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Monster Trucks

people clapping at the end. bad reviews. nice kids movie


Best movie experience in a while. Visuals, music and a fantastic story.


Brian DePalma. Very watchable.

Free Ride
Free Ride(2014)

If you are a battered woman, you are allowed to sell narcotics to support your family. Awful.

The Counselor

Bad reviews lowered my expectations. Loved this. Stylish.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Better than the first one. Full throttle for two plus hours. RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

Woody Allen makes the best movies. Big budget location/set wise for this one.
Alec Baldwin, Bobby Cannavale, Peter Sarsgaard, Andrew Dice Clay and Cate Blanchett. Mental illness, social classes.


Character study on predictable reactions to lottery winner. Funny, sad father/son adventure. Quality.

Enough Said
Enough Said(2013)

Uncomfortably and awkwardly insightful. This movie will increase the divorce rate amongst couples on the fence. This was about many things. So well done. Not as fun a ride. Excellent.

American Hustle

This was disappointing. Definitely solid. No tension. Jennifer Lawrence is annoying.

Killing Them Softly

Sopranos supporting cast. Executive card game gets knocked over by low level bad guys. Cleaner type hit man cleans up mess. Lots of dialog. Stylish.

In a World...

Lake Bell is one of my favorites. Children's Hospital supporting cast. Every character has a purpose in this likeable story.

Fruitvale Station

People affected by tragedy are real and have loving families. Guy probably was not as angelic as depicted. Nonetheless, people cannot be treated that poorly mistake or just awful situation. Sad story.


Sets, locations, cars and a bitter rivalry. Never heard of either of these two. Ron Howard makes a great film.

Drinking Buddies

Joe Swanberg (You're Next) directs this beer fueled look at two co-workers perfect for each other. No laughs here. 90 minutes. Worth the watch. #Netflix

Captain Phillips

Americans value life. Somalis have nothing to live for. Exciting movie.

The Hunt (Jagten)

What happens when you are accused of the worst type of crime? Everyone turns on you. Subtitles.

Despicable Me 2

This franchise has legs. Steve Carell, minions and Pharrell Williams Soundtrack. Worth a purchase.

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

This was different in a good way. I subtract stars for porn - violence. Extreme R rating.

The Spectacular Now

I had higher hopes for this one. Miles Teller is the star by a mile here. Solid. Nothing too memorable.


Great script. Difficult material. This one will have you talking long after the complete, chock full of clues throughout-finale. This was as good as Looper in terms of changing the genre with impeccable story and casting. Must see. 2.5 hrs. Fincher style movie.

The Place Beyond The Pines

Interesting format but too long and I must have missed the message. Blue Valentines Derek Cianfrance Jamie Patricof and Ryan Gosling team up for three part drama spanning generations. Story misfired.

Little Birds
Little Birds(2012)

Depressing. Produced by Blue Valentine's Jamie Patricof. Dead ends and bad parenting/extreme poverty.


Excellent, disturbing and informative documentary on Tikikum and Sea World. Capitalism is bad. PETA is good. Still quite good.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Scary. Better horror movie with less build up. This was quite good. One of the best franchises ever.

World's Greatest Dad

Robin Williams finest. One of my favorites. Irreverent. Wrong. Funny as hell.

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

Awful, confusing. John Carpenter has sold out. Amber Heard is beautiful. Avoid.


Denis O 'Hare steals the show in this short indie. Pacing had me thinking something bad was lurking around the corner. Based on David Sedaris essay. Netflix.

Zero Dark Thirty

Great. This needs your full attention. Torture is nasty business but necessary for the end prize. Long road, dead leads, lies, confusion with brothers, bribes, Lamborghinis etc.

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Well worth the 2 hours with great twist at the conclusion.

Animal Kingdom

After watching Wish You Were Here, I needed to give this it's due. Best Australian movie I've seen. Better than The Square. Jacki Weaver was up for Oscar for this as creepy, mafia matron. She loved her boys. This was memorable.

