to the core. The frenetic pacing and violent cutaways of the screenplay only add to the breathlessness of the situation. But without a doubt, the movie's main backbone is its brilliant cast. Jennifer Lawrence owns the lead role of Katniss. With every facial expression she makes, you can feel her character's desperation and perseverance. You can immediately relate to her not just as a heroine, but as a true person who must do the unthinkable in order to stay alive. Josh Hutcherson also does a fantastic job as Peeta Mellark, one of Katniss' main love interests. Although he's not the primary focus of the story, his screen presence only adds to the complexity of his and Katniss' plight. In addition, Woody Harrelson absolutely nails the character of Haymitch Abernathy, as do Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket and Donald Sutherland as the villainous President Snow, among many others. From the gripping plot to the amazing performances, this is a marvelously directed motion picture indeed.
With its engaging narrative set-up, unforgettable cast of characters and ferociously powerful action sequences, "The Hunger Games" sets the bar surprisingly high for the rest of this year's pack of blockbusters. Perhaps my only minor complaint would be the film's excessive camera shaking at times, but that's about it. I can honestly say that watching this movie with my friends was truly an exhilarating experience all the way to the end credits. All in all, whether you've read the books or simply want to be entertained to the highest extent, I recommend purchasing this terrific adventure. You won't regret it! and is the best movie I have seen in my entire life and I have seen every movie made.


Why do people say this movie is that good it was not scary or anything

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

One of my favorites I can not think what I thought when I denied watching this many years ago.

The Bling Ring

It was good but I felt like something was missing.

The Last Airbender

The Movie could have been a good one if the dirctor screenplay was not made by M.Night Shaymalan and they were difrent actors I have only seen this movie once and It was at opening night I wanted to take my shoe and throw it to the screen so they would turn off the movie and not play it again that is why do not see this movie watch the orginal series and the new series The Legend Of Korra.

Battle Royale

It is a good movie but the problem is that if you see it twice it will bore the shit out of you The Hunger Games is way better

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Not as funny as Borat or Bruno

What to Expect When You're Expecting

It's not a bad movie but it is not good

Drinking Buddies

It's just plain boring and unfunny!!!!


This film is worst than the original it does not make any sense and it makes you think that this film is not that good what made it good was that nobody back then when Hitchcock's classic came out nobody saw anything like that on the screen so this remake should not have been made please bring the original on Netflix not this crap!!!!!

Jack and Jill


The Host
The Host(2013)

A very cheesy film that is super predictable, really long film that has very torturous pacing problems. A new low for actress Saoirse Ronan.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

A good movie but that movie creeps the hell off you the dancing was correcty done but that movie was gross in the skin part and the ending was a whole what the f@ck.


Forget Bridesmaids this is truly the funiest film to ever exist in the entire world

The Amazing Spider-Man

The movie is way far better in the original trilogy that came out 10 years ago the plot line is better and the actor that brings the character of Peter Parker is not a complete pussy like Tobey Maguire did. Gwey Stacey is funny like Emma Stone always brings her character in the story plot line a comedic charm in which the original did not have I can not yet tell more about the movie due of not yet relesed in the theater and you'll get mad at me for telling about the movie but watch it it's way better from the original has funny jokes and great special effects. The 3-D is better than ever is clear, colorful and things come out of the screen due of the movie was shot in 3-D. All I can say it was worth the wait.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

As a fan of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov I highly recommend this movie as I said in my Snow White review the rotten tomatoes meter is very a jerk into good movies like this one as a big fan of the books I am in between which is better the book or the movie because in the movie I can see the vampires and including in 3D I myself not a great fan of 3D but I gave this movie a chance in it's 3D format it was worth the 3 dollars extra in tickets because things flied from the big screen and the vampires scared the hell of me in 3D the movie could have not been done by the talented work of Benjamin Walker who brings Abraham Lincoln to life as a Vampire Hunter the only flaw in this movie that is not that big the ending of the story in the book is not the same from the movie which was the best part of the book in the actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead you have gotten good at acting keep going like it was a terrific movie I am not saying that this movie is oscar nominated no but this movie should have gotten some slack in the rotten tomatoes meter I know that Seth Grahame-Smith is going to make a sequel after he realize that it has been a successful movie so go watch it soon forget about Brave because that movie fucking sucks!!!!!!!. But if you think about it sucks to

Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lighting a film written and acted by Chris Colfer best known for his role on FOX Glee as Kurt Hummel this film is funny with great teenage actors or adults that you see on television like Sarah Hyland from ABC's Modern Family, Ashley Richards from MTV Awkward she is portraying a emo chick, Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect) she is Mallory a girl that want's to help Carson the role that Chris Colfer is portraying. So summary the film the movie is about a high school senior named Carson Phillips he has been struck by lighting get it!!!! he since a little boy wanted to be big in the writing world he even had his whole life planned; his life is one of the worst he has a mom that is crazy and drunk all the time and he to get to his college of his dream he must make a literary magazine but nobody in the school would actually write anything for him to make the magazine he collects all the dirt he could find about all the popular kids in school to make them be creative so he could get his magazine published. I think it is a decent film I think it is best film on screen for the month of January 2013.

