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The Magic of Belle Isle

A happy ending movie that focuses on being open to those around us, even if the seemingly have nothing to provide for us initially. Monte is open to others at the core which allows him to rehabilitate in Belle Isle.


More than just a movie, an education into the paths and roads to achieve the goals our lives demand. Compromise as a tool to find true north

A Home of Our Own

A surprise on Netflix - a true story about a single mom in the 60s trying to just get her kid's grown. She has a passion for doing better than she had done. Also the lonely neighbor whom opens his heart to others and finds himself a more contented person for it.

The Innkeepers

Not exactly the most original plotline, but fans of "Ghost Hunters" should have enough moving chairs and soft spooky piano playing to get into it. Kelly McGillis does a turn as an actress turned medium along with a surprise final visitor just needing a bed.


More for the adults, but Cameron adored it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Very old fashioned movie making. The original Indy movie seemed fast back in 1981 and this one has the same pacing, but seems VERY SLOW. Great to see Indy again, but it is like visiting an old friend in a nursing home. Nothing has really changed, but the world has moved on. Next time, revamp like some other classics (Batman, James Bond) and it would be much better. This movie is like the original Disneyland. Too many purists don't want to change a thing, so as time passes, it gets more and more dated like a museum.

Defending Your Life

One of my fav's. Life is all about getting over fear. "I'm staying where you don't give much to charity and haven't saved anyone. Come on over, we'll paint". Loved this one since it came out back in 1991.