Wish You Were Here

Great cast. Thought provoking. Australia looks like the nicest place on the planet. Bad things happen on a 3rd world vacation rave-type bender. Fallout ensues. Stream this.

Insidious: Chapter 2

This could only be enjoyed by easy graders or fans of of genre. I am guilty of both. I guess it explains (unnecessarily) the 1st Insidious. Very entertaining and funny at times. Felt bad for Rose Byrne getting nailed in the back of the head with that tea kettle.

The Call
The Call(2013)

Saw this on Starz. Low expectations. Halle Berry is always worth 3 stars. Creepy, chloroform equipped villain. Very watchable. Obviously nothing great here.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident (Devil's Pass)

I like these lost footage genres (The Bay, Paranormal Activity, VHS). Renny Harlin still makes movies. Good blend of sci-fi and politics. This had my interest throughout.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

This needs to be rented. Similar cast from futuristic Looper. Local cop being sharpshooter at end was great surprise. Highly recommend.


The marketing was better than the finished product. This was still very creepy/disturbing. Story had difficulties near the end. Could have dropped some clues before final frames. On second viewing, this was scarier. Donna loved it.

Seven Psychopaths

Too smart for its own good. Short stories intertwined was definitely cool. Writing and characters were memorable. Story got stupid 50 minutes in....
2 hr movie with momentous start took some bad turns. Not enough Olga either.


17 days in the biz. Star 80 without the murder suicide. Lifetime with high production values and cameos with memorable supporting roles. Nothing unexpected. Peter Sarsgaard is great as the parents worst nightmare character.

Iron Sky
Iron Sky(2012)

Stupid. Sarah Palin/Nazi/PR was comical. Too stupid to finish. This came recommended.

Frances Ha
Frances Ha(2013)

Ashamed of myself for liking this. Greenberg director. Greta Gerwig as likeable and talented as they come. Girls for the big (Indie) screen. #Netflix baby.

The Iceman
The Iceman(2013)

Michael Shannon rocks. Movie was based on Kuklinski hit man for mob - this was good stuff.

The Pact
The Pact(2012)

Netflix gem. Independent, scary, filled with great twists. Highly recommend.

Europa Report

This had solid pacing but not enough tension. Rentable.


Silly. Cm on Clive. Donna and Con liked it.


Saw this in IMAX 3D. Great during and thought provoking the day after. 90 minutes. Only Pacific Rim rivaled IMAX 3D experience. Fantastic. I can see how people did not enjoy or "get" Gravity. I am pretty sure I did. Love sci-fi. Not sure what box to put this in.

Take This Waltz

This was a realistic movie about a woman who doesn't know what she wants. Sarah Polley gets nice cast together.


Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott are extremely talented. Movie was mean spirited and formulaic. Ok.

American Mary

Disturbing but not disgusting. I love Netflix. Not good/not bad.


Sequel misses. Original was great. I'll give the third installment a shot.


Eli Roth rocks. Reviews were poor for Aftershock and I still saw this through. R rated material as you would expect. Twists and good story to boot. Recommend this.


First rate cast and impeccably shot. Payoff fell short at the end.


This was so great. I loved this movie. Extremely funny.

Superman Unbound

Brainiac, Lois, Supergirl. Worth purchasing for fans.

The Snowtown Murders

Heavy depressing material. Well directed/reviewed. Very R rated stuff.


Familiar story done particularly well with great leads and supporting roles. Disturbing, sad and really funny at times. Smashed really nails alcoholism like 50/50 depicted families devastated by cancer. Excellent.

Texas Chainsaw

Hard to believe they could cast someone ad hot as Jessica Biel in this Texas Chainsaw vehicle. They did. Alexandra Daddario. Over the top gore. Back story on rival families. Very rentable.