This is 40
This is 40(2012)

From Judd Apatow he delivers the same crap I have seen multiple times but guess what movies in today's world are not that much good the only scenes I like were with Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd.


This film did not impress me this exactly happened like with THE PAPERBOY.


A great screenplay great cast and the person that stole the show Ms. Melissa McCarthy who plays Megan which made the movie really funny and it's one of my favorite films you should watch it and it's and oscar nominated film and let's hope for a sequel with the entire cast back to the screen


Tell me a better way of telling how painful it was to turn an idea people hated into a horror classic as the film Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock which in this version he has been protrayed by Anthony Hopkins the story of the making off Psycho is facinating for all the things that he had to go through to bring this film to life and give it his Hitchcock magic in this biography or whatever you see known actors alongside Hopkins with Helen Mirren as his wife Alma and Scarlett Johanson as Janet Leigh the actress best known for the shower scene in Psycho the film is very generic and fun for people that enjoys this type of movie it is a must watch film of award season no doubt it will get a oscar nom not an oscar win that I think so we never know.


Not as good as other movies by Pixar it happened the samething with Cars 2.


The movie smiley is kinda of a horror its not scary but it will get you shreiks and its funny and smart it is a movie you will see the first day and buy it on itunes to share with the entire world opening soon in theaters soon so watch it with your friends on a friday before Paranormal Activity 4 comes out

Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure

I saw the videos now I don't beacuse this movie ruined it for me do not buy or watch

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

The movie was good but when I heard that It was made by the director of Hairspray I totally expeted more from it. The songs were incredible due of being classic rock songs the best part in the movie is the scene where Catherine Zeta Jones character sings "Gimme with you're best shot" the best thing from the movie was Tom Cruise singing which we have never seen before if you like muical you wil like it but if you are a person that does not like to spend their money you will not like it.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I thought that it was going to be bad but it was an amazing movie it totally blew me away in how much the visual effects were given into this movie as always Charlize Theron steals the show so does Kristen Stewart in which she gives her full acting carrier into this movie in which she did an amazing job and she is a kick ass person which makes me want her character Bella be like that and this amazing job was thanks to a newcomer director Rupert Sanders that did all the best job he could do which was exactly what the movie needed with a great fight into Kristen Stewart Vs Charlize Theron and jaw dropping moment with the apple scene and how rich and vivid did this movie was and it did not have to be in 3D and off course the writing was awsome it does not matter what the tomatoe meter says it's an amazing movie and you should watch it in movie theathers beacuse it makes the movie even more awsome to watch might even buy it and watch it twice in the movie theather. Just beacuse Kristen Stewart plays the hatefull character Bella Swan it does not mean that you can critize the movie beacuse of her character interpretation she plays the best Snow White I have ever seen in years and Queen Ravenna is sick and twisted and in this movie you will see things that have never been shown on a Snow White movie. Not take my word go and see this movie before it's too late.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Does anybody now what movie is Jim Carrey super creepy well I do know it is this one I am a big fan of the books and I shall say that it's a tremendous movie based on 3 books into one movie a sequel was planned but we do not know what happend to that and it has been over 8 years since the movie came out soon the movie will have it's 10th year since it came out the story follows of the three Baldulaire chlidren they are kids of an rich family one day while the kids where on the beach there house was in a fire which cause the Baudelaire children to become orphans and a guy called Count Olaf a terrible actor adopts them and he only manipulates the kids they where changed from there home beacuse of other reason that I can not give and has been movie to his Uncles house then moved to there Aunt Josephine played by Meryl Streep which here character is an frighted woman who is a widower after her husband was killed by leaches its an amazing story that you shall get hooked as the movie spoke this is no childrens movie but you will enjoy it.

The Secret World of Arrietty

a nice G rated film for the family including if you like Spirited Away Ponyo Howl's movie castle Kiki Delivery Service due of that it's made by the same director.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

Don't even get me started

Stuart Little

One of my first creepy movie beacuse I was 5 and there was a talking mice its a good childrens movie go and rent it

American Reunion

A really funny movie but I fell that I could have been better and that something was missing to the movie

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

You will like this movie if you really are a true muppets fan

Friends With Benefits

It's not a copy of No Strings Attached beacuse this one actually is funny

Back to the Future Part III

This is my least favorite of The entire series It's really boring and has almost nothing to do with the orginal story

Wild Wild West

The Rotten Tomatoes review says it all!!!!!!!!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

it's an amazing movie the best thriller you will see in years

Mean Girls 2
Mean Girls 2(2011)

it sucks put half star beacuse its mandatory