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The Revenant
The Revenant (2015)
20 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Warning there will be minor spoilers in this review
2015's The Revenant is a technical master piece of film making. Unfortunately the others parts The Revenant don't live up to those same standers.
First let's start with the positive's the cinematography is downright breath taking at times. There were some shots in The Revenant when I was in awe of the beauty of the scenery and how certain shots blended together seemly. The bear attack scene is one of these scenes in particular. Speaking of the bear attack the Cgi used for the bear was seamless and though I would have rather seen Leonardo DiCaprio's character Hugh Glass go up against a real bear any day I'll take what I can get.
The story in The Revenant unfortunately seemed to take a backseat to everything else. It's a by the book revenge story where Leo's characters Hugh was left for dead after a bear attack by Tom Hardy's character John Fitzgerald. In the end it plays out exactly how you would expect it would. The major problem is that there is a lot down time in the film. At least 30 minutes of The Revenant feels like padding and that's not a knock to longer films. The Hateful Eight another film I saw recently use it's long running time not only wisely but stunningly and the Hateful eight was 3 hours long film whereas The Revenant was only 2 and half hours long.
The acting in The Revenant has two polar opposite sides. On one hand you have Leonard DiCaprio's which is just okay at best. And on the other hand you have Tom Hardy who was spectacular. If anyone deserves an award for acting it should be Tom Hardy for best supporting actor. Leo isn't bad in the film, but he's nothing spectacular like I said he's just okay. You never truly forget that you're watching an actor on the screen. Tom Hardy on the other hand completely gets lost in his role. You believe that Tom hardy has been a fur trapper all his life, and the life he displays in this film is tragic. It's a man barely hang on to his life which is fur trapping with that he has nothing. Tom Hardy's charters leaves Hugh Glass for dead you can understand why. He honestly believes that it's his only option for survival.
In the end The Reverent is a decent film. If you love the art of film making you'll probably really enjoy this movie for the various technical reason. But if you're more of casual viewer you might not enjoy The Revenant nearly as much, because of the lots of down time in the film. In conclusion I give The Reverent 7.8 out of 10.

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars (2014)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It was like watching a long episode of the show with a much bigger budget. The movie had great witty dialogue, the lighting and direction was also fantastic. If you're a fan of the show its a must see. If you have never seen the show the movie does a fine job catching you up to speed. If you like noir films you probably going to like the movie.