This del Toro thriller is spooky with multiple cheap thrills. Reminded me of The Ring which is high praise. Jessica Chastain looks better as a punk rocker than with red hair. Kings Slayer plays the uncle.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

A bit too long. Saw this in 3D. Del Toro (Hellboy) deserves as much praise as he is getting. A must-see in the theater. Transformers vs.Godzilla. Action scenes were really great. Looked like ocean was spilling into theater. Story not the vehicle here.


Heard original was much better. Score by Orbital was cool. Very watchable. Was hoping for more.

Margin Call
Margin Call(2011)

True story. Highly recommend. Learned a lot.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Very good. Too predictable. Tense. Scary. Annoying green energy/Al Gore type intro.

The Impossible

Difficult to watch. Got great praise but I didn't enjoy the torturous agony of this inspirational family.

Trouble with the Curve

Nice baseball movie. Below average effort from Clint Eastwood.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Cool premise. Solid cast/production values/action throughout. It missed with development of futuristic "purge".

Dark Skies
Dark Skies(2013)

Not scary. Confusing. Well acted. Family struggle well portrayed. Ending????? Didn't really care to figure it out.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Wow. You only get the love you think you deserve. Deep stuff. Smiths. Alternative lifestyle. 80's. Great!


Expectations spoiled this for me. This was solid. Great true story. Well-paced. I kinda knew how it was going to turn out. Ignorance is bliss.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

Did not get through all of this. Not funny.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Quality. See it. Iron Man with emotional distress disorder after aliens in NY. 2013 problems. And terrorism.


Part Moon, part Independence Day soundtrack by M83, and some of the best visuals you will ever see. Short on story as most reviews concur. Good news is it takes awhile for the disappointment. Joe Kosinski has some skills behind the camera. All cast are quite good especially Cruise, Andrea Riseborough as his "eyes" the smokin' Olga Kurylenko just for being there and a sinister Melissa Leo with a Southern drawl. Extremely high production values.

Assassin Next Door

Much better than one would think. Sex slave in Israel becomes hit women with false promise of $ and passport. Twists become predictable at the end but the movie works. Olga Kurylenko ++++

The Master
The Master(2012)

Difficult to watch. Hard to follow. I'm a big fan but this was way over my head.

Kill for Me
Kill for Me(2013)

Lifetime R rated material with laugh out loud stuff and hot lesbian themes. Very watchable.

The Bay
The Bay(2012)

New ground here from Barry Levinson/ Oren Peli. Better than Contagion. Not fantastic. Would have worked better in1989 than 2009. Technology messes with plausibility these days.

Spring Breakers

I must be missing something. Over my head if there was a youth message here. There was a constant feeling that something terribly wrong was going to happen. James Franco always tops.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

Opening scene gave me high hopes. Not very scary. Nothing new here. Jessica Lucas is exquisite. I didn't see original. Expectations, admittedly, were too high going in.

The Darkest Hour

Emile Hirsch is above this material. Good young cast. Awful movie.

Chernobyl Diaries

Well paced and scary. Done by Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli. This rocked.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Great stuff. I'm sure there was a deeper message about life experiences when you are young but I was too busy enjoying the main characters. Duplass and Plaza were neat together. Having seen Jeff, who lives at home, recently I had a feeling where this was headed. See this.

Welcome to the Rileys

Don't go for the cast. Somber, dreary tale. Not believable or interesting.

Snowman's Land

This had great laughs. Quality. Too farcical for high praise. #thesquare from Australia was better foreign #asimpleplan type movie. This would be a great re-make for the US market. See this.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

Very serious tone. Great leads. Highly recommend.

Sleepwalk With Me

This was a likeable movie. It came highly recommended. Fell a little bit short. Funny

The Imposter
The Imposter(2012)

Very well done. Almost comedic. Not a fun ride, however.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

Mexican cartels don't value human lives. South Central LA Police are no match. Sad movie. Great cop movie.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

Zombies from Grendel's point of view. A nice zombie love story w laughs and strong leads. Not for adults. Right up my alley.

A Simple Plan

Sam Raimi gem. A classic. Always tell people about this one. A #whatif movie that goes from bad to worse. Great!

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Reminded me of Disclosure with Michael Douglas. Fantastic.


We learned some things. There are many followers. Zero leadership. No bravery. Litigious society scares educators from having any teeth. Anyone who stands up for the weak gets destroted with. Bleak.

The Possession

As true a story as .... Not a true story. Scary at times. Decent.

Blue Valentine

Startling dramatic material directed by Derek Cianfrance and produced by Half Nelson's Jamie Patricoff. Memorable.


Not sure what Clive Owen was doing here. David Schwimmer directorial debut. Lifetime/after school special quality. Not bad.


Great cast and story. See it.

Caught Inside

Tense throughout. Beautiful landscape. Nice surprise.


Well reviewed. Difficult to watch. Compliance was in same category. Indie, well executed, awful to witness.


Difficult to endure. True story. Did not enjoy at all. Disturbing.


Masterpiece from Rian Johnson. Sci-fi takes back seat to three great stories in one. This is a great film. See this.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Donna liked this more than me. I like Chris Messina from Damages/Devil and there was plenty to like here. Above average.


This is a really well done movie that balances two stories quite evenly. His heroics and ability to wiggle out of legal trouble become meaningless to the man with nothing honest in his life. Normally this is just a fantasy. Well, the plane scene is fantasy. The recovery seems believably handled.

Paranormal Activity 4

This was predictable in scares and continuation of story. I still think they executed well. Fans will eat this up. I did.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Solid. Wanted to like this and I did. Tim Burton's involvement added sizzle to the horse and train scenes. Real story with big budget action. Critics had to hate this on sight. Not me. Add star for Mary Todd Lincoln casting choice.

The Paperboy
The Paperboy(2012)

Effort definitely went into this. Too boring for me. Last frame ties up the whole movie nicely. Takes way too long to get there. A list cast.


New filmmaking concept in the horror arena with short stories that are uneven. High praise for this one. It could have been edited more. Very r rated. Solid execution and sequels certain to follow.

Broken City
Broken City(2013)

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Too many twists to make any sense but so what. Laughed at some of the dialogue. Liked how MW kept drinking after he fell off wagon.

The Skeleton Key

Scary with great ending. Liked it.


Not my bag, baby. Great cast. Boring. True story. Boring.


This is one of the great revenge/action movies with a serious as a heart attack lead. White slavery is scary dealings. These movies never get highly reviewed. This is an instant classic.


This was pure leave reality at the door stuff. Revenge tale with a lot going on. Dwayne Johnson is a legit movie star. A vicious badass working his list. Add star for Maggie Grace casting. Pleasantly surprised by Faster.


Tense throughout, this had topical Wall St/2008 crash/Madoff fraud storyline with good twists. Gere looks fantastic at his age. At any age. Tim Roth does not get enough work. Very good.


Not a remake. Might have liked it more if I had not heard how great it was. I really liked the original. This had crazy special effects. Not much to say in storyline.

Silver Linings Playbook

The cast and performances were tops. Deniro and spouse were excellent as desperate parents who were powerless to their son's illness. Probably need to see this again to capture all the talking points. Attractive people with mental illness. Fisher King...

Django Unchained

Won't apologize for enjoying all 3 hours of this violent, vulgar take on slavery/western/bounty hunters. Casting for leads and character actors were standout. Only gripe was that story was never really tense. More pleasure than work to watch. The D is silent motherf#@cker.


Above average. Slick. Solid cast. Too neat towards the end. Ben Foster is wasted here. Liked it.

Dark Tide
Dark Tide(2012)

Decent. Straight to video. Sharks in South Africa. Wet suits-no bikinis like box cover may imply. Halle Berry is easy on the eyes. Not enough tension or character development to put it mildly.

The Crossing Guard

This could have been shorter. It was tense. Strong performances. Liked it did not love it.

500 Days of Summer

Great chemistry and unique storytelling make this standout.


Michael Mann doing work. Saw this in the theater and liked it. Saw this on cable and truly appreciated it. Wish Miami Vice had this much polish.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

I still am not sure what this was about. Confusing. I remember loving the original. Great sound, Kate Beckinsale looks amazing, Completely unrealistic action scenes from start to finish. I see why this was panned despite many achievements.

The Words
The Words(2012)

I liked it. Interesting story. Wanted to see how it turned out. Not spectacular. Lifetime-ish with production values and good looking leads.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Lord of the Rings lite. 2012 technology, Peter Jackson and 3D experience was memorable. Mountains fighting, disgusting villains etc. Good stuff. Lord of the Rings was easily the best trilogy/story I have ever seen. Long, yes, but thrilling with underdog characters, nature, magic- so good.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

I am biased and bolstered rating for Michael Mann/Miami/cast. Story is secondary. It should never be secondary. Extremely high production values.

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

Yes, this was good. JB had production credits as well. Highly recommend.

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

Not good. Straight to video. Trendy theme. Above average cast. Slow, boring pace with weak twist at end. Avoid.


Enjoyed it. Laguna Beach looks nice. Serious production values. Not too believable. Not sure why I was expecting much from this. Donna is becoming a Tim Riggins fan.


This was great. Daniel Craig is in the best movies consistently. Great villain. China looked great. A lot to like here.

The Bad News Bears

This is a great film. It is exactly how I remember it back in the day. The seventies (no seat belts, helmets, open container alcohol consumption no parents anywhere) was on full display and a treat to see some 36 yrs later. Foul language adult themes over competitive parents and alcoholism are fair game. Excellent!!!

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Not good. Little wonder for parents. My kids were somewhat amused. Maybe.


One of the best movies. James Cameron. Epic.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Bad characters doing illegal and immoral things. Great cast. Deserved wider release. I think this went straight to video.


Suspenseful. Liked it. M Night was involved in this one. Chris Messina has likability.


One of my favorite movies. Michael Mann's first feature. Great story. Great bad guy. Really good stuff.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Not necessarily an improvement but a success on its own. Really enjoyed karma themes already covered. Emma Stone looks good in boots. See it.

She's the One

I like Ed Burns. Saw this recently on cable. Really enjoyed it. Great cast, great writing. Sidewalks of NY is solid as well.

The Stepfather

Terry O'Quinn's less famous role as Jerry Blake. Great lines- real demented bad guy. A must see.

Lovely Molly
Lovely Molly(2012)

Very spooky. Cult classic in the making.


Add half star if hockey fan. More f curses than Gone Baby Gone. Heard good things. Liked it very much. Guys movie. Brutal, vulgar but a real story with solid characters.

The Cabin in the Woods

Disappointing. Too much buzz.

2016: Obama's America

Scariest movie I've seen this year. Dinesh makes some argument.

Silent House
Silent House(2012)

Disturbing. No PNA here. Different twist. Scary. Deserved better reviews.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly. This was very solid. Liked the way the movie was cut. Donna and I get a real kick out of the leads. JCR is completely clueless in a sellable way. TS is a train wreck from start to finish. See it.

Mirror Mirror

See Kidsday review for the real review.


Sci-fi Escape from NY (redundant) with Maggie Grace from Lost. Nothing new. Twists were not tangled enough. Action was decent. Disappointing Guy Pearce anti-hero performance. For fans of his work, this has to be the worst character/dialogue he has encountered. Bad. Maggie Grace always a plus.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

See it. Very good. Misunderstood characters get it. Those who seem ok are really lost.

The Divide
The Divide(2012)

I am a sucker for apocalypse-nuclear war rentals. Plus I like the girl from Hostel 2. Movie is awful. Not sure why I finished watching this one.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Thoroughly enjoyable. Not the biggest fan of MI. This one rocked!


Heard this was good. It was. Story had me early. No formula here.


Lifetime minus the fun.

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Truly entertaining. Low budget. High praise. Lincoln and corny phrases were laughable. A Redbox gem. Stepfather cult classic performance by Oberst Jr. Swinging scythe was laugh out loud. I should stop


Love the franchise. Prequel to Alien. Screenwriter from Lost. Can't stop thinking about how great this was. Embarrassed for enjoying Battleship/John Carter type product when something like this comes out. Less stars if you are not a sci-fi fan. Too bad for you. So great. More prequels please.


Solid Hasbro/Berg production. Legit story balanced with action throughout. Really liked veterans and injured soldiers role in this film. Underrated. Too much competition for Battleship to get its due this summer. No sequel.

Marvel's The Avengers

So good. Avengers was planned years ago. Fun to watch prior movies-chock full of clues, gags etc. It's time for the JL to get involved. The Hulk/Loki exchange at the end was a memorable crowd pleaser. Great writing/character development. Even SJ was strong as Fury. Really really impressive. Wow.

The Three Stooges

Lots of laughs. People were actually clapping at the end of this masterpiece. Kids cannot stop talking about this slapstick with orphans, Larry David etc. The three leads were tops. Physical comedy at its finest. Hospital scene did not work and I understand the mixed reviews. Still, 3.5 sledgehammers.

The Hunger Games

As good as advertised. See it. Good stuff.

Jack and Jill

Better than Grown Ups. Good to see Adam Sandler playing a rich guy with a gorgeous wife for a change. My boys loved it. I nodded off around the cruise. Awful. Al Pacino should have stopped making movies twenty years ago. Nick Swardson didn't even have any laughs.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Very good. Hard to follow and a little long. Great leads, shots, sets etc. First rate production. Story got a little silly towards the end. Liked Mara and Craig as a detective tandem. Just found whodunit a bit difficult to follow with all the old pictures. Witty writing, slimy SS dude.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

A lot to like here. Good pace to this prequel. Based on the plot you really have no clue who is infected. You are just along for the ride. Deserved better than poor reviews.


Not as bad as it looked. I like Kevin James and Leslie Bibb. Young audience (mine) don't know any better. Nothing was as bad as Grown Ups. Nothing.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

Tim Riggins on Mars. Action packed. My boys loved it.


Miles Teller and Julianne Hough were memorable. Could have been rated R. Looked like fun for the whole family but I was mistaken. Wife hated it. Julianne Hough is talented.


Really liked Moneyball. Learned some things. I should probably start reading The Big Short that bro-in-law gave me. Michael Lewis stories are interesting. Jonah Hill fan after seeing this. I still think A's pitching was tops then which was deliberately unmentioned to make story more of an accomplishment. Awesome movie.


Not a comedy. Not funny. Realistic story about family and friends affected by cancer. Not just the patient. New ground. Good stuff.


Great cast, soundtrack and story. Starting to rent all Ryan Gosling movies. Probably the best movie I've seen in a while. No one thinks of the get-away driver. The stunt man. Opening scene rocked. Violent violence. Must-see.

Final Destination 5

Love franchise. Should have been tipped off with Lisa Loeb reference. Didn't see prequel coming. Probably best of the 5.

Paranormal Activity 3

Love franchise. Bad granny. Can't wait to see PA4.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Already heard how great this was. Not sure it lived up to 90%RT rating. Creepy story. Looking forward to more from Elizabeth Olsen. Kept me interested entire way.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

No happy endings here. Alive minus the cannibalism and rescue at the end. Movie about dignity, death and dealing with loss. Not what I was expecting. Solid.

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

Non-stop action. Great cast. Formulaic and forgettable. Great execution. Great for those that like genre, Denzel, RR etc.